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theres a sparkle

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you had nearly finished showing stefan, ash and dru around your school. you had be laughing and joking about with them. you had all kind of forgot what you were there for. everyone got lost in the banta you were having, not paying attention to anything happening. the whole time you kept seeing stefan looking at you instead of the collage, everytime he did you just smiled at him and blushed.

although you were finished you still had one class left. kelly and zoe's class. you knew they're huge TMB fans, just like you are. so you thought it'd be fair to bring the boys to their class room.

KNOCK KNOCK you knock on kelly and zoe's class and slowly walk in, and explain to the teacher that your showing people around, and asked is they could come and observe the class. "AHHH ITS THEM!" you knew straight away who was screaming. "guys, this is my friends kelly and zoe. they're HUGEEE fans of yours." you said whilst introducing them. "nice to meet you guys" dru said whilst staring at zoe. zoe had noticed and started to fangirl like maaad! you had tried to calm her down, but nothing would work.
all day you had stayed calm, not screaming or fangirling. just being yourself. but this all changed as soon as you were with your friends. you kelly and zoe all started shrieking and jumping in excitement. your hair gettig completely messed up, but you didnt care. it was a moment to remember. you could see in the corner of your eye that stefan was staring at your arse, so you turned around and started laughing. soon everyone had the giggles and were all joking about. the teacher saw this told kelly and zoe to get back to work, which ment that you had to leave aswell. kelly and zoe had to say there goodbyes, so they hugged them one at a time. dru and zoe had been hugging for what seemed to be 5487989 years. the same with kelly and ash. which left you and stefan stood there awkwardly waiting.

you had finished your tour, and was walking back to reception. you werent exactly the happiest person anymore, because you knew this would be the last time you would see them. stefan saw you were upset so he stopped and gave you a hug to cheer you up. it had worked. you were smiling like a full on idiot. "jheez guys get a room" muttered ashley as he walked past laughing. stefan laughed and told ashley to stfu. you blushed then found yourself staring deep into stefans hazel brown eyes, you were lost in them. everything around you had seem to have desappeared. you heads seemed to be moving closer together and your eyes began to close. your lips only centimetres apart. it was only a matter of moments untill.. WOLF WHISTLE you froze and came back to reality. you opened your eyes to find stefans staring right back at your. you both started to giggle then gave dru evils for ruining the moment.

you had left stefan, dru and ashley after saying your goodbyes. you found it hard to leave them, especially stefan. you felt like there was some sort of sparkle between you both. you didnt know how to describe it, but you loved it. even though you had known him a day, it felt like forever!
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