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Just Another Day

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"could this lesson be any slower?" you think to yourself whilst you watch the clock tick. You start to feel your eyes falling heavy, and you dont have the energy to keep them open. You hear your teachers voice slowly fading away, as you drift into sleep...

"I LOVE YOU STEFAN JAMES DONALD JOHN ABINGDON!" You scream, desperately trying to get his attention. you can barely hear yourself screaming. Your drowned out by all the other girls screaming their love for your favourite band, The Midnight Beast. You dont give up trying to get noticed. you keep screaming your love for stef, ash and dru. whilst they sign everyones clothes and posters. "sorry everyone, but we have to go now!" screamed stefan. "WE LOVE YOU ALL. YOU BEASTS ROCK!" shouted ashley as he climbed into the van. Dru smiled and waved at everyone as he followed ashley and stefan. You turned around and start to walk off. you can feel somebody tugging on your shoulder, shaking you violently. "STEFAN" you screamed as you finally woke up and realised you were still in class and it was all a dream. you turned around to find your best friend kelly stood behind you, with her hand still on your shoulder. "wow (YN. btw when i put "YN" say whatever your name is!:L) youve been asleep for about 40minutes, lessons nearly over." you look at the clock "1:15" you only had 5 minutes left of lesson time, so you close your text book and pack away. your teacher finally lets you go and you, kelly and all of your other friends walk to the canteen for lunch.

you tell kelly all about the dream you had in class, and how depressed you are that you had to wake up. kelly pretends that shes listening to you whilst she edits her hair and make-up. adding more mascara to her long lashes. wiping foundation into her face, making her look slightly orange. but she didnt care. she then pulls out a comb and starts combing her long, thick brown hair. the bell finally goes and you start making your way to your next lesson. "oh shit guys, ive left my books in the canteen. ill catch up with you later." they all nod in agreement and you run off back to the canteen to collect your books.

when you get back in to the canteen you peak through the window in the wooden door to see if anyone was in there. you see 3 boys talking to your head teacher. you could recognise them from anywhere, those brown curls, those muscular arms, and the bearded man wearing a hat. Its was stefan, ashly and dru. you couldnt believe your eyes. you stand there shocked for a few minutes in a daze. The midnight beast, in your college, only a few metres away from you. you snap back into life remembering you needed to get your books. you slowly push the heavy wooden door when you hear your teacher shouting your name. "(YN)! what are you doing here? why arent you in lesson?!" you look at your teacher and explain to him why your here. you turn around and see stefan dru and ashleys eyes all looking at you. you can feel yourself start to blush, millions of little bufferflies flying around in your stomach. you immediately look to the floor in embarrassment. RING RING your teacher steps out to take a phone call leaving you stood there awkwardly with your favourite band. you just stood there, to embarrassed to speak. finally someone did. "hi im stefan, this is ashley and dru. we're getting shown around your school." stefan says introducing them all. your hearts melting by the sound of his voice. youve got goosebumps all over your body. your legs feeling weak. "im (YN). i already know who you guys are. im a BIG fan." you say, trying not to sound to creppy and weird. ashleys about to speak until your teachers storms back in saying that he has a meeting, and he wont be able to show the boys around, meaning they will have to reschedule. you didnt want them to leave yet, you wanted to talk to them forever. you didnt want it to end. suddenly it hit you. "ill show them around if you want sir?" your hearts racing like crazy whilst your anxiously waiting for a reply. "no (YN) i dont want to interrupt your learning." your heart drops and you can feel a tear in your eye. you stay strong to keep the tears in, and argue back. "but sir, they're here now. and it will save you all time trying to arrange everything again!" your hearts racing once again and you find yourself looking at stefan, as if you were looking for their permission. you hear your teacher sigh and he gives in.
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