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Chapter Three: A New Ally! Unsettling News!

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Scorpious is dying and Usagi is panicking. In her desperation to save her new protector, will she reveal her true identity as the Tsuki-hime to Lt Blade and her allies? The excitement continues as ...

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AUTHOR: Zpan Sven

E-MAIL: Zpan(underscore)Sven(at)hotmail(dot)com

SUMMARY: Finding Mamoru in the arms of another, Usagi is saved from the Earth Prince's beating by a mysterious ninja and is brought into a world of mystical ancient tournaments....

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Scorpious is dying and Usagi is panicking. In her desperation to save her new protector, will she reveal her true identity as the Tsuki-hime to Lt Blade and her allies? The excitement continues as an ally of Scorpious's brings unsettling news...

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Mortal Kombat or Sailor Moon. If you don't recognize it, odds are it's mine...

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Scorpious is 19, the Inner Senshi and Usagi is 17, Mamoru is 23, the Outer Senshi (Neptune, Uranus) is 21, Pluto looks 24 but is over 5000, Hotaru is 15, Carmen is 16, Scorpio* is over 100, although he looks around his late 20s early 30s. Normally I can't stand Rei/Sailor Mars, but for her fans, I'll be nice and change her character into something I can tolerate while trying to stay as true to her original character as I can. However, it's open season on Mamoru-baka. Kukukuku...

For pics of the crew, head over to my DeviantArt account: www(dot)zpansven(dot)deviantart(dot)com



("Speech in a foreign language")

(/'Thought in a foreign language/')

-Sign language-


TIMELINE: Post-Chaos Arc for Sailor Moon, Post-Mortal Kombat 4. Major AU on both sides.



ARCHIVE:,,,, others please ask.


Hai - Yes

Iie - no

Kono yaro - jerk, asshole, ect

Bakayaro - asshole, jerk, ect

Onna - woman

hime-sama - princess

Youma - monster, demon

Ore wa - I am. A rough way to introduce one's self.

Atashi wa - I am. Very feminine way of introducing oneself; can be considered flirty, often used by young women and flamboyantly homosexual men.

Nande - What

Nani - What

Tsuki no Hime - Princess of the Moon

Tsuki - Moon

Fuku - uniform, primarily the type worn by the Senshi

Miko - priestess

Gakki - brat

Temee - bastard

Kisama - bitch/bastard

Wakizashi - a smaller version of a katana, usually the backup weapon

Bo Shuriken - dagger-like shuriken

Hira Shuriken - the normal star-shaped shuriken, ranging from three points to six or more

Tekko - hand covers/wrist guards

Kyahan - shin guards

Tabi - split toe socks worn with the traditional sandals. Modern versions of tabi have a hard rubber sole, making them into footwear on their own, generally favored by ninja.

Shinobi - another word for Ninja. Assassin.

niisan - big brother

Musuko -- son

Odango -- meatball



Scorpious choked, the unusually colored blood trickling from the ventilation holes in his mask covering his mouth further giving proof to Mars' suspicion that he was a new enemy. The ninja looked down at his chest in shock as his knees buckled; he collapsed as Scorpio leapt forward, catching his younger brother carefully, mindful of his wound. Although his senses were dulling, the younger ninja could see horrified expression on his elder brother's face and could hear Usagi's terrified scream.

"Iie/!" The scream of their /hime-sama roused the fallen members of the Senshi reflexively, causing them to sit up and begin to rise to their feet.

"Scorpious!" Usagi cried out, stumbling down the walkway's staircase as Scorpio gently set his younger brother on his side, rushing by her now conscious Senshi to kneel by the fallen Ninja.

Scorpious choked as his mask began to fill with his blood; the ventilation holes were too small to allow for proper drainage. The elder ninja had his hand over the entrance wound, stifling the flow of blood. Reaching out with trembling fingers, Usagi removed the hood and facemask from the injured ninja's head. Behind her, Sub-Zero stepped into view, his eyes sweeping over the scene. Several of Lt. Blade's men shifted nervously, uncertain if they should help or not.

Usagi looked over her shoulder at Mercury, fighting the urge to cry. "Please help him..."

"W-what? But he kidnapped you!"Mercury stammered.

"No he didn't! He was telling the truth! Now help him!" The tsuki-hime demanded.

"Stockholm Syndrome," Mars mumbled, Mercury nodding in agreement. It was well known that kidnapping victims could begin to identify with their kidnappers, allowing themselves to become brainwashed; in some cases falling in love with them.

"Listen to me damnit! He's telling the truth/!" Usagi's voice rose in near hysteria as she glared at her Senshi. Mercury stepped back as the /hime-sama's eyes flickered silver, her voice changing to almost imperial and commanding. "After the shopping trip with my friends, I was walking home and took a shortcut. I heard a noise and thought someone was hurt. It was Mamoru and some girl, they were making out and Mamoru was drunk off his ass. He started hitting me and Scorpious saved me. I owe him my life and I will repay that debt!"

In the dim light of the main storage area of the warehouse, Usagi's long blonde hair, down from its customary /odango/style and done in a loose braid, seemed to shine silver. The clothing she wore consisted of a pair of blue jeans she'd bought the day she was kidnapped and amassive worn white tee-shirt that seemed to engulf her tiny frame. Her delicate hands gripped the fabric covering the ninja's broad chest; one hand slipped around his torso, under his arm to touch the gunshot wound, her hands becoming wet and sticky with the strangely colored blood. The coppery scent was choking with her closeness to him.

No exit wound - that meant the bullet was still inside him. Despite what some believed about her intellect, Usagi knew the reasoning and theory of the injury her new friend had sustained from all of the cop and medical television shows she enjoyed watching. Shivering and fighting the urge to vomit, she looked up and her eyes landed on the man Scorpious called brother.

"Help him..." she pleaded.

Scorpio nodded as he swiftly moved to pick his younger brother up by the shoulders when Lt. Blade cocked her gun again, moving between the tall man and fallen ninja. Growling, the hazel-eyed man looked up at the Special Forces lieutenant, his eyes narrowing and seeming to shift into a more reptilian appearance as he spoke in a low threatening voice, "Get the fuck outta the way, /Bitch/, before I kill you for shooting my baby brother."

With her jaw set mulishly, Lt. Blade didn't move; from the way she looked, it was as though she was prepared to shoot the tall black-clad man as well. Almost in anticipation her forefinger began to tense around the trigger, a powerful gust of wind knocked her off of her feet. The gun clattered to the floor as the blonde woman toppled backwards, landing hard on her rear.


The voice was calm, female and seemed to echo with power. A flicker of relief seemed to pass through Scorpio's eyes as he looked up at the source of the voice. Reflexively, the Senshi's eyes followed his; Lt Blade rolled into a defensive crouch and her team seemed to tense for battle. Sitting perched on the railing of the catwalk high above them was a woman with long whitish-blonde hair tied back with a pale blue ribbon; she was garbed in a matching set of pale blue breeches and long vest over awhite tunic, with tekko matching her vest securing the sleeves of her tunic. Her blue eyes glowed with barely repressed power as she looked at them from a face infinitely serene and wise as it was beautiful.

"Typhoon." Scorpio's harsh demand identified the mysterious woman, "He's losing blood fast."

"I understand, Scorpio," Typhoon murmured as hopped down from the railing, landing on the floor below with casual ease. Gliding forward, she knelt beside Usagi and reached into one of the numerous pouches on her leather belt, bringing out a pad of gauze to press against eh wound. Looking at the tsuki-hime with calm eyes, her voice was soft but stern as she commanded the younger woman; "Hold this firmly, please. Even if he groans, hold it in place."

"/Hai/." The petite teen whispered, holding the pad against the bleeding wound, feeling the warm coppery substance being rapidly absorbed into the formerly white gauze. She could feel his muscles tensing under her fingertips through the cloth of hi s vest and tunic.

Shuddering in pain, Scorpious gritted his teeth, the area around his mouth turning white as he suppressed his screams of agony as Scorpio and Typhoon began to lift him, Usagi's tiny bloodstained hands holding the sopping gauze pad in place. Desperate to keep up with the long legged adults, Usagi rushed up the stairwell as they took him to his loft, ignoring her own pain. Gently the older man set his younger brother on the makeshift cot, bearing his wounded back to the room.

"Place this over the other gauze pad," Typhoon ordered softly as she passed Usagi another pad, which she placed over the blood-soaked gauze pad pressed against the wound.

Typhoon pulled a small dagger from her boot and began to cut open the back of Scorpious's vest and tunic to gain easier access to the wound. The older woman turned pale blue eyes tot he worried teen who held the gauze pads in place. It was time for surgery and so far the teenaged girl seemed to have a calming effect on the normally volatile Scorpious.

"Thank you. We need to switch places, I where you are and you need to move to the head of the...bed," she termed the makeshift cot, "so that he can see that you are safe. Otherwise, he will move when he must stay still."

Usagi nodded shakily, ignoring her Senshi who filled the doorway, watching the scene before them, each with amixture of emotions; Mercury was analyzing the medical skill of the woman and found her highly skilled, at the level she wished to achieve; Mars eyed them with suspicion, wanting to grab Usagi and flee to safety; Venus could already feel several bonds, from the love between the brothers, to the unacknowledged attraction Usagi held for Scorpious and he for her; Jupiter was kneading her hands, cracking her knuckles softly as she sought to decipher the truth behind the words of Usagi and Scorpious - the brunette wanted to believe her /hime-sama/no matter what and decided that even if she was under the influence of some Syndrome, the Senshi of Jupiter would not waver in her support to the /tsuki-hime/.

Relinquishing control to the medic, Usagi sat on the cot's pillow and was surprised when Scorpious subconsciously entwined and arm around her waist, holding onto her as though she was his lifeline away from the pain in his back. Typhoon worked swiftly as she gently peeled the two pads of gauzed from wound; the blood soaked pads hit the floor beside the cot with a wet squishing sound that seemed to echo throughout the loft. Coming to stand behind the Senshi now was Lt Blade and her team.

Carefully the medic smeared anumbing cream she pulled from one of the pouches strapped to her waist around the wound, hoping it would act swiftly so she could remove the bullet and heal the wound. Usagi stroked Scorpious's spiky black hair as she watched the medic probe into the wound with what looked like to the inexperienced teen a pair of long tweezers. The wounded ninja buried his face into her lap and the /tsuki-hime/could hear a faint growl reverberating in his throat.

"It's alright," Usagi crooned softly.

A moment later, Typhoon pulled out the bullet from the wound, placing a clean gauze pad on the wound. Bracing ahand on the pad, the medic began tapping shiatsu points around the wound to lessen the pain and slow the flow of blood. Combined with the numbing cream she had applied earlier, Scorpious could feel the pain become a dull ache.

Immediately the stubborn ninja began to push himself up, ready to fight once more. A familiar hand on his shoulder told him to stay put.

"Stay down, /gakki/," Scorpio warned him.

Scorpious scowled at his brother's choice of words and unwrapped his arms from Usagi's waist. He pushed himself out of the bed/cot, rising shakily to his feet, towering over the much more petite Typhoon and Usagi. Turning, he leveled a golden glower at crowded doorway as Usagi stood carefully.

With pained eyes, Mercury leaned on her stronger comrade Jupiter, a small hand on her cracked sternum. Rising to her feet gracefully, Typhoon walked over to the Senshi of Mercury and gave the smaller young woman a glance over. Tapping several Shiatsu points, Mercury could feel her pain alleviating before Typhoon stepped back to beside Scorpious and Usagi. The Senshi now watched as the unmasked and bare-chested Ninja step before Usagi in a protective manner. Venus and Jupiter instantly went heart eyed at the handsome ninja's face and form; however, Mars and Mercury however noticed the scars on his shoulders, chest, and biceps, indicators of an obviously powerful Ninja who'd led a troubled and dangerous life.

Shyly Usagi wrapped her arms around Scorpious from behind, all but hiding behind his towering form. The teenaged ninja immediately turned a bright greenish color in embarrassment when he felt her smaller, much more delicate female body press up against his. Mentally he cursed the blush that spread across his cheekbones as he brought his hands up to rest on her hands, intent on removing her grip from him...yet he found that he couldn't bring himself to do it as he looked down at his large, scarred hands on her pale delicate ones.

"I'm alright..." Scorpious said, his voice gruff.

Mercury observed the pair, a slight smile subconsciously crossing her face; she had a strange feeling that she knew this Ninja, despite the fact she'd never seen him before. Beside her, Mars's violet eyes narrowed as she saw the ninja's hands on Usagi's, her posture wary and protective of the small blonde. Noting the rising tension, Typhoon lightly cleared her throat, causing all eyes to fly over to her. She smiled serenely at Scorpious and Usagi before speaking.

"Scorpious, your mother sent me to find you and your brother. There emergency..."

Scorpious's blush subsided rather quickly at the flicker of emotion that crossed through Typhoon's serene eyes in a fraction of a second; concern, fear, worry. Rarely did the serene woman ever show such emotion and he turned rather pale. So far only two beings had caused her to show those emotions - Shao Khan and Shinnok. Deep in his heart, he knew what that meant since Shao Khan was dead.

"No...not him..." he whispered, his voice somewhat shaky.

"Scorpious, what's wrong?" Usagi asked him as she scooted around his bulk, tilting her head back so that she might look up at him, concern for him in her sapphire blue eyes.

"He's not dead, is he?" Scorpious asked, his older brother frowning in concern.

"No. And now we must put petty differences aside and unite against this resurrected threat." Typhoon advised.

"What threat?" demanded Lt Blade.

"Let's go downstairs where there's more room so we can all be part of this briefing," Scorpio suggested.

"What's wrong?" Usagi persisted, not liking the look of unease in Scorpious's face - it bordered on fear. "Who's not dead?"

"A powerful, evil entity that was thought defeated..."
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