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Chapter 4 - Jealous

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"This one time I called her a bitch and she put strawberries in my yoghurt."

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"Why was she talking to him?" I demanded to know once we were in James' living room "Mandy doesn't talk to anybody like us! I bet she's tricking him!"
"Tricking him into doing what?" Lexi asked "Mandy's just a bitch. Forget it Stacy."
"No, I can't forget it!" I cried "What if she's doing something bitchy? What if she makes him cry? What if she wants him to join the popualar crowd?"
"That'll be the day." Lexa snorted "God, calm down Stacy. She's not going to steal your boyfriend if that's what you're worried about."
James had been looking rather bored up until that moment "You're going out with Gerard?" He asked "When were you planning on telling me?"
"I'm not going out with Gerard!" I snapped, pacing up and down the living room "Maybe I should've gone into the art room to say something. We should've stayed to hear what was going on."
"Stacy!" Lexi and Lexa cried at the same time.
I stopped pacing and jumped onto the sofa, sitting in between Lexa and James "I'm just saying, it's weird."
"I think you've said more than 'it's weird'." James commented "Now calm the fuck down so we can watch this movie."
James hit the play button on the DVD Player remote but I couldn't pay attention to the movie even though it was Nightmare on Elm Street which is my favorite movie in the entire world.
'Maybe I was a bit hard on Gerard,' I thought 'I should give him a chance. Go on a date with me. That is if he's not dating Mandy...'

The next morning when I walked into school I instantly started walking to our usual spot behind the bike sheds. Lexi and Lexa had told Gerard that's where we hang out yesterday. 'So I guess this is the ultimate test' I thought to myself 'If Gerard is hanging out behind the bike sheds he still likes us. If he's with Mandy then he's a popular guy now.'
I started walking slower. Of course Gerard would be hanging round with the popular kids. Mandy only talked to people that she thought were cool. And Gerard would leap at the oppurtunity to become popular since he'd been an outcast nearly his entire life...
But when I reached the bike sheds Lexi, Lexa and James were standing there... Along with Gerard. "See Stacy." Lexi smiled "You had nothing to worry about."
I blushed bright red "I don't know what you're on about..."
"Tell Stacy what Mandy said to you." Lexa said to Gerard "Go on, tell her, she's dying to now."
I blushed a deeper red. Gerard gave me a small smile "Mandy said she thought I was too good to hang round with you guys. So I told her I didn't care what she thought then she got all pissed off saying I'd regret ever saying that to her."
"Oh you're screwed now." Lexa told him "This one time I called her a bitch and she put strawberries in my yoghurt."
"How horrible for you...?" Gerard said, looking confused.
Lexa nodded "I'm allergic to strawberries and she knew that... I had a terrible allergic re-action."
"Wow, she's a bitch." Gerard commented.
I took a deep breath "Gerard, can I ask you something please? In private?"
"Yeah, sure."
We walked a little away from my friends and I turned to face him "I was wondering... You know you asked me out on a date..." Gerard smiled and nodded "Well... Yes. I will go on a date with me."
"That's cool." Gerard grinned "I'll pick you up at around seven tonight. Okay?"
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