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This Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You

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I'm lost in the prescription She's got something else in mind Check into the Hotel de la Muerte

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Hi there!
Sorry I have not update in ages but i've been really busy!
So enjoy! :)
The title is My chem
Megan xxxxx

Sam's P.O.V

When we got to New York,after what seemed like hours,we pulled up to a large modern looking hotel which looked expensive. We got our things out of the back and walked through the large double doors and up to a desk where a snobby looking woman was stood.
"Can I help you?" she said looking us up and down in a way that made me blush.
"We have booked a room" Gerard said ignoring her looks.
"Under what name?"
"Way" She looked at her computer for a moment and then smiled and handed him a silver key.
"Room 212" she smiled fakely and as we walked away I was sure she muttered something like
'Shes screwed' but I ignored her.We got into the lift or 'elevator' and went to our room.
It was beautiful. It had a king sized bed and a sofa and a fridge and a balcony that over looked New York. I sighed at the bed situation.
"It's okay. I'll sleep on the sofa" Gerard said suddenly which made me jump.
"Umm okay" I murmured.
"Do mind if I take a shower?" he asked softly.
" go ahead" he smiled and walked into the small bathroom. I walked out onto the balcony and sat on one of the chairs and pulled out my ipod and put on Knives and Pens by Black Veil Brides. I was in the middle of listening to Sugar, We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy when Gerard came and sat next to me.
"New York is so beautiful" He sighed as I took out my headphone.
"I know" I said.
"So how are you Sam?"
"I'm fine"
"What are you listening to?"
"Umm Fall Out Boy"
"Cool.Let me listen" I gave him a headphone and we listened music for a while then he started singing. He was really good.
"I didn't know you could sing?"
"There is a lot you don't know about me"
"Go on"
"We used to have a band.Mikey,Frank,Bob, Ray and I"
"Why did you stop?"
"It wasn't going anywhere and anyway I want to be a comic book designer"
"I bet you were awesome"
"Yeah. We were"
So we sat there all night listening to music and talking.

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