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Until The End- The Rest Of The Story

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the rest of the story, t continues from the first part cuz i messed up so here it is.

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It was my birthday. I had completely forgotten about it.
Frank came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me into a bone crushing hug and licked the side of my face.
"Frank!" I laughed, trying desperately to free myself from him.
"You know you like it." He replied.
"Mikey fetch the present!" Gerard ordered.
Mikey returned about five minutes later carrying a box. He looked like he was having a hard time with it, but he forced a smile on his face. The box squirmed and wiggled.
"What did you guys do?" I asked.
"Open it up and see!" Frank said pushing me towards the box.
I slowly walked up to it and began to cautiously rip off the black wrapping paper. Knowing Frank it could be any thing.
After the paper was gone, I leaned back, and shut my eyes expecting something to jump out at me.
When nothing happened I looked down and couldn't believe what I saw.
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When nothing happened I looked down and couldn't believe what I saw.
Staring up at me with two beautiful green eyes was a tiny black kitten.
"You like it." Frank asked.
"I LOVE IT!" I squealed, throwing my arms around Frank.
He pulled me closer, and I rested my head against his chest.
I reluctantly drew away from franks embrace and turned to the others.
"Thank you guys!" I said to them.
"I picked it out thank you." Bob replied.
"What should we name it?" Mikey asked.
"Frank." I immediately replied. I didn't realize what I had said until I had said it. Now everybody would know.
I felt my face get hot with embarrassment.
"oooooh FRRRRAAANNNNKKKK!" Gerard teased. Mikey, Bob, and Ray joined in the laughter, as I stood there like an idiot.
I bent down, picked up the kitten and ran upstairs to my room.

(Frank's p.o.v)
She wanted to name her kitten after me. I could hardly keep in the excitement. Maybe I really do have a chance with her. Maybe she likes me.
Gerard, Ray, Bob and Mikey were laughing hysterically as Ashley's face turned red. She quickly bent down, picked up her new kitten and fled up the stairs before I could say anything.
I glared at Gerard and the others and ran upstairs.
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(Ashley's p.o.v)
By the time I reached my room tears were falling down my face. I sat on my bed and sobbed into the tiny kitten's soft black fur. Purred and licked my finger with its rough pink tongue. "If he only knew." I whispered to myself.
"Go away!" I said
"it's Frank, please open the door."
I quickly wiped away the tears, sat the kitten on the floor, and opened the door.
"hi." Frank said as he waved.
I smiled and let him inside my room. We sat down on the bed and began an awkward conversation.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"yeah." I replied with a weak smile.
"I'm really sorry about what the guys did to you."
"I'm fine, really." I told him
"good, then lets go eat some cake!"
He took my hand and we went back downstairs into the kitchen.
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It was seeing the guys again, but having Frank nearby made me feel better.
"There's the two lovers!" Gerard joked.
"watch this." Frank whispered. He released my hand and walked over to Gerard.
"hey buddy." He said.
"hullo Frank, why aren't you over there." Gerard asked motioning to me.
"because I wanted to do this." Frank replied with an evil grin.
He grabbed gerards head and shoved it into the cake.
We burst out laughing as Gerard pulled out with his face covered in red icing.
Frank came back over to me and said very softly, "get dressed we're going out."
I ran back up the stairs filled with happiness. "What will I wear?" I thought frantically.
I threw every article of clothing out of my closet to find something nice. After carefully picking out a black corset and some black pants, I got dressed and redid my makeup.
"I'll be back later Frank." I assured the kitten as I stroked its silky fur.
I opened the door just a little and peeked out to see who was there.
It was Frank.
He smiled back at me and waved.
I opened the door and let him in.
He was wearing a Black Flag shirt and a pair of jeans. He had brushed out his hair and looked even better than usual. It was great to finally get close to him instead of watching him from afar like I usually did.
"May I escort you down the stairs my lady?" he asked in a funny voice while outstretching his arm for me.
"You may." I giggled, latching on to him.
He reached into his pocket, pulled out his keys, threw them up in the air and caught them. I laughed, and he flashed that beautiful smile of his.
We snuck out the door doing our best to avoid the others.
we made it out to his car without disturbing anybody, and took off.
"Where are we going?" I asked, as we sped down the highway.
"Anywhere you want." He replied.
I thought about it for a moment.
"I don't know, Frank."
"I want to take you somewhere nice since it's your birthday."
"Let's go to Petsmart." I joked.
"Petsmart?" Frank said with a puzzled look on his face.
"So I can get some things for Frank."
"I think Frank needs a leash." I said slyly.
"He doesn't need a leash, he's a cat!"
"I meant you."
(At Petsmart)
Frank and I strolled down the aisle for cats. I picked out Frank (yes, the cat.) a little black collar with a silver bell, and some cat kitten food.
We were about to check out, I had Frank's hand, all was right with the world. Until I saw him.
Ashley's p.o.v)
I felt better knowing I had Frank to protect me. Robert began to walk towards us with his pale bony hands in his pockets. I held tight to Frank.
"Well, well, look who's here." He sneered.
"Get out of here Robert." I replied nastily.
" I see we're shopping for a cat." He said picking the collar up off the counter.
"Damn you, go away!" I yelled.
"Easy sweetheart, I'm just saying hello."
"Leave her alone." Frank spat.
"Oh, well, a boyfriend, he began, "I thought I was the only man in your life Ashley." He said with a wicked smile.
I felt a tear roll down my face, and I began to sob into Frank's chest.
"I know where you live, I always know where you are, Ashley."
I cried more, and Frank kissed my head and pushed me away."
"Do you want to take this outside?" Frank said balling his hands into fists.
"No, no, I just wanted to say hello to my darling sister.
"GET OUT OF MY LIFE!" I screamed through tears.
"I'll never be out of your life Ashley, I'm always there."
Robert winked and walked away.
I couldn't control the hot tears that were pouring down my face. Frank was stroking my hair and assuring me I was safe with him. If only he knew Robert like I did....
(Frank's p.o.v)
He finally walked away.
"He won't hurt you any more Ashley, me and the guys will watch over you.
"Frank you don't understand." She choked through sobs.
"He won't bother you anymore, if he tries I'll kill him, Ashley."
"No Frank, he'll kill you, she began, "he will stop at nothing to get me again."
"He's not going to get you." I told her.
I wiped tears from her face with my shirt, paid for the things we had gotten, and we left.
(Ashley's p.o.v)
It was such a relief to be out of that store.
I looked out the window at the black starless sky. I started to think. "he knows where I live..."
My eyes widened and heart throbbed as I repeated Robert's last words to me, "I'll never be out of your life Ashley, I'm always there"
What if he came in the house? What if he hurt my friends? What if he killed me? What if he killed Frank?
out of pure fear I looked out the back window. Nothing. I turned back around and sighed with relief. We went around another curve and a white light shone brightly behind I us. Very slowly I turned around. "NO!" I thought. He was behind us. I could see him. He was staring straight at me. Right into my eyes.
"Frank, speed up!" I cried.
"Why?" he asked.
"Oh fuck..."
Frank hit the gas and we sped down the road. Robert began to speed up and kept following us. The car jerked as we went around a curve. I flew frontward and hit my head on the dashboard.
Frank pulled into the drive way. There was another car there that I recognized as Billie Joe Armstrong's. in the top window of the house, I could see the silhouettes of mikey, Tre', Billie, Ray, Bob, Gerard, and mike sitting on the couch talking. He was going to kill us all.
Frank and I hurried out of the car, not even shutting the door. Robert just sat in his car and smiled. Frank threw open the door pushed me inside, and locked it.
"GERARD, Mikey, TRE', BILLIE, MIKE, RAY, Bob, GET DOWN HER NOW!" I screamed. They came down the stairs giggling like little school girls. They had no idea theses may be their last few minutes alive.
"Look it's Ashlee and Frank!" Tre' cried.
"Where is Billie?" Frank asked grabbing Tre' by the shoulders.
"He's in the bathroom, he hasn't been felling very well, stomach virus." Tre' replied.
"he'll be okay." I began, "listen, we need to lock all the doors and call the police NOW!"
"Wait, wait what's going on?" Bob asked.
"JUST DO IT!" Frank yelled.
We all went around the house locking doors and shutting windows and pullind down blinds.
After we finished we all gathered in the kitchen.
"everybody grab a knife or something you can use as a weapon in case the need arises.
Mikey, Gerard, Bob, and Ray all grabbed knives, while Frank, mike, and I grabbed some other cooking utensils. Oddly enough, Tre' got a shiny copper frying pan and mike a spaghetti strainer.
Gerard picked up the phone and we all huddled together and waited to hear a voice on the other end. Gerard dialed 911, and cried, "the phone is dead!"
"NNNNOOO!" I wailed, as I fell on my knees. We were all going to die and it was my fault..
Frank bent down and picked my up.
"Look Ashley, we're all here to protect you." Frank whispered. I gazed around the room at all of them holding gleaming knives, mike's spaghetti strainer, and Tre's frying pan.
"What do we do now?" mike said quietly.
"We have to hide." I replied.
All of fled upstairs with our weapons. Frank, Tre', Mikey, Gerard and I hid in Ray's bedroom closet. Ray, Mike, and Bob, hid in the bedroom Frank and I know shared. We all crammed together in the closet. It was musty, and assorted objects were sticking into our backs. Frank had both arms around me, and I layed back and shut my eyes ready to be shot at any moment.
Suddenly we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. With each thump my heart bet louder and I gripped Frank's hand tighter.
Then he was in the hallway. "Ashley darling where are you?" he sang.
Gerard gripped his long steak knife with a shaking hand, his eyes wide.
"I know you're here, and I will find you."
He was right outside the door now. He began to slowly turn the doorknob, but stopped and went onto the next when he heard a loud crash.
"they're dead..." I thought.
We all listened closely as Robert went into the other room. We heard him fling open the door.
BANG! BANG BANG! He fired off about ten gunshots and then their was silence.
Tears began to pour down my face as I thought of my friends with bullets throught their heads. I looked over to the other side of the closet. Tre' had a look of shock and horror on his face. He knew his friends were dead. Before any of us could stop him he ran out of the room and left.
BAM! a few minutes later our door flew open and Robert came in holding a gun. "Ashley, I know you're here."
I kissed Frank on the lips and pushed him to the other side of the closet. Then I got out and stood up.
"Ashley, there you are!"
"What did you do to them?!?!" I sobbed.
"Dear Ashley, your friends are fine, and won't be harmed as long as you comply with my demands." He replied with his evil smile.
"Just don't hurt them." I said choking on tears. I could see Frank's gleaming eyes from the cracks in the closet door.
"What are you looking at?" he asked poking his gun at my head.
"nothing." I lied.
"Fine then, I'll just go see myself then."
He went over to the closet and flung the the door open.
"Looks like we have company." He smirked. Frank, Gerard, and Mikey gazed up at me with looks of fear on their faces.
"GET OUT!" Robert yelled. They all slowly came out of the closet and sat on the bed.
I looked into Frank's hazel eyes. They were glazed over with tears. I knew he wanted to help me, but he just couldn't.
Robert threw me on the bed and I immediately threw my arms around Frank.
"To make sure you don't do anything stupid, I'm going to tie you up."
He grabbed some rope from the hallway and came back into the room.
We sat back to back, as he tied us together.
"I'm going to do the same to your other friends and they will be joining you shortly." He told us. Then, he left.
"I'm so sorry." I said to all of them.
"It's okay, we're gonna make it." Frank replied.
"Gee, can you reach your knife?" Mikey whispered excitedly.
We had all forgotten about the knives.
"I'll try," Gerard replied. I looked beside me to watch him. He reached into his pocket with his fingers, and the knife came out.
"Mikey, grab it and cut this shit off my hands, then I'll get you guys out." Gerard said quietly.
Mikey got the knife, and cut Gerard free.
"Hurry!" I urged.
Gerard quickly cut us all free, and we stood up.
"Now what?" Frank asked, taking my sweaty, shaky hand in his.
"Kill him before he kills us; outsmart him at his own game." I said immediately.
"How do we do that?" Mikey inquired.
"Let me hand le that." I said.
"Ashley, please don't do anything stupid." Frank begged. He looked into my eyes with a look of worry on his face.
"I won't Frank." I assured him
We heard a sound from the hallway he was coming.
"Hide!" I whispered. We all hid under the bed.
"Look you're friends are here to see you..." Robert began. He stopped when he saw that we had vanished.
"fuck." He mumbled.
I heard the others being thrown down on the ground. We all peered out from underneath the bed.
Robert pulled out something from his pocket. The gun.
"WHERE IS SHE?" he yelled at them.
No answer.
"Alright, you leave me no choice.
Frank held his hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream as he aimed the gun at them.
Suddenly two figures appeared in the doorway behind Robert. It was Tre' and Billie.
Tre' held his frying pan high in the air, he slowly crept up behind Robert.
SMACK! Tre' gave him a strong blow to the head and he dropped the gun. Immediately Billie picked it up and aimed it at him.
"Who's the bitch now?" he cried.
"TRE", BILLIE!" I yelled happily.
"I knew this frying pan would come in handy!" Tre' exclaimed.
I hugged Billie and Tre' then went over and leaped into Frank's arms. I was so relieved that nobody had been hurt.
"Gerard, Mikey, go find a phone and call the police." I ordered.
"Sure was a good thing I was in the bathroom." Billie joked.
"He was puking his guts out when I burst in and told him a psycho was in the house." Tre' explained.
"You saved us all"! Ray cheered.
"Thank you!" Bob and mike said at the same time.
"What do we do with him?" I asked.
"He's out cold, Frank began, "ties his ass up until the police get here."
Frank, Billie, Mike, and Tre' tied him up tight and sat him up on the bed while I watched. We decided to go downstairs and wait for the police on the couch.
When they arrived about ten minutes later we all venture back upstairs and received the shock of our lives.
Their was a broken window, and no Robert.
"nnnnnnnnnnoooooooo!" I wailed. Just when I thought I would finally be safe, he was back after me again. We wasn't going to stop.
Frank leaned down and threw his arms around me.
"Don't worry; we'll get that son of a bitch." He whispered in my ear.
"He'll kill me Frank!" I cried.
I stood up and looked out the window.
My eyes fixed on a horribly gruesome sight.
"look!" I said pointing to the ground.
Everyone came rushing to my side. The police saw it and ran down stairs.
Roberts body was lying face down on the ground. Blood was splattered everywhere. I grabbed Frank.
"it's all over now he's never going to hurt you again." He told me.
this time, i knew he was right.
"frank..." i mumbled.
"no matter what happens, just remember i will be here for you until the end."
"I love you, Frank." i sighed.
I lay my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat.
"love you too."

*The End*

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