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Chapter 3 - Loner

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"Do you think I'm a freak Stacy?"

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[A/N] - I've only just realised I've been calling Stacy's best friend 'James' when his name is 'Jack' :L I'm gonna keep calling him James to avoid confusion :')

"Did Lexi and Lexa send you in to spy on me?" Gerard asked, raising an eye-brow "It's kind of cute actually."
"Uhh no..." I replied, taking a seat next to him "I'm here because they were being mean to me." I realised how childish this sounded and blushed "And besides, I wanted to get to know you a little better."
"We could do that on a date?"
"Watch it!" I laughed "So can I see what you've drawn please?"
"No!" Gerard cried, putting his hand over the page "I don't want you to see until it's done."
"Why not?"
"You'll understand when you see."
I sighed heavily "Alright, can I see something else you've drawn please?"
"Yeah, sure..." He shoved the art he'd been working on into his folder so quickly that I couldn't even glance at it. He pulled out a different piece and handed it to me "This is something I drew yesterday."
I looked at it. It was a really good drawing of some kind of super hero "Who is he?" I asked.
Gerard shrugged "I haven't named him yet. I was thinking of writing a comic book and he'd be one of the characters."
"You invented him?" I asked, amazed.
"Well, yeah." Gerard blushed "I didn't really have a lot of friends in my last school. So I just kind of drew and read comics... Do you think I'm a freak Stacy?"
"No, of course not!" I told him "Well, you're certainly different. But not a freak."
"You're different too." He said "Lexi and Lexa are cool but they're not a patch on you."
"They're way prettier." I replied "All the guys like them. No one really notices me when they're around."
"I noticed you. And that James guy seems to notice you."
"Yeah, well, he's my best friend. He's supposed to notice me."
"I wish I had a best friend."
I looked at him "Have you ever had a best friend?"
"No, not unless you count my little brother. I've always been a bit of an outcast."
"Lexi or Lexa could be your best friend?"
"I'm not really interested in them." Gerard shrugged "I'm only really interested in you."
"Well," I said awkwardly "I've already got a best friend, haven't I?"
"Do you wait for him to get out of detention every night?"
"Well yeah..." I was silent before asking "Wait, how do you know that I'm waiting for him to get out of detention?"
"You and your friends were talking rather loudly." Gerard laughed "I heard pretty much all of your conversation."
"Wow, that's embarrasing." I looked up at the clock. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I've gotta go!"
"Why, it's only four?"
"Yeah but James will be coming out of detention around now." I gabbled, handing him back his bag and slinging my bag over my shoulder "It was great talking to you."
"You too." Gerard said rather grumpily.
"I'm really sorry," I apologised "We'll have to hang around again sometime."
Gerard immediately perked up "So, you'll go on a date with me?"
"I never said that!" I said quickly "But I'd like to get to know you more. You're... Interesting."
"Oh, trust me, so are you."
Over his shoulder I could see Lexi and Lexa had gone on tip-toes and were now looking through the windows. They both gave me a thumbs up and winked. I gave them my worst look and they both bobbed down again.
I smiled at Gerard "Well, I'll see you round."
"Yeah." Gerard said thoughtfully "See you round."
I walked back outside. James had now arrived and was standing with Lexi and Lexa who were both jumping up and down. "Oh my god, tell us everything he said!" Lexa cried "Are you two dating now?"
I shook my head "I'm not dating him and what we talked about in there was between the two of us."
Lexi groaned "God, you're so boring sometimes Stacy!"
I rolled my eyes and smiled at James "How was detention?"
"Boring, crap. Pretty much the same as school." James replied, with a small smile "So can we get out of here now please?"
"Yeah, sure!" I said, skipping out of the school. James followed, Lexi behind him but Lexa stood on tip-toe by the art room again.
"Lexa come on, that's enough Gerard stalking!" Lexi laughed "What are you doing?"
"There's a girl in there!" Lexa cried "And she's talking to Gerard. And standing really close to him."
I instantly ran back, jealously biting me like an angry mosquite for some unknown reason. I mean I wasn't even dating Gerard, we were only friends...
I stood on tip-toes like Lexa and looked through the window. Sure enough there was a girl in there. About the same height as me with blonde hair. "That's Mandy." Lexa hissed "One of the popular girls. Why's she talking to him?"
"How am I supposed to know?" I asked grumpily, grabbing Lexa's wrist and pulling her away from the art room.
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