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He knew he was broken and he was afraid that if he was fixed, he wouldn’t survive being broken again.

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Frank sat at the kitchen table, staring down at his coffee when Mikey walked in. He opened the fridge, grabbed the creamer, made his coffee and sat across from him.

“So, what’s your name kid?” Mikey already knew his name but it was an easy conversation opener.

Frank never took his eyes off the coffee in his hands. “Frank.”

Mikey nodded. “So, how do you know Gerard?”

“Long story.” Frank really didn’t feel like sharing. He didn’t even know this guy.

Mikey quirked an eyebrow “One you feel like sharing?”

“Not really?”

Mikey sighed “Ok. Fair enough. I’m Mikey.”

Frank looked up this time, shocked at what he saw. He got a good look at the boy for the first time. His face was clear and soft, his eyes were a sharp, beautiful hazel. His jaw was very sharp and defined while his lips were pulled into a tight smile. He had soft, light brown hair that was cut short at the sides while his bangs covered his eyes. Frank thought he looked a little bit like Gerard.

Frank sighed, knowing he was going to have to speak sooner or later. “Look, I’m not trying to be rude but…..i really don’t feel like talking.”

Mikey nodded again “No offence taken. If I may ask…how much do you know about Gerard?”

Frank shrugged. “I don’t know….” He didn’t want to tell Mikey what he knew about Gerard. Truthfully, Frank hadn’t believed him when Gerard said he was an angel. The scars on his back were defiantly real but…..Frank’s head was so over loaded he didn’t know what to think.

Frank’s eyes fell back on to his coffee, his mind wandering back to what had happened earlier. The way Gerard flipped, the way his eyes turned blood red and his nails turned to claws.

Mikey’s voice brought him out of his thoughts. “There are things about Gerard….things that could get you killed…..”

Frank interrupted him. “How do you know Gerard?”

Mikey smiled “He’s my brother.”

“Well that explains why you look like him.” Frank smiled, trying to be nice.

Mikey laughed “Yeah, we used to get that a lot.”

The room fell quiet and the mood serious. Frank looked up at Mikey through his hair. “Are you like him?”

Mikey was caught off guard by the question but quickly regained his composure. “What do you mean?” he decided to play dumb and see what Frank knew.

Frank stared at Mikey “I’m not stupid and neither are you. Are you like him?”

Mikey looked down with a grin on his face. “So he did tell you. I figured he would. The question is how much?”

“He told me what he was. He showed me the scars….”

“Did he explain how he got them?”

“No. He said he was a fallen angel. That’s all.”

Mikey nodded. “Long story short, he broke the rules so they kicked him out. Took away his wings. The thing about fallen angels is they are still immortal.”

“So….what about you?” Frank took a sip of his coffee, trying to stay calm and not flip.

Mikey sighed. “No…I’m not a fallen. Only Gerard is.”

Frank nodded as he stood up and placed his now empty coffee in the sink. He looked over at Mikey with a sad smile. “He doesn’t hate you ya know?”

Mikey shrugged, watching Frank walk back into the living room to his brother.

Frank knelt down next to Gerard, moving some of his hair away from his face. “Gee….”

He ran his finger over Gerard’s pale face, over his eyebrow, down his temple, past his lips. He shivered at how cold his skin was, taking note of the scars around his neck. Frank pulled his shirt down slightly, exposing more of the scared skin. The scars wrapped around his neck making the shape of a rope. Frank could only imagine how much pain Gerard had been in, how loud he had screamed as he was hanging from his neck by the rope wrapped around him. His sadness turned to anger as he turned to Mikey, who was now leaning against the doorway.

“What happened to him?!?” Frank’s eyes were slits as he glared at Mikey who was calm and seemed not to care.

“Punishment.” Mikey’s voice was soft, no concern at all.

Frank’s face twisted in anger “For what!?!??!?!? What could he have done to deserve this! How could you let this happen!?”

Mikey glared at Frank “You have no right to talk that way. Don’t you dare take sides without the whole story Frank.”

“The give me the whole story.”

Mikey sighed “He disobeyed orders, always questioned things, never listened…”

Frank interrupted him “And that is grounds to do this! How could you just stand by and watch!?”

“They would have done the same to me!” Mikey’s voice was raising, as was Frank’s.

“He’s your brother!” Frank stood up, fists balled in anger.

“I’m aware of that Frank! Unlike Gerard, I put the Union first! Gerard is a traitor, a thief and…..” Mikey stopped himself as he glared at Gerard, then at Frank.

Frank lowered his voice, looking back at Gerard. “And your brother.”

Frank heard the door slam but didn’t seem to care. He was focused on the man laying on the couch, pale and sad. His eyes stared at Gerard’s face for several moments before they fell on his lips. Frank had never thought himself to be gay nor to kiss a man…well….angel…demon…whatever Gerard was but he couldn’t stop the thoughts. He bit his lip, playing with the ring that was on it, deciding what to do. He swallowed his fear, trying to stop his body from shaking as he bent down slowly, breath hitching in his throat as he pressed his lips against Gerard’s. They were soft and warm as Frank moved his lips back and forth, his eyes closed, not noticing Gerard’s hands start to move. Frank’s heart jolted when he felt Gerard open his mouth is surprise. He flew back, eyes wide staring in shock at a very confused Gerard.

“I…I…I’m so sorry!” Frank’s eyes were wide as he stood up and ran from the room, throwing himself into the bathroom. Tears were forming as he curled up in a ball crying. His whole body shook, his arms wrapped around his knees on the cold tiled floor. What had he done?”

Gerard sat up, not sure what had just happened. Had Frank just kissed him? Was Frank even gay? His eyes found the hallway Frank had disappeared into and Gerard felt the need to go after him but he had no idea what to say. Gerard had to admit he found Frank cute and his mind was brought back to the mall when Frank was trying on clothes. He remembered how his mouth watered with want for the boy. Gerard sighed, deciding to go after Frank. He knew he had to be careful not to scare him, remembering what he had done to him the previous night.

Gerard knocked on the bathroom door softly “Frank….are you ok?”

He heard light whimpers that told him Frank was crying. His heard sunk, wanting to hold him and tell him everything was ok. Gerard’s hand found the handle, turning it and pushing the door open slowly in fear of Frank’s reaction. What he saw broke his heart even more. Frank was curled up on the floor, head down in his knees, fingers clawing at the tiles as his whole body shook.

“Frankie…..” Gerard whispered, kneeling down next to Frank but stopped when he whimpered and moved away.

“No…I’m sorry Gerard. I didn’t…I won’t do it again…please….don’t hurt me…” His mouth was covered in saliva from his un-controlled crying. He could tell his eyes were red and puffy even though they were closed.

“Frankie, I’m not going to hurt you. Its ok.” He whispered, shifting from his kneeling position to a sitting one.

Frank’s eyes opened slightly, watching Gerard sit down, taking it as a sign that he wasn’t leaving any time soon. He couldn’t understand why Gerard wasn’t mad at him, why he wasn’t hitting him and screaming at him about how worthless he was. Frank wasn’t scared of Gerard, even after what he did to him last night he just didn’t want to get hurt….emotionally. He knew he was broken and he was afraid that if he was fixed, he wouldn’t survive being broken again.

Gerard moved closer, slowly taking Frank in his arms. “Frank, I’m so sorry…..please….I’m sorry….for everything.”

Frank lost all control at this point, falling apart in Gerard’s arms. The tears he had been able to suppress fell freely, soaking Gerard’s shirt. He whimpered, begging incoherent words. “Please…don’t….me…leave…ever…”

Gerard pulled Frank’s face up to his, staring into his eyes before leaning down, capturing his lips within his own. The kiss was sweet and tender and it ended far too soon in Frank’s opinion. When Gerard pulled back, he smiled. “You can run away with me, anytime you like.”
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