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Right Off The Cliff

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i really dont now how i can sum up a poem?

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so i am on my dads computer right now but i dont have the memory stick with the chapters on it so i wrote a poem i think this might be my worst so far but oh well

The weight of the world.
That’s how they would describe it.
My nan does any way.

Its more like the weight of society.
Not a visible force,
But every one has it.

It pushes and pushes,
Right towards a cliff.
Closer to the edge each time.

Some are lucky,
Those are the ones
who turn it around.

Some are not.
They get pushed right to the edge,
Then the fall.

They keep falling and falling,
There is no end
So they have to end it them selves.

There are still lucky ones
Who find something to hold on to
And pull themselves back up.

So remember,
When society is pushing you
Push back.

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