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Fire Red -Ch.1-

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Devil's Footsoldiers.
Chapter One: Fire Red.

Gerard's P.O.V:

I can feel myself growing tired as we unpacked the last of the kitchen boxes. All that was left now was the stuff that goes in the basement. Eager to get it all done, I walked over to the basement door. However, right before I opened it I heard a loud shriek and violent scratching noises. Lindsey was right across the kitchen, but looked as though she hadn't heard anything.
She was still humming “Straight to Video” and making lunch.

I opened the door and the loud, unpleasant, noises continued but they
where amplified by what seemed like a million. I held my hands over my ears as tightly, trying to block out the defining scream. Lindsey must have seen me. “Um... Gee what are you doing?” The noises ceased at once as she began to speak. I reluctantly released my ears and stared at her in disbelief. How could she not have heard?!.. Or was I just crazy? Either way, my ears felt as though they had been lit on

“I.... I don't know.”
Lindsey must have found my befuddled expression amusing because she responded with nothing but a giggle, then went back to fixing the food.

I had to admit, I'm a little scared to go into the basement after what just happened. But, I shook it off
once realizing how childish that sounded. I'm a grown man who's afraid to go in a dark basement? Yeah, right.

The atmosphere of hatred and anger was stronger then before. I tried my best to ignore it but it grew
thicker and thicker the further down the stairs I went. The light seemed to be broken because no matter how many times I flipped the switch it didn't come on. Just as I was about to go find another bulb
the dim light began to flicker on. Strange. The light switch is off.

I turned around and gasped. Every box was torn open and ripped to shreds. All the miscellaneous items where scattered across the floor. Some of the more valuable objects, like my grandfather's old paper weight, where shattered. I sighed, and thought “what could have done this?!”

Just as I began to pick things up, I felt a sharp pain in my back and I was struck to the ground. OW! Did something just kick me?! I got up and spun around but nothing was there. Whatever it was, it was going to leave a bruise. I was officially creeped the fuck out, and dashed back up the stairs.


Its 2am and I'm still awake, thinking about the basement. Lindsey insisted it was some sort of animal
getting through the walls somehow. I told her everything that happened... Well I didn't tell her about the noises, I don't think would have been a good idea anyways. Now, we had everything put away and clean. We've been moved in for only a week, and I still haven't been in the basement alone since the last incident.

I'm embarrassed to admit, even to myself, that I'm scared. The feeling in that room... Its like nothing I've ever felt before. So much hatred, agony, and sadness narrowed onto you was a heavy feeling I didn't like to bare. I wasn't anxious to feel it again or get anymore mysterious injuries.

It just didn't make since, what Lindsey said about it being an animal. Surely, I could understand why she would think that. However, I just know it has to be something else. I just can't seem to figure out what. I thought about it for hours.... maybe we had a ghost? I can't be sure... but I know if I want to figure more out, I'll need to go into the basement again.

It was strange that nothing peculiar took place while Lindsey was in the basement while she was helping me clean up that mess. The light worked fine, but I changed it just in case, No strange injuries, no noises, and even the negative feeling in the room was lightened.

Okay, now I just need to know whats down there. Who knows, I could just be going insane. Ignoring that last thought, I went down to the basement. Upon opening the door, I expected the loud shrieking. However, all that was heard was.....

I gulped and crept down the stairs, and turned on the light. Everything was normal, except the horrible heavy feeling was dwelling on me once more. It had gotten worse actually. It mad my heart hurt, literally.

I'm not sure how long I just stood there. 20? 30? 45 minutes? I couldn't tell you. I just know that I felt compelled not to leave. My feet felt like they were pasted to the ground. My insides felt like they were stinging and my head began to hurt. But something kept me. I continued to stand there and stare at the blank wall. Finally, after what felt like hours I was able to leave the room, turn off the light and go back up to my bedroom for some rest.

......... However, I didn't notice the
bright fire red eyes glaring holes into me from the dark corner of the basement.

A/N: well, this took a lot longer to update then I had meant to.... honestly, I forgot about it. Sorry.
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