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where is he?

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it was 7:15 and stefan still hadnt arrive. you start to worry where he is, if he was coming or not. you start to tear up and a small tear slides down the side of you face.
KNOCK KNOCK you spring up and race to the door, wiping away all the tears from you face as you ran. you swing the door open with a HUGE smile on your face. which quickly turns into a frown when you realise that it wasnt stefan.. it was kelly. "heey (YN) you ready for our movie night?" kelly smiles and walks past you and into your flat. "ermm what?" you looks puzzled as you remember that you and kelly had plans. "ohh yeah movie night.. well erm.. the thing is.." you didnt know if you were going to tell kelly you had made plans with stefan. she would go mad at you, and run off in a mood. probably ignoring you after. you decide not to tell her, and say that your ill. kelly understands and leaves you alone. "get better soon babee" beamed kelly whilst walking out the door.

it was almost 8 o'clock and stefan still wasnt here. he was an hour late. AN HOUR. you start to give up hope that hes coming, and just go and watch some tv with a hot chocolate.
you melt into your sofa with your hot chocolate in hand, and watch a movie.
as time passsed by, you soon fall asleep. but woken up by a loud knocking sound at your door. you were to cosy, and didnt want to answer it, so you just left it. hoping that whoever it was would go away. you were wrong. they kept knocking and knocking until you answered it.
you rolled off you sofa and waddled to the door. before opening it, you looked through the peep hole to see stefan stood there covered in flour? you swing the door open with an angry look on your face. not only because he was hours late, also because he didnt have the decency to call, or even text you where he was. "what do you want?" you muttered sharply. stefan looked upset as he tried to explain where he was. "im so soo sorry (YN) i got held up with dru and ashley! they were attempting to bake a cake." thats probably why he was covered in flour. "they couldnt do it, so i had to help them. the amazing chef i am and all." his voice was so sarcastic, you couldnt help but laugh!
you gestured him to come inside, and you let him have a shower to get all the flour out of his heavenly curls. and whilst he was in the shower you cleaned his clothes for him.
you snuggled back onto the sofa waiting for stefan to finish.
it was almost 12 o'clock and you were feeling pretty sleepy, forgetting that stefan was upstairs, you just fell asleep on the sofa, without a care.

the sun light beaming on your face as you woke up in your bed.
you decide to get up and change then you see a note on your door..

"morning beautiful!
i saw that you were asleep when i had finished my shower, so i carried you upstairs and tucked you into bed. i hope you dont mind:) i decided to leave you to sleep, as you looked so calm and peaceful. anyways, thanks for the shower and cleaning my clothes. i hope we can try meet up again? without fail?;)
stefan xxx"

you were speechless. it was the cutest thing ever! you loved how he kept leaving you notes, that said really sweet messages on. you just stood there and beamed..
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