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The Party

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Amber's a lightweight

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I hate Garry Thompson. I want to punch him and let him feel the way Amber feels when he hits her. Every night before I go to bed I come up with a new way to kill him without getting thrown in jail or having Amber hate me for the rest of our lives. I see those two together and I get jealous. Garry is so sweet to her as long as he’s not high or drunk…Amber loves him in a way she’ll never love me. God, I wish she’d love me.

“Frank what are you thinking about?” Devlin wines, running her fingers through my hair, kissing the exact spot Amber had just a couple of hours ago.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it. Can I get you something to drink?” I ask wanting to get away from my girlfriend for just a few minutes. My lips hurt from making out nonstop. There’s never any conversation with Devlin; she just can’t hold a conversation.

“No,” she answers pulling me back towards her as Amber walks in the room sporting a new bruise on her thin arm. She looks so innocent, with her big eyes bearing that far away look, her head cocked to the left just a little.

As Amber goes to wave Devlin locks her lips onto mine. Being a guy it doesn’t take long for my mind to form pictures of Amber, her lips moving with mine. Even though I know I’m kissing Devlin I can’t help it. I just don’t love her anymore…I’m in love with my best friend.

About an hour later Devlin leaves, giving me a chance to just sit and talk to other people at the party. Although I’m offered it, I refuse to drink more than a few beers, remembering that I promised Amber I’d walk her home.

The seconds my short, thin, red headed friend stumbles into the living room I can tell she’s shitfaced. Amber is and probably always will be a light weight. She just doesn’t weigh enough to handle large amounts of alcohol. Maybe this party was a bad idea…I should have stayed with her.

“Hey, Amber,” I say getting up quickly to stop her from crashing into the coffee table. “Where’s Garry?”

“He went home dooooooode,” Amber slurs, giggling a little bit as she leans on me, her balance really off.

Sighing I kiss her forehead, noticing a bruise beginning to form along her jaw line. I swear I’m going to kill Garry for what he does to this girl. She deserves so much better…I could be so much better. Too bad she’ll never know.

Apologizing to Jonny for having to leave so soon I lead Amber towards the door glad I had only had a little bit to drink. As we head down the street a cold breeze flies at us, causing Amber to shiver even though she’s sporting a heavy looking Anthrax sweatshirt.

“Frank,” Amber says rather loudly as we head down the alley. “Have I ever told you that I eat children?”

Groaning inwardly I curse myself for not paying more attention to her at the party, “Amber you need to keep it down or your aunt is gonna kill me.”

“Hehe that would make a funny story,” Amber giggles. “Belleville women kills teenager for allowing her niece to make too much noise.”

As we reach her house Amber stumbles almost falling to the ground. There is no way in hell she will be able to climb the trash cans to get back inside. I won’t let her. She’ll get hurt.

“Come on Amber, you’re spending the night at my house,” I say leading her towards the back door. This will be better for the both of us.

Note: Sorry it's so short. The next one will be longer. Also don't expect me to update like this all the time. I just happen to have a few chapters of this story already done.
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