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A/N: As promised. No mcr in this one, or the next one after this, sorry :)

Chapter 41: Summer in the city

It was the most shocking thing she had ever seen. Forget seeing her own father choking on his own vomit, forget seeing movies where people’s brains are blasted on walls, because this topped all of that. It was too terrible to even describe.

“Lucas! You’ve lived in this room for two days!” Gia screeched at the sight of the room. To summarize: It was a dump.

“Your point?” the boy asked, completely innocent.

“My point is that one person can’t possibly make a mess like this in two days!”

Gia made her way through the half unpacked moving boxes, the trash, the clothing piles on the floor, the various selection of all kinds of junk just about everywhere, and managed to sit on the bed. The room made her want to cry. The only clean part of the room was the tank where Lucas’ pet snake was enjoying his new, bigger home.

She set her bag where she had all her beach stuff on the bed. It was their second day in California, and they were going to go to the beach and swim and sunbathe and whatnot. Gia had never gone to the beach before, so she was nervous.

“So anyway”, Lucas said excitedly and put away the comic book he had been reading. “Are you ready to go to the beach?”

“Well, sure, but…”

“But what? You’re not going to chicken out on me, are you? Gia come on, this is California, you have to go to the beach sometime!”

“Yeah but…” Gia hesitated, biting her bottom lip nervously.

“What is it?”

“I can’t swim. I don’t want to drown and die.”

After a moment of shock, Lucas said: “I guess I’ll teach you.”


“It’s got to be like a thousand degrees! Aren’t you hot?” Lucas asked. They had arrived at the beach and found a good spot in the sun. They had spread their towels on the sand and laid down on them. Lucas was wearing his swimming trunks, but Gia refused to take off the summer dress she was wearing on top of her swimwear.

“No, I’m fine”, Gia said firmly and wiped the sweat off of her forehead.

“Would you just take off your clothes”, Lucas rolled his eyes.

“I absolutely will not.”

“Come on, don’t be such a wuss!”

“I’m not! I’d feel so naked!”

“You won’t be naked. I’d be more naked than you anyway! If I wore a bikini top, people would look at me all judgmental.”

Gia shot him a glare. “That doesn’t make it any better.”

“You know what, when we go into the water, you have to take the dress off. You can’t swim with it on.”

“I can’t swim whether I’m wearing the dress or not, so it doesn’t really matter.” Gia sighed and looked around the beach. It wasn’t that packed yet, because it was still early, but according to Lucas’ mom there will be much more people later when it gets even hotter. Eventually Gia just groaned and pulled the dress over her head and shoved it in her bag.

“See, it’s not that bad”, Lucas grinned. “Not bad at all.”

“Shut up.”

“Do you want ice cream?” Lucas asked, spotting an ice cream stand. “Or something to drink?”

“I could take a coke”, she said, and Lucas ran off. He was clearly enjoying it. Gia on the other hand felt rather embarrassed. There was an old, heavier woman lying on a towel like it was nothing, not that far from them. Gia wondered how people could be so comfortable wearing nearly nothing around other people.

Lucas returned with a bottle of Coke and an ice cream. He gave the drink to Gia after sitting down on his own towel.

“Thanks”, Gia thanked, still looking around the beach.

“You know, next time we come to the beach, we should bring Jersey too.”

“No dogs allowed.”

“Oh, right… Too bad. He would’ve liked the water.”

Gia shrugged. Jersey had never been swimming either, as far as she knew. Who knows what the dog had been doing before they found him. Gia had taken Jersey with her to California for the summer, because he couldn’t be left alone and the dog would go crazy from missing her so much.

“Wanna go into the water soon?”

“Oh, no. I’m fine right here.”

“You know, the ice caps are melting, I don’t think swimming’s going to be very optional in the future.”

“If I go into the water, I’ll drown anyway. Therefore I won’t live long enough to see that. So it doesn’t really matter. And besides, I can swim, in theory. I read a book. I just have no desire of testing my practical skills.”

”You know as well as I do that I’ll win this argument eventually.”

Gia glared at him, but he just grinned back at her brightly and ate his ice cream. “I think I hate you.”

That only made his grin wider. He had won the swimming battle, and now it would be considerably easier to teach her how to swim.

“Come on, let’s go!” he announced after he was done with the ice cream and stood, helping her up as well.


“To the water, of course!”

“But you just ate! Aren’t you supposed to wait like a half an hour? You showed me that movie where the woman ate a banana and then she was eaten by piranhas or something and –“

“Gia”, Lucas interrupted calmly. “There are no piranhas here. A few sharks maybe, but –“


“Come on already!”

“I don’t want to get eaten by sharks!”

“You won’t get eaten by them. I’ll scare them away.” With a mischievous smile he dug up something from his backpack and proudly showed it to her. It was a brightly colored water gun.

“Oh please”, she said, rolling her eyes, but couldn’t help but smile. He had softened her up. “Just don’t you dare shoot at me with that thing.”

Half an hour later Gia and Lucas were in the water, but still close enough to the beach that the water only reached to their waists. Lucas had filled up the gun and kept shooting at her with it, causing her to be soaking wet even though she had only gone half into the water.

“Lucas, I’m gonna kill you!” she screamed and tried to stop the water with her hands, but failed and it hit her straight in the eye.

The boy laughed like a maniac and aimed to shoot again, but nothing came out of the gun. There was still water in it though. He pressed the trigger a few more times, but it still didn’t work.

“Well, this sucks”, he sighed. “There must be some sand blocking it. Ah well. I guess I’ll take it back.”

He got out of the water to take the gun back to the towels, and Gia was left standing awkwardly in the water. She was happy that the water gun madness had ended, but the gun wasn’t the only thing that was making her uncomfortable. She hated being in the water. It was dirty, cold, and there were too many people. She looked longingly at some of the people that were lying on the sand, without a care in the world, while she had to worry about getting bit by sharks.

And as a cherry on top, something suddenly collided with the back of her head, very hard.

Gia turned around and frowned when she saw a beach ball floating on the surface of the water. She could’ve sworn that the yellow ducks on the ball were mocking her when she took a few steps and then reached for the ball.

“Can I have that ball back?”

The voice startled her and when she found the source, she instantly felt her face get warm. The boy was probably a few years older than her, but he couldn’t have been older than sixteen. His dark blonde hair was wet and brushed back, and the look on his face was questioning.

“This is yours?” Gia asked after a moment.


“It hit my head.”

The boy laughed, but not in a mean way. “I’m sorry; I hope you’re not too injured. I won’t let it happen again.”

Gia couldn’t explain it, but his laugh made her stomach feel weird, and to hide the embarrassment, she handed him the ball.

“Bye”, the boy said and flashed a bright smile before turning around and going back to his group of friends who were waiting.

“Who was that?” Lucas asked, appearing beside her again.

Gia smiled. She had failed to notice the suspicious tone in his voice. “Some guy.”

“Yeah, well… His hair is stupid.”

Laughing, she turned to him and said: “Now are you going to teach me how to swim or not?”

“Oh, right. Of course.”

But while they splashed the water around, screamed and drowned more times than they could count, Lucas caught Gia glancing over at the guy with dirty blonde hair. Not only did it make him uncomfortable, but he was jealous.
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