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Chapter Four: Enemies and Allies

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The Senshi and Lt Blade's team confront the Ninja trio over the resurrected enemy and discover another threat to Usagi's Ginzuishou in the form of Shinnok. Can the three parties put their distrust ...

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AUTHOR:Zpan Sven

E-MAIL: Zpan(underscore)Sven(at)hotmail(dot)com

SUMMARY:Finding Mamoru in the arms of another, Usagi is saved from the Earth Prince's beating by a mysterious ninja and is brought into a world of mystical ancient tournaments....

CHAPTER SUMMARY: The Senshi and Lt Blade's team confront the Ninja trio over the resurrected enemy and discover another threat to Usagi's Ginzuishou in the form of Shinnok. Can the three parties put their distrust for one another aside and work together? With time running out, just how far will Shinnok's forces go...and how much have they done already?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Mortal Kombat or Sailor Moon. If you don't recognize it, odds are it's mine...

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Scorpious is 19, the Inner Senshi and Usagi is 17, Mamoru is 23, the Outer Senshi (Neptune, Uranus) is 21, Pluto looks 24 but is over 5000, Hotaru is 15, Carmen is 16, Scorpio* is over 100, although he looks around his late 20s early 30s. Slight AU for the back-story of Usagi - she's a foster kid, with a couple called Hidou and Shingo isn't in the picture...yet. Normally Ican't stand Rei/Sailor Mars, but for her fans, I'll be nice and change her character into something I can tolerate while trying to stay as true to her original character as I can. However, it's open season on Mamoru-baka for now. Kukukuku...

For pics of the crew, head over to my DeviantArt account: www(dot)zpansven(dot)deviantart(dot)com



("Speech in a foreign language")

('Thought in a foreign language')

-Sign language-


TIMELINE: Post-Chaos Arc for Sailor Moon, Post-Mortal Kombat 4. Major AU on both sides.


WARNINGS:LVSY/Y,,,, others please ask.


Hai - Yes

Iie - no

Kono yaro -jerk, asshole, ect

Bakayaro -asshole, jerk, ect

Onna - woman

hime-sama -princess

Youma - monster, demon

Ore/ wa/ - I am. A rough way to introduce one's self.

Atashi wa -I am. Very feminine way of introducing oneself; can be considered flirty, often used by young women and flamboyantly homosexual men.

Nande - What

Nani - What(confused/startled)

Tsuki no Hime- Princess of the Moon

Tsuki - Moon

Fuku -uniform, primarily the type worn by the Senshi

Miko -priestess

Gakki - brat

Temee -bastard

Kisama -bitch/bastard, depends on the gender of the person addressed

Wakizashi -a smaller version of a katana, usually the backup weapon

Bo Shuriken- dagger-like shuriken

Hira Shuriken- normal Star-shaped shuriken, ranging from three points to six or more.

Tekko - hand covers/wrist guards

Kyahan -shin guards

Tabi - split toe socks worn with the traditional sandals. Modern versions of /tabi/have a hard rubber sole, making them into footwear on their own, generally favored by ninja.

Shinobi -another word for Ninja. Assassin.

Boku wa -tough, slangy way to introduce oneself. Used by tomboys and prissy boys.

Watashi wa -can be considered formal, is one of the most polite and common ways to introduce oneself.

Kaachan -mom

Touchan -dad

Musuko - son

Musume -daughter

Neechan / anechan - big sister

Niisan / Anikun- older bother




It took nearly fifteen minutes for all to assemble in the main cargo area of the abandoned warehouse. Three groups stood apart from one another, each eyeing the other groups warily. Venus and her Senshi stood blocking the way back upstairs, worried about their /hime-sama/remaining with the group of ninja; Lt Blade and her group stood blocking the main entrance.

"I think introductions are in order," the voice was soft, dryly amused. Typhoon, the medic-nin."Perhaps it would be a welcome ice-breaker?"

"As you all might know, since you all seem so intent on rescuing me... Atashi wa Tsukino Usagi,"the petite blonde introduced herself.

"Boku wa the Senshi of Lightning, Sailor Jupiter," the tall, curvy brunette Senshi spoke next, crossing her lean, muscular arms under her impressive bosom, the pink ribbon there rustling from the movement. Power seemed to crackle around her, wreathing her with superhuman strength and abilities; her fuku seemed to move with that power, reflecting her mood. Her tough, almost slangy way of introducing herself told them that she was in no mood for pleasantries.

"Watashi wa the Senshi of Ice, Sailor Mercury," the petite bluenette introduced herself as she bowed to them respectfully, her gloved hands clasped before her blue pleated miniskirt.

"Atashi wa Sailor Venus!" the blonde Senshi said with a grin, giving them the victory hand gesture. "Senshi of Love and defender of Justice everywhere!"

"Sailor Mars," the raven-haired Senshi of Fire was curt, her very posture wary and anxious, sparks of flames flicking from her fingertips and the ends of her hair as she shifted in place anxiously.

It took a discreet elbow from Typhoon to get Scorpio to speak; with an annoyed sigh, he reluctantly introduced himself, "I'm called Scorpio. No it's not my real name. I'm not telling you my real name. So don't bother asking."

When his older brother sent the evil eye his way, Scorpious growled softly in his throat. "Scorpious. Don't know my real name, don't care."

"I knew you looked familiar," the contemplative voice came from the ninja in blue-trimmed black garb with the scar over one eye. "You were a Lin Kuei, weren't you?"

The towering ninja stiffened despite his wounds, his towering body all but quivering from the tension running through his muscles.

"Not willingly,"Scorpious spoke through gritted teeth.

"And you are?" Usagi asked of the nin bearing the scar seemingly proudly displayed on his face.

"Sub-Zero. Lin Kuei renegade, like him," the man stated, tilting his head in respect. Sub-Zero knew the difficulty in escaping from the Lin Kuei and could respect the strength, the skill such an endeavor took. "Lt Blade sent out a request to some of us who are allied through the Tournament when she saw what she believed to be Scorpion abducting a young woman."

"It was tough who to pick, but...." Lt Blade replied gruffly with a shrug. "Sub-Zero was the best choice if I was going after Scorpion. Same with Lui Kang - he's rumbled with Scorpion a few times in the Tournaments..."

Beside the blonde Lieutenant, a massive man of African heritage gave her a reassuring pat on the back."You panicked, pure and simple. With what happened at the last tourney I don't blame you. Almost dieing puts you on edge." He looked at the others and grinned as he introduced himself. "Name's Major Jackson Briggs, Jax to all my buddies."

Another man in a black police-styled uniform cleared his throat, his hazel eyes showing his unease as he spoke, removing his cap and running a gloved hand over his shortly cropped dark brow hair. "Kurtis Stryker here. Call me Kurt. San Francisco Riot Police originally, recruited because of my experience with the Tournament and my background in law enforcement... and 'cause I speak Japanese..."

"Lui Kang, current Champion," the Chinese man with the red tank top visible under his black leather jacket introduced himself, his shaggy hair pulled back from his almond shaped eyes by a red strip of cloth tied around his forehead. His blue jeans were worn and comfortable looking and the boots he wore seemed capable of inflicting a great deal of damage if he decided to fight.

The Champion was the only man from the five man team after Scorpious that was dressed in solely civilian garb - Sub-Zero's gear had a uniform, almost military feel to it. The fact aTournament, which Kang seemed the Champion of, had been mentioned several times caused Sailor Jupiter's ears to perk in interest.

"What tournament are you talking about?" demanded the ever suspicious Sailor Mars before the Senshi of Lightning could open her mouth to make her own inquiry.

"Mortal Kombat," Lui Kang stated solemnly, his chocolate-hued eyes darkening to near black as he tried to suppress the memories those two words brought up within him. "It is an ancient tournament, created by the Elder Gods to keep the rampant destruction of Realms under control, destruction caused by the wanton invading of rival warlords and tyrants. It takes ten consecutive defeats of the Chosen of a certain Realm to allow for invasion - Earth itself barely escaped invasion from Outworld."


The Senshi stiffened reflexively, the word sending a chill down their spines. The fact the word they had never heard before seemed so familiar sent off warning bells in the backs of the Reincarnated warriors minds. It didn't take the telepathic connection the Senshi shared to come to the same conclusion: Outworld equaled bad juju --worse then the resulting juju from pressing The Red Button.

"You said an evil thought defeated was still alive." Sailor Mercury queried. "Who or what do you refer to?"

"In the most recent of the Mortal Kombat Tournaments held, the Chosen Warriors of Earth face a fallen Elder God named Shinnok. He was the Elder God of the NeatherRealm, one of the Hell planes to exist." Typhoon stated calmly.

"Yeah, he's dead." Jax replied.

The expression on Typhoon's face however told him a different story.

"He was a God, Major, even with his Fallen status. As he was the God of the NeatherRealm, the connection that he had to the NeatherRealm was still strong. He did die, on the mortal plane and has been gathering forces in the NeatherRealm to give the current ruler of the NeatherRealm trouble. They attempted a coupe...and was successful. There is an Orb that can return him to Life and his minions still on the mortal plane are searching for it," the blonde medic-nin informed them grimly.

"How many minions?" Lt Blade asked. "Are"

"He has legions, armies still loyal to him in Outworld and here on Earth. The Earthen legion calls itself 'The Brotherhood of Darkness'." Typhoon stated, watching Lt Blade and Jax pale.

"Shoulda known those bastards had more to them then met the eye, 'specially after we found out about the Tournament," Jax hissed. "They've been masquerading as a group of mercenaries and terrorists."

"Assassinations, thefts, bombings, you name it, they've had a hand in it." Lt Blade growled in agreement. "Just where is this orb anyway?"

"No one knows. It has several names and is connected to several myths." Typhoon replied. "The most common name shared by the many cultures is 'the silver crystal' - in common myths for this part of the world, it is called the 'Ginzuishou', which some scholars believe to mean silver moon crystal."

Usagi looked at the medic with stunned eyes as the Senshi's faces had a myriad range of expressions: Mercury paled, her lips tightening in shock; Jupiter straightened her spine and shoulders, her jaw setting stubbornly in determination to fight; Venus pursed her lips and gave a tense nod of understanding; Mars eyed the medic-nin suspiciously, wondering why the woman gave such information so freely. Typhoon looked at them a brow raised.

"I take it you know of the orb they seek?" The blonde ninja asked them. "It took our scholars quite sometime to find out about the Silver Orb Shinnok's minions seek."

"We know it well. We guard it." Mars stated tersely.

"Then you must prepare -the Brotherhood is utterly ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what they want," Typhoon murmured in worry.

"They've killed civilians, kids, old folks, anyone that has stood in their way - they might look human, but they're heartless monsters." Lt Blade growled in agreement.

"So we fight 'em and beat'em like we've done the others. Nobody's touching the Ginzuishou," Jupiter muttered, her fist striking the palm of her opposing hand.

"They fight primarily hand to hand and have trained from childhood according to our sources," Jax informed her. "They won't just stand there like those Youma things I've heard about - Hadeon especially...."

"Who?" Venus asked aslight frown on her face.

"He's the leader of their deadliest terror cell - the man is completely insane," Lt Blade stated grimly,"I think just about every country has an arrest or kill on sight order for him."

A chill settled in the storage area of the abandoned warehouse as the Senshi each pictured a man that would garner such an intense response from the respective leaders of each government. Mercury shivered slightly, practically seeing a cloaked man in the shadows with hands and lips covered in blood, like a demon from the horror movies Venus and Mars would pick out for them to watch on the nights they slept at the temple; the petite Senshi could almost smell the overpowering scent of blood and putrid flesh coming from the mortal monster her over-active mind's eye was conjuring up. The feeling of a gentle fingertip brushing her shoulder caused her to look up at the tall Senshi of Jupiter. Her comrade's worried green eyes looked down at her.

"S-sorry," the Senshi of Mercury murmured, her soft voice almost inaudible. "It's hard to picture a man so evil he is more a monster then mortal..."

"He is, sweetie, he is,"Lt Blade's voice was sympathetic. "He's a brutal animal that walks around on two legs. His aura screams death and evil - I think you'd know him, even if he was incognito. When someone's caused as much pain and suffering as him, it clings to their very aura."

"We've got reports on all their field commanders, some more in detail depending on their certain fields but some of it is just rumor." Jax stated, rubbing the back of his muscular neck with an armored hand.

"Perhaps it would be wise to compare the data we've all collected?" the blonde medic-nin murmured the suggestion.

"We've had breaches in our security, where'd be safe?" the Major sighed.

"Perhaps, and Iunderstand this is asking a great deal of trust from each party, we should assemble at my clan's base?" Typhoon suggested. "We've got a fortress for our clan on an island southeast of Ibariki Prefecture, among the Nampo-Shoto Island chain."

It was a show of goodwill, telling their potential allies where their home was, one of the most closely guarded secrets of their clan. Lt Blade and Jax looked at one another and with the unison of mind that came from being partners as long as they, returned their gaze to the blonde woman.

"Alright -- but we're keeping our weapons," Jax's voice held a tone that informed them that this was nonnegotiable.


"We better get the young lady home," Officer Stryker suggested shyly, hesitant to interrupt the discussion between his team leaders and the representative of the unknown clan of warriors.

"/Iie/! I'm staying with Scorpious," the petite blonde teen disagreed immediately, her delicately pointed chin rising in defiance.

"You should go home to your parents, Tsukino-san, I'm certain their worried," Sailor Mars stated, her voice almost commanding the smaller teen.

"I can call them and let them know. This...this is important, far more important." Usagi retorted softly."Besides, I'm just a foster kid with the Hidou family, and they probably haven't even noticed I'm gone."

"If it is her wish, it shall be," the soft growl came from the young, towering ninja.

"Besides, it does involve me," the petite tsuki-hime stated, ignoring Sailor Mars's warning hiss."I have the Orb Shinnok's people are after. I...I think they might know I have it. Something about Mamoru wasn't right when he attacked. Even if he was drunk, his eyes shouldn't have been that dilated. I should know, I've seen him drunk before and he's never been overly violent, mostly depressed..."




Beep. Tap.

Beep. Tap.

Beep. Tap.

The soft, repeating beeping stirred him back to consciousness. Normally the beeping wouldn't bother him; it was a noise he'd gotten used to in his medical training...but...

Beep. Tap.

What was the metallic tapping sound? Groggily he opened dazed blue eyes to see a long pink nail tapping against metal rail of his hospital bed. Pink nails normally didn't bother him; Usagi painted her nails pink, a soft cheerful pink that reflected her personality, but that was too long to be Usagi and the shade was wrong, darker almost like blood diluted greatly by water...

"About time, lover," a feminine voice cooed. It was a nice voice, husky and without accent, but the tone...malicious despite the 'endearment'.

Reflexively he tensed, causing aching muscles to protest. Chiba Mamoru stared at the woman with bleached blonde hair sitting beside his hospital bed. Green eyes glared at him, full pink lips curled into a mocking smile. She would have been beautiful if it hadn't been for the sheer dark aura that was around her; a tight tank top matching her nails hugged her upper body, her slender but toned arms bare and low-rise blue jeans hugged her hips and thighs. Her nails tapped against the metal railing again.

"I told you if you failed me, there would be consequences."

Mamoru's mind was rapidly clearing as wary panic set in; he'd been free of her for a week now and his mind was returning to its rightful state.

"Duvessa," his voice was slurred due to his broken jaw; that ninja packed quite a punch but despite the pain, the Earth Prince was grateful for that punch - pain could clear away the clouds of fear and lies quite well.

"My superiors want the Ginzuishou, lover. And they are growing impatient," Duvessa's voice was stern as she spoke, any pretense of affection gone from her now.

"N-n-no. N-not going to help you hurt my friends," the bedridden man grunted in pain.

"But that's the wonderful thing, darling - you already have!" She laughed mockingly.

Mamoru's hands clenched in the fabric of his hospital bed's covers, Usagi's bruised face flashing in his memories. "W-what?! No! You bitch..." his slurred words held hatred in them as he fought to sit up so he could get at the treacherous woman sitting at his bedside.

"Now, now, wouldn't do to raise your blood pressure!" Duvessa cooed mockingly as she brought a full syringe into view. She gave the plunger a squeeze, removing any air bubbles inside it with a small sprits of it's contents. With an insane smile she injected the contents of the syringe into the helpless Earth Prince's IV. "Good night, darling!"

"N-no...!" Mamoru could feel the drug claiming him as blackness descended across his vision. '/Usa/...sorry...'
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