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Gerard and Lyndsie are just married and couldn't be happier. But will everything go to hell when they realize they aren't alone the old house they moved into? (Better then it sounds. I'm bad at sum...

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A/N: This is my first fanfiction ever, so it probably won't be perfect. Feedback is always welcome.

Intro: (Narrator)

Gerard felt a smile spread across his face as he looked at the gorgeous home that would soon belong to him and his wife. Lindsey was excited too, as she grabbed his hand and sped into the house to look around. It was indeed, a marvelous home, and it looked just as it had in the pictures the couple had looked at online.

The front of the house was painted a striking white over its wooden panels. It was a two story with three windows at the top. The sides of the home had vines going up the walls. The house was extremely old, and it was built over an old Indian reservation.

Inside, there was a tall entrance with a crystal chandelier that sparkled and seemed to light up the hall. Beyond that was a living room that connected into the kitchen. The kitchen was a baby blue with wooden counter tops. However, Gerard was more interested in the old wooden door at the far end of the room. The basement. They decided the basement could be Gerard's work area for when he's working on his comic.

“uh Lyn, why don't you go look upstairs? I wanna check out the basement.”
“okay” She smiled, kissed him quickly and walked out of the kitchen.

Gerard took great caution while going down the stairs, knowing the home was old and is falling apart to an extent. He fumbled with the light for a few moments but as soon as it was on and he looked around he immediately felt uncomfortable. That feeling of being watched... and hated.

The basement was very dark and shadowed. The small light didn't do much for the vast area. Some of the wooden panels were coming off the wall and the flooring had some small holes in it. Nothing that couldn't be fixed. Gerard was exited to see what it would look like when it was done. Basements were Gerard's favorite room inside of a house. His bedroom was the basement at his parent's house. But that feeling in the room of negativity didn't leave him.

Just as he was about to shake it off and go back upstairs, he yelped in pain. Something had scratched a deep gash into his right shoulder. “the hell?!” He exclaimed. He was befuddled of how this could have happened. 'Had he scratched himself on something?' he thought. No, he was standing in the center of the room the whole time.

Gerard, being a little frightened, trudged up the stairs keeping his hand on his shoulder.
“What happened to you? I heard you yell. What happened to your shoulder?” Lindsey was already waiting in the kitchen, and obviously concerned.
“Oh, I uh... scratched my arm on something. I guess the basement needs a little work.” He didn't want to worry her any further.
“Oh okay. Well we should probably get going. The movers will be here in a few days or so.” She grinned as she said this.

As they where on their way back to the old apartment, Lindsey exclaimed “Gerard, isn't it just perfect! Its going to be so great.”
He smiled. “Yeah, it sure is.”

Little did the married couple know, this house was far from perfect. It was going to be a living hell. They aren't alone....

A/N: Just the intro. Chapter 1 will be posted soon. I almost have it all written. Please tell me what you think.
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