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Leave The Bleeding In My Hands

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Gerard turned around, grabbed Frank’s collar and slammed him against the wall. Frank cried out in pain, his body twisting to escape Gerard’s grasp.

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Frank sat on the couch, his fingers tapping on the table as he waited for Gerard to come home. It had been 2 hours and he had heard nothing from him.
‘Chill Frank. Gerard can take care of himself. He told you that. He’s prolly just going to get dinner and his phone is dead……or he’s dead’ Frank shook his head. Gerard wasn’t dead. He couldn’t be dead because his parents aren’t murders. They were evil, sadistic drug addicts but not murders. A crash brought Frank out of his thoughts as his head shot up, eyes wide with fear. The door swung open and Gerard walked in slowly, covered in blood. Frank wanted to scream. His legs almost grew wings they moved so fast trying to get to Gerard.

“Gerard! Oh god! What did they do to you!?!” His voice was shrieking with fear and horror.

Gerard kept his head lowered, pushing Frank away as he walked into the bathroom to take a shower. “I’m fine Frank. Make some coffee would you?”

Frank stood in shock for a moment, watching Gerard disappear before he shook his head. Coffee means Gerard wouldn’t stay in his room. Gerard would talk to him…..Gerard wanted to talk to him. That can’t be good.

Frank walked into the kitchen, got out the coffee grains and started to heat up the water. His eyes found the smashed iPod on the floor that was never picked up and his heat filled with fear. He had to tell himself that Gerard wouldn’t do that to him. Gerard was nice to him. Gerard cared about him. Gerard wasn’t hiding anything. At that one, Frank had no idea how wrong he was.

Gerard stood in the shower, rinsing the blood from his hair. He had no idea what he was going to tell Frank. He had a few options and he ran them over though his head. He could kill Frank and ditch town. That would be so easy. The police would never catch him. He’d be gone way before they even found the body. Gerard closed his eyes, trying to visualize how Frank would look. He was lying on the floor, covered in his own blood, hands gripping his stomach, eyes staring up in horror. His mouth was open, trying to speak. When he did, he coughed up blood. Gerard turned to walk away but he heard Frank call out. “Why?”

When Gerard turned around to answer, Frank was trying to sit up. He wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t beging for his life. He just wanted to know why.

Gerard shook his head, coming back to reality. He couldn’t kill Frank because Frank had done nothing wrong. Moralities never bound him but guilt did. Gerard ran his hands though his hair, groaning. He was in so much shit and there was nothing he could do about it.

Mikey walked down the street, eyes glued to the ground. He knew where Gerard was. He had felt him several hours ago. Mikey’s mind raced, trying to figure out what had made Gerard so angry. He had never felt that before. Not since The Union cast him out. The thing about Gerard was that he was always the strongest. He was the golden child that didn’t want anything to do with glory. He was a prodigy, he had everything and he threw it all away, never wanting any of it. That’s what made him so dangerous. Gerard had the power to wipe out entire cities alone. The Union knew this so they had kept an eye on him. Mikey knew they feared his brother and for some reason, he loved it.

When Mikey got to the building where he assumed Gerard was staying, his eyes gazed upwards, scoping it out. It was a tall building, old and rotted. The windows were boarded up and it looked like it had been condemned and forgotten, left to whither away alone and empty. His hands found the door to the building, pushing it open, deciding he could just walk in. The building was large enough he could stay in one of the rooms, keep an eye on Gerard and never once be found. Mikey was good at hiding. He could play the fly on the wall very well.

Frank heard the shower turn off and Gerard close the door to the bathroom. He kept his back to the kitchen door, trying to avoid what Gerard was going to say. Frank had this way of trying to avoid his problems instead of facing them. He thought it was safer that way. He heard foot steps walk down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Frank…We need to talk.” Gerard’s voice was quiet and calm.

Frank nodded, turning around. He was shocked to see what Gerard was wearing. He was in nothing but a towel, exposing his pale chest. Frank was shocked to see how many scars were on his body, ranging from small nicks to large slashes. He found himself staring and had to shake his head to focus on what Gerard had to say.

Gerard walked over and stood in front of Frank, not sure where to begin. “I’m not what you think I am Frank.”

The statement took Frank aback. “What do you mean…..” Frank’s mind raced, coving all the things Gerard could be. Rapist, murder, serial killer, convict.

“I’m not……” Gerard paused, staring into Frank’s eyes before continuing. “Human”

Frank took a step back, not sure how to take in what Gerard was saying. What did he mean not human?

“You mean like….an alien?” Frank’s voice was a whisper, not sure what to say.

Gerard laughed and threw his arms to the side. “No. More like… angel. Well, a fallen angel really.”

He turned around to show Frank his back. There were 2 large gashes, still pink around the edge where the scar tissue hadn’t healed yet. They were about the length of Frank’s forearm. His breath hitched in his throat, his eyes wide at what he was seeing. Gerard’s long black hair covered the tips of the scars that rested on his shoulder blades but the rest was exposed. Aside from the 2 large gashes, there were smaller ones that looked more like whip marks where someone had beat him. Beat him really bad. For some reason, Frank wasn’t afraid. He wanted to run over and hug Gerard. Tell him that he didn’t care what he was or had been. Maybe that was because Frank still thought this was a dream and that nothing was real. He was just passed out on the floor, bleeding to death as his father beat his unconscious body. That seemed more logical than this.

“Gee…..I…” Frank fought for words.

Gerard turned around, his hair covering his eyes, ashamed. “I’m sorry Frankie. I should have never involved you.”

Frank walked forward, wrapping his arms around Gerard’s waist. “If you hadn’t. I’d be dead. Thank you.”

Gerard sighed “Frank……I…the blood….it wasn’t mine.”

Frank pulled back, confused “What do you mean….who’s was….” Frank trailed off, suddenly realizing what Gerard was talking about. “Gerard…..did you?”

Gerard pulled out of Frank’s embrace and walking into the living room, turning on the TV. The reporter held the microphone to her mouth, talking slow and seriously.

“2 bodies were found behind the Rullet Mall in downtown NJ earlier today. A male and a female. They were mutilated, the male suffering from a torn out jugular while the female, a broken neck. Both tested positive for drugs. The names of the victims have not yet been identif----.”

Gerard turned off the TV to look back at Frank. “That’s what I am. A fallen angel. Demonic in nature. Born to kill.”

Mikey sat on the windowsill, listening to the conversation in the next room. He could hear his brother telling the boy what he was but what shocked him was he didn’t hear yelling. The boy didn’t seem afraid. Mikey watched as the boy walked over and hugged Gerard. An action Mikey had not been expecting. Then Gerard pulled back and turned on the TV, waiting for the boys reaction. The boy’s face went from calm to horror as the reporter spoke about the deaths at the mall. Mikey could only assume that Gerard was the cause and he was telling this boy, Frank, about it. What Mikey didn’t know was the relationship between Frank and the 2 people killed.

Frank took a step back, this time truly afraid. “You….you…you did that? Why? How? They never did anything to you!!!!! Not to deserve this!”

Frank found himself yelling, blaming Gerard. He had no idea why he was defending the very people who wanted him dead. Maybe it was because cruel or not, they were still his parents. Gerard kept his eyes on Frank, not sure what he was going to do.

“Frank…they hurt you. What do you plan to do? Go back home?!? They’d kill you!” Gerard raised his voice as well, not understanding why Frank was defending them.

Frank backed up but still held his anger “Your wrong! They didn’t deserve to die!”

Gerard crossed his arms over his chest, suddenly calm. “Your right. They didn’t deserve to die. Living is so much worse.”

Frank didn’t know what Gerard had meant by that but he suddenly felt a pang of guilt wash over him. Gerard had risked everything to protect him and here he was, defending the very people who wanted hit to curl up and die. His anger dissipated and he was left standing there, starting at Gerard.

“Gee….I’m sorry.” Frank went to take a step forward but Gerard turned his back to him.

“Just go. Please…..I won’t hurt you to.”

“But Gee….”

“Stop calling me that! Frank, I just killed your parents! Don’t you get that! I just slaughtered them and I feel nothing! Nothing!” Gerard’s eyes were wild and his face was twisted in anger.

Frank shook his head, tears forming at the corner of his eyes. “I don’t care about that. You obviously feel something, because you are yelling at me right now. Anger is an emotion Gerard…..”

Gerard turned around, grabbed Frank’s collar and slammed him against the wall. Frank cried out in pain, his body twisting to escape Gerard’s grasp. Gerard grabbed Frank’s face, forcing him to look him in they eyes.

“Anger.” He whispered in Frank’s ear before throwing him to the ground.

Frank tried to crawl away but Gerard was too fast. He placed his foot in between his shoulder blades, pinning him to the ground. Frank screamed, thrashing to escape but to no avail. Tears fell from his eyes as he begged for Gerard to stop.


Gerard laughed “Please what Frank? Please stop? Anger is the only emotion I have left!” He brought his foot up, kicking Frank in the ribs.

Mikey watched in horror as his brother beat Frank. His mind told him to do nothing but his heart said it had to stop. He couldn’t just sit back and watch as Gerard killed this boy for no reason. His hands shoved open the window as he threw himself into the room.

“Gerard! Stop!” Mikey screamed, running towards his brother.

Gerard looked up, eyes full of fury and rage. “Why!?!?”

Frank took this distraction to crawl away and hide under a table in fear. He watched as this new person yelled and argued with Gerard.

“Because he has done nothing wrong!” Mikey screamed

Gerard laughed again “I’m not bound by your pathetic laws anymore Mikey! I don’t have to have a reason behind my actions like you.”

“You know as well as I do Gerard, you don’t want to do this….”

Gerard turned to face Mikey fully now. “Don’t you DARE tell me what I want to do.”

Mikey could only watch as his brother’s anger rose, the demon coming out to play. Gerard’s eyes lost its hazel color, turning blood red. His fingers grew claws as they gripped his hair.

“No. No. No. No. No.” Gerard shook his head, trying to fight it.

Mikey took this time to run to Frank. “Come on. You have to go now!”

Frank nodded, climbing to his feet before running to the door. He looked back at Gerard who was on his knees, clutching his black hair in a ball. He couldn’t just turn his back on Gerard. Without warning, Frank sprinted to Gerard, ignoring Mikey’s cry not to. His feet moved on their own as he fell down next to Gerard, wrapping his arms around him.

“Gee….Please come back! Please! This isn’t you……Its not…..please” He begged, refusing to let Gerard slip into the darkness.

Gerard growled, trying to push Frank off. “Go! I can’t….I won’t…….” His words became muffled moans as the pain in his head became too much to bare. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he drifted into darkness.

Frank held onto Gerard as he slumped into his arms, passing out. Frank had no idea what had just happened but he really didn’t have time to ask. He used every ounce of energy he had to lift Gerard up and get him to the couch. He saw Mikey standing in the doorway in the corner of his eye but didn’t really pay much attention to him. Once Gerard was on the couch, he sighed and knelt down next to him, brushing his hair out of his face.

“Gee…..please be ok.”

Mikey stared in awe at what he had just seen. He had never known anyone to be able to calm Gerard down like that. Let alone in the state he was in. Mikey’s eyes watched Frank, wondering what this boy had that attracted Gerard so much. Maybe this boy could stick around after all.
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