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Given With The Best Intentions

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He placed his lips on her ear, licking at it before speaking. “Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children. Are you a god Jenna?”

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Gerard skipped through the mall, pulling Frank by the arm. Frank had a smile on his face at how happy Gerard looked right now. His raven hair bounced and fell in broken strands on his pale face while his black shirt and red tie wrinkled at the stretch of his arm. Gerard was giggling and laughing as he pulled Frank into a store. The frame was painted black and it had large purple letters at the top that read Underground Asylum with two skeleton hands underneath it. He stared in aw at the contents inside, wanting everything but not sure how he was ever going to buy it. Gerard pulled him over to the back of the store that had a pile of skinny jeans, Tripp pants, skin-tight shirts, boots, fishnet shirts…..Frank was in love. Gerard stood back and grinned at a drooling Frank.

“So….is this up you ally?”

Frank smiled “This is up my street!”

He watched as Frank started to go through the clothes, picking out several pairs of pants and a few shirts to try on. He turned to Gerard and smiled “Tell me what cha think?”

Gerard nodded as Frank went into the changing room and threw on his first outfit. When he walked back out, Gerard grinned even more. Frank was wearing tight black skinny jeans that had a chain handing from his left hip. His black boots were pulled over the bottoms so they were tucked in and he had on a tight fishnet shirt that was exposing his chest. Frank threw on a tie, pulling the sleeves over his hands to cover his fingers as he wrapped his arms around his stomach in a shy manor. His head was ducked down with his hair covering his face as he waited for Gerard’s verdict.

“If I was gay I’d jump you right here” Gerard spoke in a low voice so only Frank could hear him.

This made Frank blush and smile “So you like?”

Gerard took a step forward, pulling Frank’s tie like a leash “I love.”

The sudden proximity between the two made Frank’s heart jump. He wasn’t sure what to do so he just starred into Gerard’s eyes, waiting for him to make a move. When neither moved, Frank pulled back and disappeared into the dressing room. He stood for a second, not sure of what just happened. Was Gerard flirting or was he just being friendly? Frank had no idea what Gerard was like outside of his house or around his friends so maybe it was nothing and he was just over analyzing things. Yes that had to be it. Frank was just reading into something that wasn’t there.

Gerard watched as Frank walked back into the dressing room, mouth watering and wishing for something he wasn’t used to. He had never seen such a beautiful boy. He also had never done anything like that before. Just because he was a fallen, didn’t mean he was immune to the punishment of love to the same sex. This world had its own beliefs; it hid behind a God that wasn’t at all what they thought.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Frank once again walked out of the dressing room, this time in a black KORN shirt that clung to his small frame contrasting the baggy jeans held loosely on his waist by a bright pink belt. Frank still had his arms around his waist and his head down. Gerard wondered if Frank did it out of habit due to his previous home life.

“Gee?” Frank called, making him realize he was staring.

“What?” Gerard looked up at Frank.

“Is everything ok?”

Gerard nodded “Of coarse…..Just thinking.”

Frank walked forward, his arms still around his waist. “About what?”

“Nothing important. Don’t worry about it.” Gerard smiled, trying to make Frank believe him.

Frank nodded, knowing Gerard was lying but he didn’t want to pry so he let it go. He changed the subject to his current outfit. “So? Is it a keeper?”

Gerard’s eyes scanned Frank’s body nodding. “Korn is always a keeper.”

Frank smiled, bitting his lip ring as he walked back into the dressing room to change back into his regular clothes. When he was done, he held the clothes that didn’t fit and the ones that did, placing them on the rack before turning back to look at Gerard. He didn’t want to ask him to pay for these clothes but he knew he had no money to his name. Hell he didn’t even have an ID. Gerard seemed to understand so he walked over to Frank with a smile.

“Get what you want. Don’t worry about money ok? Its just an object that I can get more of.” His hazel eyes were soft and caring, making Frank just want to melt into them.

He quickly shook his head of the thought, nodding “Thank you. I will pay you back. I swear I will.”

Gerard laughed “I’m not worried about it Frank. You shouldn’t be either. Get what you want and what you need.”

He motioned to the 2 shirts and 2 pants in Frank’s arms “Your guna need more than that you know.”

Frank looked down “I can go home and get the rest.”

Gerard grabbed Franks chin so he was forced to look at him “Tell me Frank. How many shirts do you own?”

Frank’s voice was dropped into a whisper “About 3…..”

“And pants?”


Gerard’s heart sunk. “Do you ever have clean clothes?”

“Not really. I wash them when I can but… says that I don’t pay for the water so I can’t use it.” Frank pulled his face away from Gerard and stared at the ground, ashamed of how dirty he was.

“Frank. Its ok.” He wrapped his arms around Frank’s waist in a loving hug. “I’ll never let them hurt you.”

Frank leaned back into the hug, his body tense from the touch. He had never been hugged before and he didn’t know how to react. When Gerard didn’t let go, Frank knew he had to relax and tell himself that he wasn’t going to hurt him. His body slowly let go of the tension it was holding and the embrace turned into them just holding each other closely. After a few minutes, they were brought out of their small world by a shout from across the mall.

“Frankie! Oh Frankie!”

Gerard almost let go of Frank until he realized that Frank clung closer to him as the owner of the voice grew closer. Her long blond hair was curled and fell loosely over her blue off the shoulder shirt. The shirt exposed her flat yet disgusting stomach that twisted with her hips as she walked in her 7” heals. Her white shorts covered nothing but the top of her ass cheek and the mere sight of her made Gerard want to hurl.

The closer she got, the tighter Frank gripped Gerard and the closer Gerard pulled Frank to him. The woman was now within arms reach of them and Frank slightly whimpered causing Gerard to break his stare on her and look down at Frank.

The woman seemed oblivious to Frank’s fear. “Frankie, oh thank god your ok. We have been looking everywhere for you! You had me so worried!” Her voice was even more vile then her looks.

Frank didn’t respond to her and he just held onto Gerard. Gerard looked between Frank and this woman, taking a guess that she was his mother.

He looked up at her, trying to smile “I’m Gerard. You are?”

Her blue eyes flashed to him, scanning him up and down before speaking. “I’m his mother. How do you know Frankie?”

Gerard couldn’t help but smile at how she tried to intimidate him by playing the mother figure. “I met him a few nights ago.” He tightened his arms around Frank’s waist. “We just got along.”

Her eyes flashed with anger. “Who do you think you are? Get away from Frank.”

He smiled. She called him Frank not Frankie. Her mask was faltering in her fear that he knew about how she treated him. She had a right to be scared because he did know. He knew more than he would ever tell her. “I don’t want any trouble ok? Frank and I were just leaving.”

He pulled Frank forward before his collar was yanked back suddenly by a hand. His whole body was thrown to the floor and he whimpered when his head hit the wall behind him. His eyes scanned for the source of the force, knowing there was no way Frank’s mother could have done that. Soon his eyes landed on a tall, rather large man with quite a beer gut on him. His balding head was filled with random hairs and his face was twisted in anger.

“Your not going anywhere with MY boy!” His voice was gruff and raspy.

Gerard heard Frank yell, trying to run to him but the man who threw Gerard to the ground pulled him back. Frank kicked and screamed, trying to get free with no use.

“Let me the fuck go!” Frank screamed, clawing at the man.

Gerard pushed himself up off the ground as he ran towards the man. His fist connected with the man’s face, making him let Frank go. Gerard turned to Frank for a split second to tell him to run. “Frank! Go!”

Frank shook his head “No! He’ll kill you!”

Gerard turned back to the man who was now advancing towards him in anger. “I can take care of myself! Go!” At that moment Gerard dodged a swing and kicked the man in the chest, trying to bring him down. The man stumbled but never fell. He grabbed Gerard’s shirt, throwing him to the ground. Gerard watched as Frank looked back one last time before disappearing into the dark.

When Gerard was sure Frank was gone, he lifted himself off the ground, letting all his anger flow through him. The man, whom Gerard had now figured out was Frank’s father, growled, taking a step forward. Gerard raised his left hand, an evil grin plastered on his face and he rocked his index finger side to side.

“Uh Uh Uh…Bad move big boy.” Gerard’s voice was deep, filled with evil. His eyes glazed over into solid black as he tilted his head back, spreading his arms.

Frank’s father looked confused for a moment before his anger overpowered him again and he shouted “What the fuck is that!?!? What are you? Some kind of devil worshiper?!? Satin won’t save you from me!”

Gerard dropped his arms, lowering his head as his teeth grew into long fangs. His nails turned to claws as he advanced towards Frank’s father. His hands had hold of his throat in one swift motion, nails digging into the skin.

Gerard grinned wickedly at the now terrified man in his grasp. He brought his face close to the man’s ear, whispering. “Nor god you from me.”

A piercing scream filled the air, as Gerard clamped down on his throat crushing his neck. Blood splattered everywhere, covering Gerard’s face as he dropped the body on the ground. His eyes flashed over to Frank’s mother, staring at her as he licked the blood off his fingers, tilting his head to the side. She stared at him, fear all over her face, her body trembling under Gerard’s gaze. He walked over to her, a calm smile on his face as he placed his hand on her cheek. She whimpered as his blood covered hand touched her face and cried out as his claws scrapped her side pulling her to him in a rough, sadistic embrace. He placed his lips on her ear, licking at it before speaking.

“Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children. Are you a god Jenna?”

She trembled under his touch, whimpering and closing her eyes. “N…n…no….no…please….I’m sorry…”

Gerard laughed “Did you son ever beg like this when you were beating him?”

Jenna whimpered again “Y…yes…”

“Did you stop Jenna?”


“What did you do Jenna?”

Tears were now falling down her pale ugly face. “I….I hit…harder…..Please! Please! Let me go! I…I won’t say anything! I promise! Please!”

Gerard cupped her face in his hands gently, claws scraping her skin. “If you never stopped when you SON begged you to. Why should I, a pure stranger, stop?”

Her eyes widened in fear. Gerard grinned and flicked his wrist in a swift motion, snapping her neck. He watched has her body dropped to the ground in a heap, stepping over her to lean against the wall. He closed his eyes, slowly drifting back to normal as he collapsed on the ground. He hadn’t wanted to let it out, he swore he wouldn’t ever do it again. His hands shook as he buried them in his hair, pulling his knees to his chest. He had just killed two people. No, not just two people. He had just killed Frank’s parents. Frank was going to ask, he was going to see it on the news. He would know that Gerard was in a fight with them. He would know that Gerard did it.

“Fuck….fuck fuck fuck shit fuck cock cunt fuck shit god damn it!” Gerard cursed himself for getting too close. He shouldn’t have let this happen and now Frank was going to get hurt because of it.
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