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Chapter 42: Rebel

Mikey fished his cell phone out of his pocket and answered quickly after checking the caller ID. He hadn’t spoken to his niece in at least two weeks, and he knew that even Gerard hadn’t called her in a week, so he was glad she had called. Every time they tried to talk, either Mikey was busy, or Gia had something more interesting to do.

To put it simply, he missed her. They all did.

“Hi Gia. How’s the sunny California?”

He could hear her laugh on the other end of the line. “It’s great.”

“That’s good. Are your grandparents treating you okay?”

“Yeah, no worries. They’re nice, and they pretty much let me come and go as I please, as long as I’m there to eat dinner with them”, she laughed again.

Mikey knew that she didn’t mean to make him worry, but the idea of her running around in a strange city without anyone to watch after her made him a little paranoid. Just wait until Gerard hears about this.

“Well, have you met any new people?”

It took a little too long for his liking for her to answer. Something was up.

“Yeah, sure. There’s this person I’ve been hanging out with.”

“A person? What’s she like?”

“He’s… She, um her name is Lu.. Ludmila.”

“Ludmila?” Mikey knew so well when his niece was lying. She sucked at it. But he went on with it anyway.

“Yeah, uh, Ludmila Duralumin. She’s okay.”

Mikey hesitated for a while. Then he decided that if she didn’t want to tell him, then she didn’t have to. She’ll feel so bad about lying to him anyway that she’ll eventually just break down and pour out her heart.

“Okay. Tell… Ludmila I said hi. What else have you been doing?”

“I’ve been at the beach a lot. I learned how to swim! And I’m starting to get really tan. I think I like it though. And next week me and… Ludmila are going to try surfing, which I’m kind of nervous about but you know, it could be fun.”

“Surfing? You know, that can be dangerous.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine. But if I die, I want Lucas to get custody of Jersey.”

“Don’t talk about things like that! You’ll give me a heart attack. Have some mercy on your poor old uncle.”

“You’re not old”, she laughed. “At least not as old as my dad.”

“You called him old! I’m telling on you!”

Ten minutes later Gia had to hung up, because her grandmother wanted her to go eat dinner. Mikey felt better having talked to her, but he knew that it will take at least another week before he could talk to her again.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Gerard entered the room.

“Hey, Gia just called.”

“What? She called you?” Gerard instantly asked, furrowing his brows and frowning. Honestly, he thought it was a little unfair that Gia would call her uncle rather than her own father.

“Yeah. She’s going surfing tomorrow. And by the way, I’m not sure if I should mention this, but she seemed a little bit odd.”

“Odd how?”

“She said she’d made a new friend called Ludmila.”

Gerard shrugged. “So? I just can’t believe she called you and not me. Did she mention why?”

“Not like Ludmila is a bad name.”

“I wonder if she’s mad at me.”

“Ludmila is just really strange and suspicious.”

“Well if she won’t call me, then I won’t call her! I’ll disown her! Tell her that next time she calls you and ignores me, her only father, the one who raised her with so much trouble!”

Gerard stormed out of the room, but his dramatic actions and words were completely ignored by his brother who was still dwelling in this Ludmila deal. There definitely was something off about that.


“What do you wanna do next?” Lucas asked. He and Gia stepped out of the ice cream shop with huge cones of ice cream in their hands.

“I don’t know. We should probably head back home soon, grandma will call me soon and tell me to go eat dinner”, she answered and gave him her ice cream to hold while she untied Jersey’s leash. They couldn’t take the big dog inside, but luckily Jersey had learned to wait outside for a few minutes. And if anyone tried to mess with the dog, he’d start barking and growling and biting, alarming his owners.

With Jersey’s leash in one hand and her ice cream in the other, she started to walk back to her grandparents’ house, Lucas walking right beside her.

It wasn’t particularly late yet, only almost six o’clock, but Gia and Lucas had had a long day. They had gotten up early in the morning to go to the beach, like they had done for the past two weeks. If they weren’t on the beach, they were walking around town, doing nothing but enjoying the sun.
Gia had to admit that California had been good for Lucas. He was tanned and his hair had gotten lighter from the sun. Not that Lucas lacked energy before, but now especially he was always going. The fact that Lucas was happy made Gia happy.

Same thing had happened to Gia, too. Her skin had been fairly pale, but now it had gotten some color and she looked tanner. She tanned easy, something she had inherited from her father (or so he says, but she doesn’t believe it because he had always resembled a ghost when it came to skin color), so she might be even darker than Lucas.

But the big change was in her personality. California had made Gia a lot looser. She didn’t worry so much anymore. Whether it was a good thing or not, she didn’t know, but she was going to enjoy her stay while it lasted.

And speaking of which, she couldn’t even think of going back to the dull, boring New Jersey. She was having too much fun.

“By the way”, Lucas started when they were finished with their ice creams, “I was unpacking the moving boxes with mom yesterday and I found this tent. I was thinking we could go to the beach and spend the night there.”

Gia got a grin on her face. “What are you saying?”

“Nothing like that”, he laughed. “I just thought it could be cool. We could have a bonfire and roast marshmallows or something. Jersey would love it.”

“I don’t know, grandma wouldn’t like me being outside at night”, she said, but didn’t sound very convincing. Gia had always been easy to persuade, but California had made it even easier.

“Oh come on, you know you want to.”

“Fine. But you’re bringing the marshmallows.”

“Deal”, he grinned, and then the victorious grin turned into excited one when he spotted a surfing equipment store ahead. They had been to a few, but not to this one. “Look! Wanna go check that out?”

“Sure”, she shrugged. They still had time.

They tied Jersey’s leash to a bar in front of the store and went inside. Lucas immediately headed to the surf boards. He had been dreaming of one ever since he discovered how fun surfing was. He was still learning, but he’d gotten quite good.

While Lucas drooled at the boards, Gia just walked around the store aimlessly. Surfing wasn’t exactly her cup of tea, as she was still kind of cautious about water.

“Can I help you?” the store clerk asked her when she was done walking around and just stood there awkwardly.

“Um, no thanks”, she answered.

“Hey, don’t I know you?”

Gia looked at him. The boy had dirty blonde hair and looked very sporty. And she was certain she didn’t know him. “I don’t think so”, she said, shaking her head.

“Yeah, I threw a beach ball at you and it hit your head. Remember, a few weeks ago, at the beach…”

Suddenly it all came back to her. Her first time swimming, the ball with pictures of yellow ducks, the boy who threw it at her… “Right, now I remember.”

“How’s the head?” he asked.

Gia had to admit, he was pretty cute when he smiled, with the dimples and all.

“I’m recovering. I hope you’ve learned to be more careful”, she said, trying to sound serious, but the smile was contagious.

“Oh trust me, I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

She was about to answer, but that’s when she felt a hand grip hers tightly. She looked at Lucas in confusion, and saw that he didn’t look very pleased.

“Come on Gia, we’re leaving”, Lucas said firmly and pulled her out of the store. The blonde guy shrugged and gave her one more of those dashing smiles before she was forced to leave.

“What’s wrong?” she asked him when they got outside and Lucas got Jersey’s leash.


“Well that’s convincing, considering you just nearly pulled my arm out of its socket”, she mumbled and rolled her eyes, but she wasn’t sure if he had heard her or not. If he had, he’d decided to pretend otherwise.

They didn’t speak a word until they said goodbyes when they got to Gia’s grandma’s house. That’s where they parted. Gia wondered if the marshmallow thing was still on, but she’d figured Lucas would be over it buy tomorrow and it would be safer to inform her grandma anyway.

What Gia didn’t understand was why Lucas acted like that, but right then she didn’t pay much thought into it. Her thoughts were firmly on the blonde boy, and when she went inside, there was a smile on her face. If only her father knew, he would’ve locked her in a cage.
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