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Chapter 46: Fame and vinegar

My Chemical Romance had been to what must be a million interviews, but not once had Gia tagged along. But there’s a first for everything.

They got to the television studio two hours early, for a reason Gia could not understand. In the car Ray explained to her how it works. First there’s a pre-interview, where they go through the things they’ll talk about and that way they’ll have time to think about what to answer so they’ll seem wittier and won’t blurt out something stupid. Then the real interview will begin.

When they arrived at the set, they were first taken to a room with one wall completely covered with a mirror.

“This is the dressing room where we sometimes play baseball. I once broke a mirror that way, but I didn’t get seven years of bad luck. I think it’s a hoax to make people not break things,” Frank explained to Gia when they got to the room.

There were a few couches and Gia sat down next to her dad on one of them. Before Frank could take a seat on her other side, a very busy looking person rushed into the room. The woman had a lot of papers with her on a clipboard, so Gia figured that she worked there. She looked very important, with her smart glasses and dark hair in a tight bun.

“My Chemical Romance?” the woman asked after glancing at her clipboard. When she got a response, she continued: “We need you for the pre-interview, so if you’d please follow me.”

“This is the boring part,” Frank whispered to her when they left the room and followed the lady through the corridors.

They got to another room, a bigger one, with a couch and an armchair. The walls behind them were covered with pictures, and Gia guessed that they were album covers.

“So this is where you all will be sitting,” the busy lady said, pointing at the couch. “And Jack – who is supposed to be here right now, sits over there. Please, help yourselves to some refreshments. Jack should be here any minute.”

There was a table with water bottles and beers and food behind the cameras, and the guys immediately headed for it when the lady disappeared. There were a few other people in the room, doing something with the cameras, but when they didn’t seem to be paying any attention to them, Gia followed their example.

“Do you want water?” Gerard asked Gia when she went to stand near him. New situations and places made her slightly nervous. She shook her head at the question. “What about food? Are you hungry?”

“No thanks.”

Gerard kept trying to feed her stuff, and soon Frank joined in, practically trying to shove food down her throat, just for the hell of it. Gia was glad when the interviewer arrived and the guys were distracted by him.

Gia didn’t really care about the interview. As long as she didn’t need to be in front of the camera, she was comfortable around one. She was glad to be sitting safely behind the camera crew while her dad and uncles got settled on a couch facing the cameras.

The pre-interview was pretty standard, or so Gia thought at least, and they only went through the questions and such. Pretty boring, and Gia’s gaze started to wander then and she was concentrating on everything else but the interview.

Frank was still waving at her seconds before they went on air, but he was stopped by Ray right on time.

Now Gia watched curiously as the band was introduced, and how they greeted the interviewer. It was pretty boring, they just talked about the new album and the tour for what seemed like hours, and that didn’t interest Gia at all.

But when the conversation turned to their personal lives, she got interested. That’s the kind of thing that interested her, at least more than some tour she knew nothing about. And besides, she had already heard everything about it from the guys.

“Do you guys feel like you’re ready to settle down or are you just concentrating on your careers right now?” the interviewer asked.

Gia could see her dad quickly glance at the guys and then at her before answering.

“Well I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all thought about it, right?” Gerard said, and looked at the others who nodded to confirm. “But the truth is that the new album takes up a lot of our time, and we’ve really wanted to concentrate on it for now.”

Gia raised her eyebrows at his answer. It was complete bullshit, but then again, not a straight lie.

“Gerard, you already have a kid. Has it been difficult to balance your time between your kid and working on the album?”

This time Gia practically stepped forward, dying to hear his answer. They’d never talked about things like that, and she was curious. But before he could answer, Frank piped in.

“He doesn’t want to answer because she’s here,” Frank laughed.

“She is?” the interviewer asked, grinning, already scanning the room with his eyes. “Where? Can we show her?”

Instant panic. Gia had spent her whole life avoiding these kind of things. She could barely have a picture taken without panicking. And now Frank was just throwing her into the mouth of a lion? Great. Thanks a lot.

“Right there, you see the blonde chick?” Frank said, pointing right at her.

“Oh, I see her! Can we show her?”

“You know, I don’t know if she’s comfortable with this kind of a thing,” Gerard said, trying to save her. He knew how much Gia hated the spotlight, and besides, ever since the band got big, he’d been trying to keep his daughter out of the public eye.

Gia had never felt more thankful. She was glad he’d said that, because she really couldn’t handle it if she was being filmed. She’d probably faint.

And luckily it worked, and the interviewer said that they won’t show her then. The conversation went on, but Gia was too happy at that point to listen. She just swore that she’d kill Frank once they went off air.


Gia looked into the mirror in the bathroom of her hotel room. Frank was trying to push her away, claiming that he had to do his hair so she should let him have the mirror. But Gia had her own agenda. She had been invited (forced) by her father to go to a fancy restaurant with him and Lindsey, so she had to get ready.

“Gia, I know you think I’m like automatically sexy, but I like to go through some trouble to be perfect for all my eager fans,” Frank claimed, using his hips to push her out of the way.

“Oh please, you’ve been staring at yourself in the mirror for at least two hours now,” Gia said, releasing a strand of her blonde hair from the curling iron.

“I have not! Are you calling me vain?!”

“You are vain! As vain as they come!”

They probably could’ve argued for hours with no end, but Gerard interrupted them when he came to pick up his daughter for dinner.

Lindsey had arrived to join them a few days ago, and for those days her and Gerard had been attached to each other. That left Gia to hang out with Frank who unfortunately saw her as some sort of a poor puppy who had to be cared for. That means endless shopping sprees, movie marathons, hell, he even took her to a manicure.

So when Gerard and Lindsey invited Gia to have dinner with them, she was a bit surprised.

The restaurant was a pretty fancy one, with menus without the plastic covers and waiters and unlimited supply of breadsticks. It was an Italian restaurant, though Gia would’ve preferred a Chinese one.

Although it was very nice of them to bring her here to have a nice dinner, Gia still felt that there was more to this than they let on.

The dinner started out normal, they chatted about what Gia did in California, about the tour, stuff like that. But then…

“Gia, Lindsey and I have something we’d like to tell you.”

Here it goes. There was a reason for this little ‘get-together’ after all. And judging by their faces, Gia will not like it, whatever it is.

“Well, as you know, Lindsey and I been together for a long time, and… well, we’ve been talking about living together.”

Gia’s mouth open in shock, and all she could do was to stare at the two of them. But there was a lot more to come

“And… Well, there’s been talk about getting married too,” Lindsey said nervously.

Gerard looked genuinely concerned of his daughter now. Gia didn’t say a word for a while, and the adults were waiting for her to speak. Soon it became clear that Gia was not about to speak voluntarily.

“Uh… Gia? Could you maybe say something?”

The girl snapped out of her shock, and when she finally spoke, her voice was almost a whisper. “Could I use the bathroom?”

Lindsey, who had not expected that answer, nodded quickly. “Yes, of course. Go ahead.”

Gia excused herself from the table and walked slowly to the restaurant’s bathroom, trying to keep her balance.

She locked the bathroom door and sat on the edge of the bathtub. She was having trouble breathing. That news had been a big blow on her. Now it was permanent. No going back. Her dad was getting married. Lindsey was here to stay.

Gia had nothing against Lindsey, but this was the first time she was in this situation. Gerard’s usual female company consisted of one-night stands, and now there’s this woman who was something more. And that was going to change things.

After calming herself and washing her face with cold water, Gia finally went back to the table. Gerard and Lindsey had been talking quietly, but they shut up as soon as they noticed Gia return.

“So… What do you think?” Gerard asked.

“I think… Wow. If that’s what makes you happy, then… Who am I to tell you no,” she answered, but avoided their eyes.

“Gia, if this makes you uncomfortable, we can wait. Your dad and I talked about it and it doesn’t have to happen right now if you think it’s too much.”

“But it will happen at some point,” Gia said. It wasn’t a question, but both of them nodded. Then, Gia asked her dad a question that made his eyes bulge out. “Can I get my belly button pierced?”

“What?!” Gerard asked in shock. The question took him completely off guard, as it did Lindsey.

“Hey, you’re getting married! Moving in with someone you’ve been with for like a year. Coping with all that will be hard for me, and if I had my belly button pierced, I would surely have other things to think about. Really, it’s for the best.”

Now Gerard was literally between a rock and a hard place. How could he let his daughter do that to herself? But on the other hand, he loved Lindsey, and wanted this so much. “So you’re trading your approval for a belly button piercing?”

“Yeah,” Gia shrugged.

“You know what. I blame Lucas for this.”

Gia only shrugged as a response.

“I promise to think about it. If you, in return, give this a chance,” Gerard said. “Deal?”

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