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Back on track

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Will Lindsey be able to save her friendship with Gerard?

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I just wanted to let you guys know that I didn't like the direction that the story was going towards so I deleted the other chapter and uploaded this one which would make more sense. So just forget everything that happened in the last chapter So enjoy.
Lindsey POV
Did he just break up our friendship? And all because of that bitch?!
This could not be happening. I was so close to being able to call him
my boy friend and now I can't even call him my friend. I stomped off
to my car. There was Bo way I was going to face him in first period. I
sat the and cried out of frustration.
I had to do something to get him where I want him. I also needed to
get back at Violet for what she did. But how? Think Lindsey think.
That's when I it hit me.
"Okay girls do we all know what we are going to do?" I asked Jamia and
Alicia. We were sitting on a bench discussing my plan. It had to work
it just had to. They all nodded and we went into work.
Gerard POV
I was sitting at the table with all my friends fooling around when
Jamia and Alicia came up to me looking very worried.
" Have you seen Lindsey? We haven't seen her all day. " Alicia said.
She was here this morning after I accused her. Lindsey wasn't the type
of person to leave school since her aunt is the principal. This only
made me worry even more. I quickly got up and walked away from my
table. As I walked away I saw a frown appear on Violet's face.
" Where could she be?" Jamia asked. I was thinking super hard about
where she could be. Bam. I got I quickly ran away from them and to the
willow tree by the football gym. We called it our place because we
were the only ones that went there. I tired to run as fast as my legs
could take.
That's when I saw her. Sitting with her hand on her face. I walked
over to her and kneeled down next to her.
" Lindsey? What's wrong?" I asked even though I knew that it was
because of what I said. All of a sudden she hugged me.
" Oh Gee I'm so sorry I didn't mean for this to happen. I really want
to be your friend and maybe more. Please forgive me. " She cried into
my shoulder. I sighed I hated seeing her sad.
" I forgive you but I hate people who lie. Don't do it again. " She
nodded and hugged me again.
Lindsey POV
Oh yeah I'm back on track.
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