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The guys and Kira go back to her house to pack.

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Kira’s POV:

I open my eyes and don’t exactly know where I am. I look around and then see Frank drooling over Mikey’s shoulder since they both fell asleep. Ray’s driving the car and Gerard’s too engrossed in his novel to even notice me. “Oh hey Kira. How’d you sleep?” Ray speaks quietly.

“I’m alright, just a little hungry. Where are we going again?”

“To get your stuff remember? You coming on tour with us!” He says a little to excited.

“Oh...right”. I just realized something.

Dad usually comes home around 1 or 2 in the morning so I’m praying inside it’s before then. “Hey Ray?” I ask.


“What time is it?”

He leans to look closer at the dashboard. “It’s a quarter to 1 why?”

Shit shit shit shit shit Kira. Not. Good.

“Oh..well..Ray we need to get there. Like NOW.”

“Kira..what’s going on..”

“ Dad and I...well..we don’t exactly speak on agreeing terms now-a-days.” I feel bad, but also fucking pissed when I speak of him.

“Does he.....does he hit you?” Shit.

“He just doesn’t like me. He wanted a son. Ever since I was born he despised me. He almost left my Mom if it wasn’t for the fucking jobs at the time. That’s why i didn’t want to go home.”

He just nods, but he looks upset.

“Gerard, are you even listening?” Ray groans.

“Yes, mother. I heard every word she said. I just thought I’d let you two talk. No need to get all over my ass.”

“Oh, Ray turn at the next left, then just go to the house with the blue van in front. That’s mine.”
In a little less then 5 minutes, were parked in my driveway. Fuck, I hate this place.

“Ray, Gerard....if I don’t come back out in 15 minutes...just leave.”

There was silence in the car for who knows how long. Whatever Kira, they don’t care about you. I start to open the door but someone grabs my wrist. I turn around and see Franks holding a tight grip on my wrist, not even caring about his now messed up perfect hair.

“Your not going in their alone Kira. You could get hurt.”

What? Did I just hear him correctly? He unbuckles his seat belt then gestures for me to open the door. We both slide out from the back and close the door quietly. As we walk in front of the car, I still feel Frank’s arm around my wrist. I don’t bother to tell.

Frank tries to open the door, but I gesture him to follow me around the back.

“My Dad usually comes home late, so the porch door is always unlocked.”

“Kira...I don’t want you getting hurt.”

He’s acting odd..

“Frank, just keep quiet, then I’ll be fine.”

I slowly open the porch door to go inside this building called a home. I lead Frank upstairs to my bedroom so we can start packing my stuff.

“Just get the basics, I’m gonna get my personal stuff from the bathroom.”

“Don’t you wanna bring anything that your parents got you?”

“I don’t want anything that they got me.”

I leave the room as he starts to pack my stuff. I check to make sure that my parents are still sleeping. Ugh, their room disgusts me.

I walk into the bathroom to the one and only person called “Dad”. Fuck, why now? Of all damn times in my life.

He greets me with a hard slap to the face and pulls me to him by my shirt and looks me close in the eyes. I can still smell the alcohol on his breath. Even better. It’s worse when he’s drunk because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, so it 10 times worse.

“How’s it goin’ slut?” He slurs in my face.
I try to wriggle free, but when he’s drunk, theirs no point.

“What? You don’t love me? Don’t get Daddy mad Kira. You know what happens when Daddy gets mad.” He growls.

“I never loved you and I never will. You were never a father to me, hell, you weren’t even their for me! All you did was smoke shit and do shit!”

He throws me against the door and my head hits the coat hanger. I start to feel light-headed and feel like I’m gonna throw up. He picks me up again and throws me towards the shower, causing me to hit my head AGAIN on the bathtub rim. He picks me up and puts me in the tub and turns the water on full blast cold. Mother fucker knows I hate cold water.

“Who’s ready for bed?” He slurs.

I try to get out of the tub, but he keeps throwing me back down, which eventually tires me out. 

“Let me go you sadistic bastard! What the fu-stop! Frank! Frank help!”

He eventually ties rope around my wrists, just letting him get on with his business, since I’m probably gonna die anyway. Frank can’t hear me. The showers too damn loud.

Then that’s when i feel it. The cold water starts to seep into my clothes and onto the bandages from earlier, which makes them all soggy. I scream as loud as possible but that just gives me a slap in the face. I can still feel the sting on my cheek, probably thinking there’ll be a bruise by tomorrow. If I ever see tomorrow.

The water level starts to get higher and higher, and before I know it, I’m almost floating in it now. The water starts to turn a slight pink because of my head.

Dad pulls out a pocket knife from his pocket and just gives me the most evil smile I received from him. This should be interesting.

Frank’s POV:

Kira has some really nice clothes, as I go through her stuff. She has a wide range of music, which is really cool too, especially for a girl. I also must say she has a great taste in lingerie. Cool Frank. Be a perv.

I go through her entire room practically, thinking of what she would want me to pack. I pretty much packed all of the clothes and shoes she had, and whatever else a girl would want to keep.

After what seemed like a half an hour, I decide to get a drink, hoping that Kira’s parents aren’t up, and she won’t mind.

When I’m walking through the hallway, I notice that the bathroom light is on, thinking Kira’s just getting her stuff together, maybe taking a shower. But when my feet pass by the carpet in front of the door, it’s soggy. Like, really, really wet. That’s when I see it.

There a splatter of blood right outside of the door.


I open the door and look inside to probably be the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Kira is tied up in the bathtub with a man hovering over with a small pocket knife. From the looks of it, who knows what he’s gonna do to her.

“Frank! Frank help me!” Kira pleas.

The man i suspect to be her father turns around with a evil grin on his face.

“Hold on kitty, Daddy has business to do.” He slurs.

Before I even notice it, I get punched square in the face. Damn, he can pack a punch. I try to throw one back, but before my fist can connect with his oh-so beautiful face, he stops it. Just holds my fist. And the knife straight in my left shoulder, when I wasn’t even looking.

“You mother fucker!” I scream.

He doesn’t say anything, just twists the knife until it can make a complete 360˚ in my shoulder. What a dick.

While he’s having fun gouging a hole in my shoulder, I notice Kira’s still in the tub and the water is just starting to rise over her face.

“Frank! Frank hur-hurry! He-” The water cuts her off before she can finish.

I look around to see my options. Alright.

1.A huge vase with flowers.
3.And a bar of soap.

I’m gonna go with the vase. I reach for the vase and smash it onto his bald ass head.
Crack. Shit.... Did I hear that correctly?

The man falls to the ground with a loud thump when his body connects with the floor.
I just killed a man. But it was totally self defense! I still hear the water running, and look over at Kira to see her not moving. Shit, shit, shit, shit.

“Kira come on, don’t leave like this.” I turn off the water and feel that it’s fucking freezing. Her lips start to turn a light blue, and she’s becoming paler by the minute. I grab a towel from the drawer, and pick her up out of the tub and carry her to her room, wrapped up in the towel, which wasn’t doing it’s job very well, since my clothes were starting to feel a little cold.

I lay her down on the floor and untie the rope on her wrists, and immediately try to perform CPR to bring this angel back. She can’t leave like this. We haven’t even had a proper conversation yet. I’m still performing CPR when she coughs up what seems like 2 gallons of water.

“Kira! Kira your back!” I squeal in excitement, hugging her, not caring that my clothes get wet.

“Frank...Frank I’m really c-cold.” She stutters out.

I grab her the comforter off her bed and wrap her up in it, the picking her up in my arms. When I walk by the bathroom, I see her Dad on the tile floor, and mutter “Dick” under my breath. Kira’s shuddering against my chest, which lets me know that I need to hurry and get back to the car. As soon as I step out of the car, Ray immediately jumps out of the drivers seat to help me out.

“What the fuck happened Frank? Did her D-?” Ray cries out.

“Ray, just shut it. Get her stuff from her room. Then don’t mind the man in the bathroom, but get all of the things she would need from there. Make-up, tampons, you know. All that shit. Then write a note for her Mom saying she’ll call soon. Hurry your ass. She’s not doing good.”

I walk over to the car and Mikey, now awake, opens the door and grabs Kira so I can get in. I close the door and he hands me her back, but she decides to lay across both of us.

She looks lifeless.

“Frank....did her...her..Dad do it..” Mikey asks wide-eyed.

“Just wait for Ray to come back. And Gerard, turn up the heat to full-blast. She’s still shaking.”

After what seemed like 5 or 10 minutes, Ray comes back with a mountain load of shit, that he just throws into the trunk.

“Alright, what the fuck happened in there Frank?!” Ray demands.

“Here it goes. Okay, so I’m just packing up her stuff, yea yea. The I walk by the bathroom to get a drink, but the carpet was really wet from the bathroom, so I went inside to check, and that’s when I saw Kira in the tub, with her hands tied behind her back by some rope, and her Dad (air quotes) is hovering over her with a pocket knife, and he looked pretty wasted. So yea. Then he beat the shit out of me, I broke his sorry ass, and then I smashed his head with a vase...and I think I..made him go “Bye-bye”. Oh, and his knife had fun with my shoulder. So...yup.”

Their faces all showed shock and horror.

“Frank- you need help.” Gerard says calmly.

“I know, so lets go back to the hotel, but before that, just pick up some stuff from the drug store. My shoulder hurts like a bitch.”
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