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Zombie Posters

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Frank invites Amber to a party.

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I walk in on her hanging up some weird yellow sign with zombies on it. This girl has the strangest infatuation with undead things. Deciding not to announce my presence I stand in the door way watching her fight with a thumb tack. Her eyebrows scrunch together, tongue sticking out between her full lips. Staring in fascination I end of tipping to the side, knocking a music box I’d gotten her in sophomore year off the desk. Hurrying to catch it I manage to stop it from hitting the ground just seconds before it hits the ground.

Amber looks at me, her sparkly green eyes wide, hands resting on her hip. Although she looks slightly annoyed I can see the smile creeping up on my best friends face. She only ever smiles like that around me.

“How are you doing, Amber?” I ask placing the music box back on her small desk and stepping over a pile of clothes to get to her bed which is pushed up against the wall, right under the window. She once told me she’d done this so she could watch the stars.

“Better than a few minutes ago,” she answer coming to sit next to me.

Taking her arm I trace the tiny pink marks, my heart aching to know that each one was self inflicted. I stop at the fresh mark, caked over in red with dried blood. She’d not even bothered to clean it up. Although I hate the idea of Amber hurting herself I get it. The girl has no other friends but me and Mikey. She comes home every day with a new bruise wither it’s from her boyfriend, Garry, or a school bully I never know.

“Why didn’t you come over?” I wonder aloud, kissing over her pale arms, making sure my lips hit every one of her scars, taking away the bad memory and replacing it with a good. Her skin is so soft against my lips.

“You didn’t answer on the walkie, I thought you weren’t home,” she mumbles avoiding my gaze.

“That’s silly, where else would I be on a Thursday night but at home?” I question, just a little aggravated at her for being so ridiculous. I’m always home. I don’t hang out with anyone unless there is a party at a friend’s house.

“With your girlfriend…what’s her name again, devil?” Amber retorts, a disgusted look on her face as she voices the nickname Mikey, Gerard and herself had come up with for my current girlfriend.

“Devlin, and no, I wasn’t with her,” I reply.

Devlin, in a sense she was what every man wanted in a girl; beautiful, tall, leggy, easy, and… well that’s pretty much it. She’s not got much brain and what little she does have is put to putting other people down. Devlin isn’t Amber but Devlin does have something that Amber doesn’t and that is a desire for me. Unfortunately that makes all the difference. Devlin gives me what Amber never will and that’s why Devlin is my girlfriend because she likes me and Amber doesn’t. No matter how much I pray and wish and beg Amber will never love me.

“I don’t much care what her name is,” Amber responds before getting off the bed to fix something she deemed as crooked on her night stand.

Although her back is facing me I can tell by the rise and fall of her slender shoulders that Amber is crying. She’s just got too much pride to let me see though I’ve probably sat with the girl while she’s balled into my shirt millions of times. I think she sees that as different. She can’t flat our cry in front of me.

“Amber, please don’t cry,” I whisper as I hear a noise outside the door. I swear if Mikey is listening in I’ll knock him into next week. His younger cousin deserves privacy.

“I’m not crying,” she mumbles wiping her eyes on the collar of her shirt. She can’t lie to me. I know the girl too well.

“Yes, you have been and I know the perfect thing to cheer you up,” I say moving over to her and holding her in my arms. God this feels so right. “There’s a party tonight at Jonny’s house. How about you sneak out of the house and we’ll go together. Don’t worry Mikey’s already going and we all know Gerard has never cared.”

Amber sighs, looking up at me with those big, beautiful green eyes, her lips pouty…I want nothing more than to lean in a little and kiss them, “Fine, I’ll meet you in the alley around eleven okay?”

I kiss her forehead, simply enjoying the feeling of my skin on hers, one day maybe she’ll find out just how much I care for her, but not today, and not anytime in the near future…she’s ‘happy’ with Garry.

“I’ll see you then. You gonna bring the ass your dating along?” I question moving back towards the door.

“You gonna bring the devil?” Amber retorts a sly smile on her face, letting me know this is all just a big game the both of us enjoy playing.

“Yeah, she’ll be there,” I answer wishing I could have said no.

“Then yes, Garry will be there,” Amber answers before going back to her bed, starting to sketch out a picture on the paper that scatters her pillows.
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