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Sick of it all, Sick of it all We will not follow Sick of it all, Sick of it all

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Thanks for reading you amazing people!!!
Reallly short sorrryy coz its just a filler
the title is Evanescence
Megan xxx

Sam's P.O.V

6 weeks later...

We were supposed to be going to New York for a few days. Just Me,Mikey,Gerard and Donna.
I was excited because it was Mikey's Birthday while we were going to be there and it was mine a day after his. But then the day before we were going to go Mikey got food poisoning and Donna had to stay with him. I was pretty worried and said I'd stay to but Donna and Mikey disagreed.
"Just go and have fun!" Donna said.
"Yeah just go don't worry about m-" he was cut off by throwing up in a bowl. Gross.
So Gerard and I said our goodbyes and put all of our luggage in Gee's car and started driving.
It was a bit weird just me and Gerard together. We've hardly talked for a while I thought. So I said: "You okay?"A/N lol best thing ever to say to him xD
He nodded still looking at the road.
This is going to be one long drive.
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