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What's up with Frank?

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Kira’s POV:

Why the fuck did he have to be so mean to me. I can’t change who I am, for some bastard that won’t at least except me for what I was born with.

All of us were back at the hotel, and I was under the sheets, freezing my ass off after having a near death experience not so long ago.

Ray was watching “The Simpsons” with Mikey, Gerard was still reading his “oh-so-interesting” book, while Frank was fixing up his shoulder in the bathroom. I’m still hungry from earlier, but I doubt anyone’s gonna listen. I get up from the bed and just take the whole comforter to the bathroom to ask Frank.

I make a soft knock on the door, not wanting to scare him just incase he has a needle in his shoulder.

“Frank? You okay in there?” I whisper.

“Oh, yeah. You can come in if you want. I won’t bite.” I can hear the smirk in his voice. Men.

I open the door to find Frank with no shirt on, and just jeans. HELLO. Hottie at 6 o’clock.
I watch him as he stitches up his arm, which looks really bad, because it’s purple with a slight of yellow in it. Ew.

“I’m sorry he did that too you Frank, I didn’t know he’d go that far this time. He never really wants try to kill me. I’m sorry.”

“Hey, it’s alright. It’s not that bad actually, it’s quite easy to stitch up. And Ray picked up like 30 bottles of painkillers, so Ima be a pill popper tonight!” He giggles.

I smirk and watch him stitch up his arm and then clean up his mess.

“Mikey, get your damn feet off my lap! I’m not a couch!” Ray screams.

“But my feet hurt from my boots!” Mikey hollers.

“Mikey, I sware, get your damn lanky legs off my lap.” Ray groans.

“But Ray!”



“SHUT THE FUCK UP! BOTH OF YOU!” Gerard finally decides to interfere.

No complains were made otherwise.

“Kira?” Frank asked.


“Can I ask you something?”

“You just did.”

“No, but for real.”

“Yeah, ask away.”

“Uhm, how long has your Dad been doing that too you...?” He whispers, looking at me straight in the eye now.

“Well, it basically started when I was just 13. I came home from school one day with my friend Amanda, who is no longer my friend. She moved to New York. We both were doing homework in my room, and we were listening to your album, Three Cheers. She loved you guys just as much as I do.” Frank smirked. “My Dad came home really upset, and started screaming at my Mom for being an un-grateful piece of shit. He then went into our alcohol cabinet and drank almost every bottle we had. Ever since then, he’s been doing this to my Mom and I.”

I life up my shirt to show him the scars. There has to be at least like 40-50.

“Can I..can I look at them closer?”

I nod and he moves closer to me, too close that I can feel his body warmth. He places his hand so lightly onto my stomach and grazes over the scars that caused me pain so long ago. His touch causes me too get goose bumps, and apparently he can feel them too. He moves to a different spot on my stomach, which leads to my lower back.

“What’s this scar from?”

“That one? I got that one from the car door. He closed it too fast and it is now.” I say enthusiastically.

“Kira, I don’t know how too tell you this...but I think he’s dead.”

My mouth drops open in shock..but amazement. That monster of a man is gone? Off planet Earth?! I jump into Frank’s arms in excitement, and laugh at the fact that he almost drops me when I cling onto him.

“Woah, calm down there. Why are you so excited?” I slide out of his hug, and plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Because i never loved him, and I’m glad he’s gone. Now I’m care-free, and I don’t have to worry about getting another one of these bruises on me again. Thank you Frank, honestly.”

He blushes at the fact that I kissed him. I wonder if he likes me? I mean Frank is very attractive. Not being rude to any of the other members, but each of them has their own qualities that make you love them the most. Maybe I should try something. Is he still blushing? I look up and see him blushing, and find out that he suddenly likes his Vans.

“Kira, can I ask you something again?” He whispers. What the hell is with him and whispering?!

“Shoot me.”

“Have you ever...uhm.. had your first kiss?”

Woah, i did not expect this.

“My first kiss? If you count on the cheek? Then no. I haven’t had my first kiss.”

“Really?! I meant, oh that’s a bummer.”

I laugh at him for making such a careless mistake, which causes his face to glow bright red. I look up at him to see him fiddling with his thumbs, then looking at his “Halloween” tattoo on his knuckles. God, i think that’s his best one.

“Then, Frank, who was your first kiss? Because I know you had to have one.”

“Why would I have to have one?” He asks innocently.

“Your gonna make me explain? Okay like seriously, your the best guitarist I know, and your tell the most amazing jokes. What, your only like 5’3? That’s perfect because then I can look up to you, since me being only 4’9. You adorable, and you can cheer anyone up, even when there in the worst of moods.”

I just realized that was such a sappy answer to what he asked me.

“Well, what I meant to say was that your really an amazing guy Frank. You’d be perfect for any girl.”

Any girl?”

“Yes, why?”

“Oh, nothing, just asking.”

“What, so you have a type? I never thought you were a type kinda guy.”

“I don’t have a type! The kinda girls I like are well...the ones that act like you.” He blushes as red as a fucking firetruck I swear.

“Like me? Really?”

“Yeah, your so relaxed and so chill with things. And it’s really cool that your coming on tour with us. I’ve always wanted a “Lady Friend” on the bus. It seems like it be cool to have a girl around.”

“I know what you mean. But hey, if you don’t mind, can I take a shower? I’m still pretty cold.”

“Oh, right. Uhm, I’ll leave now.”

He swiftly makes his way past me and shuts the door without a sound. Did I upset him? I mean, I think I like him. He kinda put it out there that he likes me, right?

I quickly hop in the shower and clean myself, while thinking of what too say to Frank when I get out.

I’ll just ask Mikey. He’s like the spiritual advisor for the band. (A/N:that’s right. three cheers quote!) I throw on some shorts and a loose shirt that has the danger days widow on the front. It’s so comfy.

I open the bathroom to and see everything the way it was, except Frank wasn’t here. Gerard was still reading, and Mikey and Ray were still watching TV.

“Mikey, can I talk to you?”

“Yeah sure, one second.”

He unwraps himself from his Spongebob blanket and leads me over to the door, and we stand out in the hallway. It smells of hotel. And sunscreen.

“So what’d you want to talk about?” He chirps.

“Well, I was just wondering of where Frank went? We kind of weren’t on the best of terms when I decided to take a shower. He seemed upset.”

“Well, it takes a lot to get Frank upset, so what did you guys talk about? Not trying to invade your private conversation, but you know.”
“Well, we were just having a normal conversation, and then he started asking me who was my first kiss and stuff like that.”

“He likes you.”


“Frank likes you. It’s so freakin’ obvious! If you weren’t knocked out on the way here, he was bawling his eyes out.”

“Frank? Frank was crying? Over me? But why? I only knew him for what, 6 hours?”

“Well, you should talk to him instead of leading him on. Not trying to make you sound like a whore, but just to be safe.”

“Well, see, to talk to another person, you need to know where they are. Where the fuck is Frank?!”

Mikey looked a little taken back by my outburst.
“He’s at the park down the street. He’ll probably be in the treehouse. It’s his thinking spot. But take a jacket, it’s cold.”

“Thanks Mikey.” I give him a quick hug and slip on some converse and grab my black hoodie and head out the door.

It takes about 15 minutes to get to the park, and that’s when I see him. He’s sitting up in the treehouse, just looking at a poster or a picture on the wall or something.

I climb up the ladder and open the small little door, opening to a HUGE treehouse. Like this place has everything.

“Hi Frank.” I whisper.

He turns around in shock, but then it fades to a sad smile.

“How’d you find m- Mikey told you didn’t he?”

I nod my head, causing Frank to mutter something that I can’t hear.

“Frank, why are you mad at me?”

“I’m not mad at you Kira, I’m just confused about stuff. I have a lot of stuff to think about.”

“But it involves me, right?”

“I guess so.”

He sits down on a little 3 person couch and just closes his eyes and lays his head back. He mutters somethings, but I still can’t quite hear him. I sit next down to him, and cuddle into his chest. I can tell he’s surprised by my actions, but hey, somebody’s gotta make the first move, am I right? He puts his arm around me which makes me snuggle into him more. Gosh this man is amazing. Just as I was about to say something, Frank cups my chin, and makes me look up at him.

“Please don't hate me for this.”

He then leans in and places his lips softly on mine. At first I thought it was just a kiss, but he’s not pulling back. I mean, why would I? My first kiss was FRANK IERO!

I start to move my lips against his, letting him be the dominant one. I can feel his hands go up and down my back, then through my hair, which is still wet. I must say, this is a turn on. I place my hands around his neck, sometimes messing with his hair, and then to his back. His tongue grazes against my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I gladly except. Our tongues battled for a while, but he ended up winning.

His mouth moved to my neck, apparently trying to find my sweet spot, since everyones supposed to have one.


“Yes, my darling?”

What the fuck?


“As you wish.” I could feel his smirk against my skin.

Again, what the fuck?

Frank slowly started to lean back on the couch, and pull me on top of him, which ends up in me straddling him. He’s grinding his hips against mine, because of his very noticeable bulge in his pants. Men.

I move my mouth to his neck and find his sweet spot, making sure there’ll be a love bite when tomorrow comes.

“Ugh..oh Kira please...more.”

We were both so caught up in our own business that we didn’t even know what time it was. I left the hotel at 11, I think.
Frank goes back to being Dracula all over my neck while I check my phone.
It’s 12:00! Mikey’s gonna think we had sex, I fucking.swear.

“Frank, we need to get back to the hotel, there gonna wonder where were at.”

“I don’t care.” He barely mumbles out and starts attacking my mouth again, but this time, it’s he needs it. It’s really rough. I started to kiss back and actually was in the process of taking off his shirt, my phone rings.

I detach myself from Frank’s mouth, and check who’s calling.



“Yeah, where are you?”

“I’m at the tree house with Frank, we were just coming back.”

“Uh-huh..whatever. Just get back here safe please? There was just a story on the news that a girl was take out of plain sight. Nobody noticed. Just be careful okay?”

“ I will alright? I have mighty and powerful Frank to protect me!”

“Bye kiddo.”


“Frank, listen, we need to leave now alright?”

“But we were having fun.” He sticks out his lower lip, making him look more adorable than he already his.

“I was too, but we need to get back. Mikey’s already called. Come on lazy-bones.”

We climb down the ladder and start are way back to the hotel. Franks hand finds mine, and laces our fingers together.

We walk together hand in hand.
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