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Skylines and Turnstiles

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If I summerised... i give away whats in the chapter... and who wants that?

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I Woke up early the next morning around 8, light was seeping through the blinds into my room it was hot for September and you could feel the heat in the house. I climbed out of bed and wrapped my dressing gown around myself making my way out of my room I trotted down the stairs and into the kitchen where mother was making pancakes singing along to the radio “And You-our! Your sex is on fire!”
She sang I smiled and took seat at the table she turned round and jumped “Oh B I hadn’t seen you there!”
I laughed and lent back on the wooden chair eyes closed “Pancake?”
She offered and I nodded swinging back onto four legs as she passed me a plate I covered it with lemon and sugar and tucked in, the news was now on “In top news today, the body of convicted murderer Gregory Bishop was found in a flat in east Manhattan the body was reported by forty six year old Susie Manton who eye witnessed his murder police are saying that this could have been the work of local hero Lady-B but with no leads citizens are just happy to have the murderer off the streets”
I tuned out as one of the Victim’s sisters started to speak my mother came and sat opposite me with her own pancake “So I was thinking B maybe we could spend the day together, some nice mother daughter time”
I nodded swallowing my food and crossing over my cutlery “okiepoke then give me some time to do my yoga and get dressed, then we’ll go to the zoo or something!”
She practically sang I smiled, it would be good to spend some time with her as I grew older I could feel myself slowly drift away from my parents and with only one other friend it looked like a lonely life.

I ran upstairs and into the bathroom grabbing two towels from the radiator I turned the shower onto its hottest setting and got undressed while it heated up then testing it with my hand I climbed in the water washing away the previous night’s killing I washed my hair and body quickly then hopped out of the shower wrapping a towel around myself I left the bathroom goose bumps pricking my wet skin. I walked into my room closing the door behind me and finished drying off I dropped the towel and found some underwear and a black dress I pulled it on over my head it was short and strapless covered with tiny blue skulls, I admired my figure in the mirror I was tall and slim my face was still childlike though I had begun to develop the qualities of a woman, my hips were curvier than they had been a year ago and I was now forced to wear a bra, my hair is long and curly a glossy black naturally contrasting to my paper white skin I look a lot like my mother and her being very young we could easily be sisters she prides herself on this. I pull out a pair of fishnets and slip them on as well as my Dms with not enough time to dry my thick hair I pull it up into a high pony tale I then move over to my vanity to scribble in some eyeliner. Looking closely at my face I can see I’m very beautiful my hazel eyes sparkle and my lips pout naturally I move away from the mirror and my mother calls up the stairs “B you nearly ready?”
I walk out my room grabbing my shoulder bag as I go and run down the stairs to where my mother is waiting she smiles at me “Just go say bye to your dad and we’ll be off”
She says searching through her and my father’s massive collection of coats and jackets. I find my father in the living room sketching out some super hero he looks up and smiles as I entre then frowns “You can’t go out like that”
I raise one eyebrow mimicking the poker face I’d seen my uncle pull a million times before, my father got up off to the setae a pulled me into a bone crunching embrace “My baby girl is all grown up”
I smiled into his chest and after a few moments he let go “But go put some proper tights on”
I laughed not bothering to argue about how mother used to wear much less when she was my age. I walked back out into the hallway “Ready B?”
My mother asked having finally chosen a coat I nodded and we left the house.

After around an hour of milling around central park and eating our weight in crepes Mother wanted to check in at her work, it didn’t surprise me she couldn’t go an hour without checking her Blackberry or having to disappear off into the office, she worked in media designing adverts for a makeup company and she loved what she did right now as she had told me she was working on a bill board for a new perfume she said it had to be sexy and mysterious and she just wanted to see her boss about it before it was sent to be put up tomorrow. I didn’t mind her assistant made good coffee and I could use the IPads so we walked over to the massive office block.

We were greeted strait away by a smiling blonde receptionist she was pretty big blue eyes and an hourglass figure “Hey Lyn-z”
She greeted friendlily “Morning Karen”
My mother waved smiling at the girl at the desk “This is my daughter Bandit”
She introduced me I waved shyly as we walked past the reception area and made our way to elevators smooth Jazz filled the small box as it whizzed up to the 12th floor we stepped out onto the busy floor and headed strait for my mother’s bosses’ room the walls and door were made of glass so we could see him before we got close.

The bald man looked up from his paper work deep creases in his forehead it looked as if it took a moment for him to place my mother’s face as she beamed at him “Mrs Way!”
He said after a moment “Do come in, and is this your gorgeous little sister?”
He asked his eyes running over me I blushed and giggled as I was meant to as we went and took seats my mother laughed, “This is my daughter Bandit”
She introduced me I smiled as the man’s eyes lingered on me a little to long my mother seemed to notice this “Actually B, why don’t you go get us some coffees there’s a café on the floor above us”
She asked her eyes signalling for me to leave without argument I nodded and hopped up and out of the glass room.

The queue was long for coffee and I had been stood in line for around 10 minutes when suddenly there was a rumbling for above us followed by a massive jolt causing me and the people around to fall over after getting back up everyone rushed to the windows looking up I could see smoke and flames above us down below people were gathering staring up at the building that’s when I remembered todays date September 11th 2011. Shit. Everyone rushed towards where the stairs should have been to find them collapsed trapping us on the 13th floor some people tried to dig through the rubble others searched frantically for another way out I moved back towards the window and slid it open I climbed onto the ledge and a group of people below gasped staring up at me I crouched down facing the building and took a hold of the ledge making sure my grasp was firm I dropped my legs and smashes them against the window below me a small crack formed in the glass but it didn’t shatter I cursed silently my fingers burning I kicked the glass again a bigger crack formed, below me more people had gathered to watch the crazy girl all waiting for me to fall to my death. They wouldn’t have to wait long my arms ached as a kicked again my toes now bleeding another crack still not breaking fully I was about to give up when I felt something hot fly underneath me the glass was melted in seconds letting me swing into the floor below me.

I landed on the floor of an office panting heavily my arms ached and my toes felt crushed but I was alive. I heard a roar of applause from outside and turned back towards the window the people that had been watching me clapped and cheered as a yellow haired woman in a yellow and black leotard ran from the scene. Atomic Detonator I would recognise that hair anywhere but why was she here? I didn’t get a chance to finish that thought though as I was pulled into a suffocating hug my mother turned me around cupping my face “Oh darling! I thought you were up there! I thought I’d lost you!”
She cried pulling me into yet another hug I hugged her back like a good daughter before she pushed me away looking at me as if I wasn’t really here “Come on we’ve got to get out of here!”
She pulled my throbbing arm and I winced mentally at the pain we rushed out of the office and down the stairs these ones not collapsed apparently everything below the 13th floor was fine, just a little shaken up, good old number 13.

My suspicions had been confirmed on arriving home the door was thrown open before mother had a chance to get out her key my father pulled us both into hugs and hurried us inside the news was on the TV reports of a copy cat terrorist attack, the death toll was still unknown but there were no survivors from floors 13 and above apart from one girl cell phone footage flashed on the screen of me slamming into the glass then Atomics’ energy bolt melting the glass then man on TV asked if this was the return of the Watchmen? At his point father switched it off and gaped at me “That was you Bandit”
I nodded both my parents staring at me “And Chloe”
My mother said quietly almost to herself “Bandit I think you should go get some sleep, it’s been a busy day I wont wake you for school tomorrow”
My father instructed I nodded and disappeared upstairs.

Once in my room I let down my hair it fell bellow my shoulders in ringlets and I started to brush it through I then re-applied my eyeliner and added some mascara to my already long lashes I peeled of my dress replacing it with a red pleated punk girl skirt and a tank top I put on some earrings and some red lipstick before switching off my light and climbing into bed waiting for my parents to come say good night. I only had to wait a few minutes before they came up I had the cover pulled up over my head so they couldn’t see my made up face “Night B”
My mother called softly “Sleep tight honey”
My father added before they both left shutting the door. I waited another few minutes before climbing out of bed I checked myself once more in the mirror grabbed my leather jacket and pulled on a pair of black converse before making my way to my window I slid it open and climbed out jumping onto a tree I climbed down into my back garden and started running.

Half an hour later I slowed into a jog I could see Ryan waiting for me outside The Joiners, our local spot for great cheap gigs he was staring at me a small smile on his lips that met mine as soon as I was in front of him he pulled me in by my waist one of his hands running through my hair as he kissed me passionately “B”
He practically breathed in my ear sending goose bumps down my spine he finally let go of me “You look great”
He told me and I looked down blushing “Lets go in Tierney’s waiting inside”
He linked his fingers with mine and guided me into the club. We pushed our way through the crowds of people a punk band were playing on the tiny stage and people were moshing in the dance area we made our way towards the bar where Tierney was waiting for us her usually orange hair dyed blue and purple her boyfriend Robbie had his arm looped round her waist “Hey B”
She greeted me pulling me into a hug “We got you drinks”
She said and I picked up a bear taking a large sip Ryan was kissing my neck paying no attention to Tierney and Robbie “wanna dance?”
He asked whispering in my ear I nodded putting my drink down before we made our way to the dance floor.

It was more rhythmic jumping than dancing with occasional nocking into other people Ryan was behind me his arms wrapped around my waist as we moved to the harsh guitar Tierney and Robbie had also joined us and were laughing and wooing at the band after about half an hour their set finished “Thank you, we have been Pencey Prep and you have been fucking mental!”
The guy shouted earning himself more cheers from the crowd as they were packing up the Misfits blared from the speakers around the club and people continued to dance and jump around “Hey, mind if we go say hi to the guys, I know the dude on guitar”
Robbie asked we all nodded and made our way through the crowds to the side of the stage the short guy with the Les Paul beamed at Robbie as he saw us “Robbie! How ya doing man?”
The two hugged grinning at each other I recognised him from somewhere “Not bad Frank, and you?”
“I’m good yeah”
Frank’s name was defiantly familiar “These are my friends Ryan and Bandit and this is my beautiful girlfriend Tierney”
He introduced us we each waved awkwardly “Bandit”
Frank repeated “unusual name”
He noted I nodded I constantly had people comment on it “You guys rocked tonight!”
Ryan said once again wrapping his arms tight around my waist he must have noticed Frank staring, If only I could place him “Aw thanks man!”
Frank blushed playing with his hands awkwardly “Anyway we better go get packed up”
He said nodding his goodbyes “Alright see you around”
Robbie called after him we all stood in silence for a second “Shots?”
Tierney offered with a grin everyone nodded “First rounds on me!”
Ryan offered again everyone nodded and we made our way back towards the bar.

It wasn’t long until I was completely wasted Tierney and Robbie had disappeared off somewhere leaving me and Ryan alone on one of the sofas I sat on his lap as he kissed my neck both of us giggling suddenly he stopped and pulled me round so I was straddling him he kissed my lips softly “Climbing out of that window today”
He said his speech slurred I stared into his deep brown eyes “I could have lost you B”
He said kissing me again this time longer and harder “I don’t know what I would have done”
He said when we pulled apart now I had started kissing his neck I could hear his shallow breath as he played with my hair. It was nice like this, easy but it was broken by shouting “Get off me!”
I recognised it as Tierney I jumped up off of Ryan’s lap and spotted her pushing her way through the people on the dance floor she flung herself on me hugging me tight I squeezed her back before pushing her away my eyes questioning “Robbie he just, he forced himself on me I couldn’t, couldn’t get him off”
She started to sob and I realised her dress was ripped I pulled her back into a hug rubbing the back of her head, we stayed like this for a few minutes while rage bubbled inside me finally I pushed her away and handed her over to Ryan who looked equally as mad as me. I made my way through the crowds and out of the fire exit Robbie was smoking in the alley his hood pulled up I marched over to him he just smiled at me “Hey B”
I punched him on the nose making a pleasing cracking noise he just laughed then grabbed me “Always thought you were a pretty one Bandit, always wanted to get you alone, away from that leach”
He pushed me against the alley wall his breath stank of alcohol and smoke he tried to kiss me so I spat in his mouth he slapped me before pushing his mouth against mine I could taste blood as his slimy lips worked against mine finally he pulled away “Why don’t you say something B, protest scream?”
I kneed him in the balls and he bent over holding his injury “just fucking scream my name!”
He yelled and made a grab for my dress I punched him hard in the face then grabbed his head as he spat out blood I ducked down so my face was at the same level as his kissing his forehead I broke his neck and dropped his lifeless body to the floor before making my way back into the club.

A/N So I had no idea this chapter was going to be violent *shrugs* Ahh well anyway this is about the length im going to be writing each chapter, also each one will be a sort of song fic roughly not all mcr related and at the bottom of each chapter I shall leave the next title so you can guess whats gonna happen! See you all soon! :3 ~love love love Hat

Next chapter: There’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey you just haven’t figured it out yet
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