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Chapter fourteen

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“Hello Aubree, nice to see you.”

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Hey, Thank you all so much for your encouragment. I don`t really feel to happy about this chapter, but I really wantd to get a chapter up to thank you all and to prove that I was going to carry on. I am really anxious to hear what you think about it and if you think I did the right thing in continuing, so please let me know
Gerard`s pov.
“Do you promise, Gerard?” Frank asks me in a tone that screamed he was trying not to get his hopes up too much in case they were shattered.
“I mean it Frankie, I`ll come home.”
“Alright then Gee, I believe you.” I smile, though he can`t see it. I felt much better than I had an hour ago, I would go back and we would talk this over like adults. How could I ever have doubted Frankie?
“I love you Gee, I really do.”
“I love you as well.” I hang up I and turn around, beginning to make my way back home through the pouring rain, wishing I had been smart enough to have remembered a jacket. The sky up above was a dismal, bitterly bleak grey, the air polluted by car fumes clogging up the sky, but my mood had suddenly increased dramatically. Frank loved me, he said he did, all I had to do was believe him. I would believe him, I did believe him. No fake slut was going to get in the way of us, not after we had both waited so long to finally admit to each other how we felt. We were going to get our happily ever after, which was what we both deserved after being married to the two wicked bitches Lindsey and Jamia.

“Gee, are you alright?” I hear Mikey ask as I kick off my soaked through shoes, my feet feeling completely numb.
“Thank god he`s back!” I open the living room door and trudge inside, feeling slightly guilty for dripping dirty rain water all over Alicia’s clean floor. She would make me pay for that later, I knew it. I am greeted by a frantic, pale looking Frank, who practically tackled me to the floor, attacking my freezing cold face and neck with kisses, something i wasn’t really going to complain about.
“I was so fucking worried about you, Gee! I am so, so sorry!” he hugs me to him tightly, not caring that I was soaked through to the bone with rain water, wrapping his little, tattooed arms so tightly around me that I was almost impossible to breathe.
“You gotta believe me! I would never, ever cheat on you, not with Liza, not with anyone.” He pulls ay from the choke hold-I mean hug- and looks up at me shyly, his perfect chocolate eyes filled with worry, biting down on his bottom lip nervously.
“I-I know, Frank. I`m the one who should be apologising, I ran out of there before you even got a chance to explain. I`m so, so sorry. I should have believed you, I should have trusted you.”
From out of the corner of my eye I can see Ray wipe a tear form his yes. Seeing our smug looks he defends himself by saying he had something in it, but we all knew better.
“Okay, now that`s all sorted,” Good old Alicia, never dwelling on the bad or the pat, and ushers us all into the living room, claiming there was someone there we just had to meet.
“Hey, Gerard.” A blue eyed, back haired girl smiles up at me from her seat on the sofa.
“Hello Aubree, nice to see you.” She grins and bites back a laugh seeing the state I was in-shivering fro cold, water dripping down me, face almost as red as my hair from the cold and puffy, sore eyes from crying.
“Is this a bad time?” another girl, one I didn’t recognise but I knew to be one of Aubree`s friends, asks, smiling shyly.
“Gerard, this is Amy, my best friend and local nutter.” she jokes, but the brown haired girl still pouts ever so slightly.
“Nice to meet you, Aubree never told me she knew you.” She narrows her hazel eyes at her friend and they both break out into an infectious laughter that had the rest of us laughing as well within seconds.
“Erm, Alicia, I kinda promised them they could come to the wedding, as Aubree is my ex girlfriend from art college, do you think you have something that they could borrow to wear as it is only in a few days?” I ask, giving her the best puppy dog face thirty something year old with bright red hair could mange.
“I`ll see what I can do.” she says before walking off upstairs, beckon with her left hand for the two girls to follow her.
Frank`s pov later that day. Night time
“Night Frankie, I love you.” Gee snuggles closer to me, resting his head on my bare chest, his silky hair tickling my skin.
“Mmmm…night.” I mumble, not really wanting to talk, not wanting to sound like a hypocritical, jealous old bastard. I had absolutely no right to be feeling like this, Gerard had. Liza was a bitch. Aubree and her friend Amy were lovely, so kind and nice to be around, if the situation had been different and she had never been dating My Gee that`s all.
I press a chaste kiss against my sleeping fiancé’s forehead and close my eyes, knowing I would not sleep yet, praying for it to just take me already, before the scary thoughts and images of him with her drove me insane.
I knew I could trust Gerard and that he didn’t love her anymore, and perhaps he never really had, he had told me that they had always been happier as just friend, but I just couldn`t help but wonder….wonder if maybe, just maybe he would be happier with her, better off with her…
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