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Story Time

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Mikey stared at the floor for a moment, knowing that what he said next, could change everything.

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Mikey stood in front of The Union, his hands folded in front of him, his head bowed to the floor. Ulegra stood with a frown on her face. “Tell us Michael, how much does this boy know?”

Mikey stared at the floor for a moment, knowing that what he said next, could change everything. He knew, deep down that he should be defending his brother right now but….he couldn’t.

A voice brought him out of his thoughts. “Michael.”

His head shot up, realizing that he was still in front of The Union. He swallowed before speaking “Frank. The boy’s name is Frank.”

Ulegra nodded “Frank, how much does he know?”

Mikey bit his lip, wanting to run away and not have to speak. “He does not know much however he knows of our existence.”

The Union was quiet, Ulegra nodded “Michael, please leave us.”

Mikey bowed his head before turning on his heal and walking quickly out. He heard the large golden doors slam shut, knowing that behind them, The Union was deciding his brother’s fate. Mikey swiftly walked down the white corridor, passing several other Angels as he made his way to the study. Mikey reached the study and threw the door open before slamming it shut in anger. How could he do that to his brother? How could he just condemn him like that? Mikey growled and shoved everything off his desk, kicking its contents all over the floor. Before he could do anymore damage, he noticed a note buried in the mass of papers. He stopped, picking it up slowly before reading its message.

‘My brother, I wish to tell you all that could not be said. Please tell no one of what I have done, or what I am about to do. I am truly sorry for all that has come between us. You were always the better of us. I let my emotions get the best of me and for that, I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me.’

Love, Gerard.

Mikey stared at the letter, reading it over and over again. How long ago did Gerard place this here? Did he write it here before he left or had he some how managed to get though the gates and…..Mikey shook his head. There was no way Gerard had passed the gates unnoticed. His brother was too messy, he would have known he was there. The entire city would have known. Gerard liked to show off and he hated when people ignored him thought he never really showed a care, Mikey knew his brother. If Gerard was going to come here, there would have been a scene.

“Michael? Are you in here?”

Mikey’s head jerked up at the sound of his wife’s voice. “Yes.”

The door opened slowly as Alicia walked in, her long black hair flowing behind her white dress. Her skin was pale but not a ghostly pale and Mikey thought it made her glow. She smiled at him, her brown eyes lighting up her face.

“Michael, dear, is everything ok?” She made notion to the pile of papers in the floor.

Mikey followed her gaze, trying to shrug it off. “Everything is fine. I was just looking for something and thought it was easier to put it on the floor.” Mikey hated lying to his wife but he didn’t know what to tell her. That he was angry, that his emotions were too much and he was regretting telling to truth to The Union? Ulegra was her mother……yeah, that would go well.

Alicia laughed, walking over to him and wrapping her arms around his neck. “May I help? This place needs a woman’s touch.”

Mikey grinned “You know…..” He wrapped his arms around her waist, swaying side to side slightly. “I could use a woman’s touch too.”

Alicia laughed, kissing him and pushing him back onto the couch. “I’ll see what I can do about that.”

Frank leaned against the counter looking at the destroyed living room. The table was overturned, books and papers thrown everywhere, the TV was on its side with a large crack in the screen and there was a huge hole in the wall. He sighed, trying not to think about how it had happened. Gerard walked though the door, a towel wrapped around his waist exposing his scared back and chest. Frank shifted his gaze from the room to his….whatever Gerard was to him. They hadn’t really established that yet.

“Hey.” Frank smiled, trying not to stare at how……torn Gerard’s body was.

“Its ok to stare you know……Its ugly, I know.” Gerard walked passed Frank, making a B-line to the coffee.

Frank frowned. “Its not ugly Gee. Besides, do I look like I’m shallow enough to care about looks?”

Gerard held his cup in his hands as he leaned against the counter, staring at Frank. “No. You don’t but its…….” He sighed. “You get used to it.”

Frank bit his lip. “Gee….”


“Can I ask you something?”

“Of coarse Frankie.”

Frank smiled at the nickname before going back to his question. “What happened?”

Gerard looked down, thinking. “Are you sure you wana know?”

Frank nodded. He waked over to Gerard, sitting down at the table to look at him. Gerard did the same, sitting across from Frank.

“I guess I should start with The Union. The Union is made up of 7 Gate Keepers. At the head is Ulegra, under her is Isis, then Kolia, Grenda, Elisse, Hexa and Jusifa. While the Gate Keepers consider themselves equal, Ulegra tends to have the final say in things. Under the command of The Union, are Guardians. The Guardians are what your race would call Angels. Unlike your common beliefs of Angels protecting you however, Guardians serve more as a….. watcher. It is their job to ensure the human race does not get out of hand. This world, referred to by the Guardians as The Graveyards, is divided into 32 divisions. Each divisions having 10-20 sections depending on the population….Are you following me?”

Frank nodded. “I think so, yeah.”

Gerard smiled. “Its hard to grasp all at once. Stop me if you get lost.”

Frank laughed. “Ok.”

Gerard ran his hand through his hair. “now, this is where it gets tricky. Each section has a certain amount of Guardians and those Guardians have the ability to…put humans back in their place. They do this by natural disasters. The most common event is a hurricane but it all depends on the nature of the crime committed.”

Frank interrupted Gerard “So, the Guardians cause hurricanes to keep us in check?”

Gerard nodded. “Correct. However, they must act as a whole. One Guardian cannot simply decide that they are going to cause a hurricane without the say of the others within that section. They must decide as a group. Enough of the politics, you don’t need to know all of it, its gets way to confusing and its hard to explain.”

He paused, thinking for a moment before continuing. “Just like Mikey, I was a Guardian. My section was what you would call New Jersey. I had been there the longest so, I was kinda the final say about things. Time came to discuss the destruction of Newark and I had done something forbidden to the law of The Guardians. I had fallen in love. No one knew of coarse, she didn’t even know what I was. I had told her I was an artist, which I was in my spare time. She lived in Newark and the section we were going to destroy….was where she lived.”

Gerard stopped to get a grip on his words. He had never told anyone this and despite his vow to move on, he still loved her. “I had to choose between her life and my job. The vote was cast and…..she was guna die. I panicked and gave it away by trying to save her. I was too late and….she died. I was left alone to face what I had done. The Union looked at my case, and decided that I was to live however, living was to be a curse. I would never die. The scars on my back….they burned my wings off, whipped me and beat me for several months to make sure I never told anyone about The Union. I was cast down here as fallen to live, forced to watch others around me die.”

Frank was on the verge of tears by the end. He got up and pulled Gerard into a hug, trying not to cry. “Please…..don’t ever regret what you did. They can’t control you.”

Gerard leaned into the hug, “You don’t know what they can do.”

Frank turned his head, pulling Gerard into a kiss. It started out soft and loving but the emotion shifted and Frank found himself sitting on Gerard’s lap, legs on either side on his hips. Gerard moved his tongue around Frank’s lip ring, moaning into the kiss as Frank’s hands traced the scars on his chest, slowly making their way down to the towel now sitting loosely over him.

Frank pulled back and started to laugh. Gerard looked at him confused. “What’s so funny?”

Frank shook his head. “This is crazy. I’m sitting on the lap of a half naked guy who I’ve only known for 2 weeks, making out with him right after he just told me he’s a fallen angel. Oh yeah, and he flipped shit trying to kill me. There has got to be a mental illness named after me.”

Gerard smiled at the laughing boy on his lap. “If only psychologists knew. They wouldn’t believe you anyway.”

Suddenly they were both laughing, arms wrapped around each other and for the first time, Gerard actually felt happy.
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