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Chapter 5 - First Date

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"I heard he only uses girls for sex."

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Mandy did have it out for Gerard. At lunch he showed up at our table covered in potato salad. “What happened to you?” Lexa asked, looking astonished.
Gerard took a seat “Mandy clearly doesn’t like potato salad… Or me.”
“She dumped her potato salad on you?” Lexi asked “How cruel is that!”
“It’s nothing,” Gerard said with a shrug “Worse things could’ve happened.”
“Like what?” I asked.
Gerard smiled “She could’ve thrown her knife and fork at me?”
“Still, Mandy’s way out of line.” Jason said “Maybe we should tell someone?”
“No, I don’t wanna go running to a teacher about this.” Gerard told him “I’m already planning my own revenge. Don’t worry about me.”
“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” I said “You don’t know what Mandy’s like.”
Gerard shrugged and stood up “I’ll see you tonight Stacy.” Gerard said with a wink.
As soon as he was gone Lexi and Lexa both squealed “You and Gerard are going out on a date?”
Jason looked at me “You and Gerard?”
“Uhh yeah…” I blushed, tucking a strand of my brown hair behind my ear “What of it?”
“Well you barely know him!” Jason burst “How can you go on a date with him?”
Why was he getting so mad about this? “Well, I’ll get to know him on the date, won’t I?” I asked, a little irritated. Who was he to decided who I dated?
Jason still seemed angry “I heard he only uses girls for sex.”
“Oh get real Jason!” I snapped “He’s never had any real friends, he told me!”
“Yeah, well he would, wouldn’t he?” Jason snarled “He’d never tell you the truth!”
“I know the difference between the truth and the lies!” I cried “And I know that you’re the one telling lies here.”
“I’m just telling you what I heard.”
“You’re trying to stop me going on a date with Gerard.”
“I’m saying it’s probably a bad idea.”
“Why can’t you just be happy for me?”
“Because you’re going to end up getting hurt.”
“How am I?”
“Oh come on Stacy, how many guys have you dated?” Jason asked “I don’t exactly see boys lining up to go out with you!”
“You mean the way girls line up to go out with you?” I hissed “Now I get why you’re acting so selfish. It’s because you’re jealous!”
With that, Jason slammed his fist against the table and stood up, grabbing his bag “Fine! But don’t come crying to me when it all goes wrong!” He stormed off.
Lexa and Lexi looked a bit awkward “He probably doesn’t mean it.” Lexi finally said “He was just upset.”
“Upset that maybe I’m finally going to be happy?” I asked “Some friend he is.”
“Well maybe he is jealous, like you said?” Lexa suggested “But that doesn’t mean you can rub it in his face.”
“He’s the one that started the argument!” I cried “I know you two mean well but when I’m in this kind of mood I just need people to agree with me. Okay?”
“Okay,” Lexa nodded “Jason’s being a bitch. Just ignore him. He doesn’t understand. He’s a guy. He wouldn’t notice how incredibly cute Gerard is…” She suddenly went into a bit of a daydream “Or how beautiful his eyes are… And how awesome his hair is… Or the way he kind of talks out of the side of his mouth in this truly cool way…”
Lexi hit her twin over the back of the head “This is Stacy’s boyfriend. Not yours. You are aware of that, right?”
“Hey!” I said “We’re just going on one date. That doesn’t mean we’re dating yet…”
“What are you going on?” Lexa asked, raising an eye-brow “A date. Meaning you’re dating.”
I rolled my eyes “Okay fine but we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend yet. Let’s see how things go.”

Gerard picked me up exactly on time. “So where are we going?” I asked him.
Gerard grinned at me “We’re going to Burger King. Then we’re going to a concert. I could only get seated tickets but it’s still gonna be cool I swear.”
“I love Burger King!” I grinned.
He drove us to Burger King and I ordered my usual. Gerard had the same as me. We ate inside and started talking about random things “How did you know I love Burger King?” I asked him.
Gerard smiled “Lucky guess I suppose. Or maybe I’m magic!” He waggled his fingers in a magic like way “I know quite a few things about you. But don’t ask how I know because it’s a mystery.”
“You mean like in that film ‘P.S. I Love You’?” I asked. Gerard nodded “I quite like that film.”
“Yeah it’s alright.” Gerard said “So tell me a bit about yourself.”
“What do you wanna know?”
“Anything you want me to know.”
I giggled and Gerard smiled again “Okay I live with my Mom and every Friday I go and see my Dad and stay the night at his place. I like my Dad a lot more than my Mom so I was gonna go live with my Dad but that would mean I’d have to change schools and I didn’t wanna leave my friends.” I stopped talking but Gerard was staring at me, waiting for me to continue “I’ve been friends with Jason since I was born but just recently we fell out…” I stopped talking about Jason quickly “I met Lexi and Lexa at the start of High School. I love them, but they’re a little irritating.”
“Why did you and Jason fall out?”
“Oh it’s a long story…” I said quickly “You don’t want me to bore you with the details.”
“But that’s why we’re on a date.” Gerard smiled sweetly at me “I wanna know everything about you.”
“Well this is only our first date…” I said then suddenly stopped and blushed.
Gerard smiled at me again “Oh so you want a second date?”
“I never said that…” I said quickly “But well… I am having fun…”
“Good.” Gerard grinned “Have you finished your meal? We’re gonna be late for the concert.”
“Yeah I’m done.” I said, grabbing my drink while Gerard binned our wrappers “Who are we seeing live?”
“You’ll see when we get there.” Gerard laughed, taking my hand “Come on Beautiful.”
I blushed. No one’s called me Beautiful before.
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