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i do not know

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just something i wrote earlier when i felt like creating something quickly i dont actually know why i wrote it as my life has sorted itself out and i got over the shit that my previous poems have been about, probably why its been so long since ive written my poems


My heart was frozen in that dark time,
I did not want to feel my pain.
I shut it off and sealed it closed,
Now true love I will never know.

I did not think it would be this way,
My heart getting lost in it's own decay.
I've lost it now won't find it again,
Its buried down and gone away.

The magma now runs through my veins,
Opening my eyes once again.
I see now that when I hid my pain,
I locked all other feelings away.

Now my heart has mended well,
I will share my new spell.
To find who you are to be,
Allow your heart to be free.

R&R please, i love to know what people think,positive or negative

thanks :)
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