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the note

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it was nearly 4 o'clock and you'd just got home. you flung you and your bag onto your bed and just laid there, for what seems like forever, just thinking about the last few hours. it made you amazingly happy but sad at the same time. you'll never see them again. after looking back at your day you decided to get up and have a shower.

you had got out of the shower and went back into your room. only wearing a tower around you, and a towel around your head. you notice a piece of paper on the floor. it must have fallen out of your pocket. it read:

"heey (YN)! thank you for the tour today, i really enjoyed it!
i really like you, and i was hoping we could meet up sometime? just me and you?
anyway heres my number just incase you want to!:)
07583800928 keep it safe.
stefan x

(btw thats the jab number! i didnt know what else to put!:L hahah)

you couldnt believe what you had just read, stefan wanted to meet up with you? YOU out of all people! he even gave you his number. you immediately grabbed your phone and dialled the number. he didnt pick up. you felt rejected! all these thoughts running through your head. did he really like you? was this just come sick joke they were playing? maybe he didnt even know you had his number? maybe it was ash and dru playing a trick? you didnt know what to do, so you just layed down, and soon fell into a deep sleep.

WE'RE JUST ANOTHER BOYBAND your phone started to ring! you found it funny that you had 'just another boyband' as your ringtone! you looked at the caller ID which said 'stefan x' "hello..?" you croaked. "heey its stefan, is this (YN)?" you were shocked! it was actually stefan! "ohh hey stefan, yeah it is! i tried ringing you earlier, but you didnt pick up.." you thought you had better explain why you didnt ring sooner. "ohh yeah sorry about that, i was at rehearsals." you sighed in relief. "so do you want to meet up later? maybe get some drinks or something?" asked stefan. you didnt stop to think of an answer. you replied with a simple "yeah sure" straight away. you exchanged details and decided that stefan will come to your place at 7ish..
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