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Getting Out

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Amber, Frank and Garry head to the party.

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My bedroom window creaks as I force it open, for some unknown reason it enjoys sticking when the weather warms up and then gets cold. I wince and turn around to listen hoping no one heard. After a few minutes I sigh, glad the hallway light had not flicked on. The house is silent except for the music that floats from both Gerard and Mikey’s room right next door. I take that as the okay signal, one of them is still at home and if they had heard the music would have gone off. I’m alright for the time being. Sticking my dirty Converse clad foot out the window I curl my fingers around the shingled rooftop.

For so almost five years after the Neverland incident the window had been bared so that it could open but I couldn’t get out. Finally, both Aunt Donna and my mother decided I wouldn’t be jumping off the roof anymore and they removed the bars. Oh, how wrong they where. I’m sure if they knew I snuck out of this window every other night they’d bar it up again but this time for good. I don’t know if I’d be able to stand that.

I pull the rest of my body through the opening and slid the window back down as quietly as I possibly can, hoping to not alert my aunt or whichever cousin is still at home, if either. I don't waste much time after that. Crouching down I tiptoe to the edge of the roof, looking over the gutter at the yard below; I can’t believe I was stupid enough to jump off the roof as a little kid. I could have died.

The yard is empty and quiet. Not even alley cats risk coming out tonight. Then I sit down and scoot to the edge, where I hang my feet over, sliding myself down until I am hanging on by nothing but my hands. Finally I let go and drop to the ground. I hit the soft earth and begin to loose my balance. Before I fall completely on my butt I feel strong, warm arms wrap around my body. I can smell him immediately, clean, like Irish Spring shower gel and cigarettes.

"Amber Pan at it again," he whispers in my ear. His breath warm against my cheek, his lips so very soft. I smile.

"Can't make me grow up," I explain with a giggle.

He chuckles lightly and lets me go. I turn around to face my best friend. We smile at each other for a moment. Today he is wearing those dirty Converse he refuses to retire, ripped jeans that we'd both attacked with a Sharpie last June, his Misfits hoodie with his hands shoved into the pocket, a finger sticking out of the hole he’d accidently made with a pencil. At the moment his hair is black and long, he needs a haircut but no matter how many times I tell him that he just doesn’t listen. His hair looks soft, like he just got done washing it, falling in front of his left eyes, curling up slightly at the ends. He’s smiling just like normal. I don’t think there has ever been a time that I haven’t see Frank smiling.


He intertwines his fingers with mine, his hand warm from being shoved in his pocket. We tiptoe to the end of the street, hoping none of the neighbors are looking out their windows as we sneak by. The two of us have only ever been caught once and the punishment was brutal…it’s better if we never get commandeered again. Once clear of the houses we dash down the alley, our hands still held tightly together.

At the end of the street we stop under a street lamp so I am able to catch my breath. Dropping Frank’s hand I lean over, hands on my knees, breathing rather hard. I’ve got pretty bad asthma which tends to act up at the worst of times.

"Okay," I say once I’ve managed to get my breathing to a respectable pace. "Where exactly is this party?"

"You okay?" Frank questions, being the gentleman as always.

"I'm perfect."

Frank goes to offer me his hand but Garry walks around the corner, a big drunken smile covering his scruffy face. Frank shoves his hands deep inside his jacket pockets, suddenly finding the sidewalk very fascinating. Garry trudges over to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. I hate this.

"We're gonna head over to Jonny’s like I told you earlier. I heard he managed to get a keg off of some college kid. I figured a little drinking would cheer you up.” Frank says answering my previous question.

"Yes," I reply, enthusiastically before Garry pulls me tighter to him almost making me trip. Frank sighs heavily, kicking a rock. He doesn’t like Garry very much.

"Devlin is gonna meet us there."

I cringe internally, a frown appearing on my face. Devlin McCormick is the worst example of a female I’d ever come across; personality wise that is. Physically speaking she is perfect. The beach blonde wore tight clothes that showed off her long, tan legs, nice butt and big boobs. I envy her, mainly because of her boobs…guys love boobs and I’ve got none. I wear a size 26A and it’s still too big. Devlin, or devil as I like to call her, has boobs. Her eyes are another thing I envy, they’re light and blue like crystal clear water and she has those big, full lips like the models on TV. Sometimes I even caught myself wondering what it would be like to kiss them.

Frank fell for Devlin. Physically speaking Devlin and Frank are perfect for each other…they’re both gorgeous. Then again Frank possessed on trait that made him millions of times more attractive than his slutty girlfriend and that is a heart.

Devlin McCormick is a royal bitch. Yet, for some odd reason, still unknown to me, Frank loves her. Maybe she is charming and sweet around him but she hates me. Frank and I spend countless hours arguing over his girlfriend and her personality but no matter what I say Frank continues to be convinced that Devlin was sent from heaven to give him a reason to live. Their ‘love’ makes me want to gag. I might not know much but I do know that Devlin is not from heaven…she’s from hell sent to Earth because even the devil couldn’t stand her.

"Cool, I’m assuming you two will spend the majority or your time shoving your tongues down each others throats" I reply not really caring if Frank says anything else on the topic or not. I’d prefer not to hear about how wonderful Devlin is for the duration of our walk.

I know Frank enjoys his time with Devlin, just like tons of other boys do. I’m actually surprised Frank and Devlin’s relationship has gone on for this long. Normally the girl has a new guy every week. I just hope she doesn’t cheat on him because my biggest fear is that she’ll break his heart and even though he annoys me more than anyone else, I really do love Frank Iero.

"Maybe," he confirms, “But I’ll still walk you home.”

We continue on, Garry trying to get his hands down my pants, and into my shirt, laying wet, slopping kisses over every little bit of my exposed skin. Although sometimes Garry gets drunk and tires to get in my pants or hits me I really do love him. I get over the fact that he’s extremely mean while intoxicated because when he’s sober Garry is very sweet. Frank dislikes Garry. I dislike Devlin. We are even.

"Have fun please," Frank whispers in my ear as we near our friend Jonny’s house, “and try to get away from Garry.”

“What the hell are you mumbling to my girlfriend shrimp?” Garry demands, pulling me away from Frank; Garry doesn’t just dislike Frank he hates him.

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything,” Frank mumbles as we stop in front of Jonny’s house.

There are a few people sitting on the front steps, smoking or drinking. Frank’s eyes are drawn to something. Following his gaze I notice Devlin, sitting with some friends. She smiles and waves at Frank completely ignoring Garry and I. Being used to this I simply kiss Frank on the cheek, something Garry disapproves of, and head up the steps towards the front door. I know where I’m not wanted.

"See you later," Devlin says dismissively, waggling her freshly manicured fingers at me. Shaking my head I simply roll my eyes at her.

"Yeah. Can't wait," I say, sarcastically. Then I link elbows with Garry heading into Jonny’s house, trying to push my idiot friend and his terribly annoying object of affection from my mind.
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