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My Harlequin Romance II

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As Promised, A sequel to My Harlequin Romance...

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“B-Brendon?” she gasped, her hand fell delicately over her mouth as she stared at him in shock. Her emerald eyes sparkled as she awaited some sort of response just to prove that she was still sane. He glared back at her with piercing eyes, they were both motionless. Brendon’s lips twisted into a proud smile, “I did it,” he breathed to himself. Mimi brushed a dark wisp of soft hair out of her eye, she breathed nervously, her breath projecting from her lips as a silvery mist as it hit the cold air.

Brendon’s head turned slightly as he admired the crooked, leafless tree towering over their heads, his eyes soon flickered back to Mimi, who was beginning to go dizzy with disbelief. “You’re…. I don’t understand…” she gasped, letting the icy wind hit the back of her throat. Her eyes began to water and she had to concentrate hard on her posture to keep her knees from buckling.
“I’m back,” Brendon smiled, although he sounded as if he couldn’t even believe his own words.

Silence fell upon them as neither of them could possibly conjure up the perfect words to say at this moment. They felt as if they were being drawn towards each other, but neither could pluck up the courage to move. They were so struck with disbelief that in their minds, it was as if one of them would move and the other would disappear. Mimi felt her body trying desperately to drag itself over to him, but how could he possibly be there, standing right in front of her? What if it wasn’t real?

Brendon ran his hand through his chocolate brown hair, pulling it slightly, hoping the pain would prove to him that this was actually happening. Mimi tugged on the sleeve of her deep purple winter coat, her usually pale skin was beginning to flush a glowing red. The tension was rising as they stared longingly at each other with only a few metres between them for the first time in three years. A huge gust of wind rattled the branches above them, auburn leaves fluttered past them, this gust was followed by a second howling Gail that pushed Mimi forwards, she squealed as the small gap between her and her best friend closed and her arms were wrapped tightly around his shoulders.

“Oh, Brendon, I thought I’d never see you again!” she cried as tears began to roll down her crimson cheeks,
“I’ve missed you so much Mimi!” Brendon sobbed back to her, his own eyes welling with uncontrollable tears.
“Oh my god! You’re real,” she breathed, You’re actually real!” Brendon wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her feet off the ground. The pressure of the embrace seemed to almost snap her in half, but she didn’t even notice the pain, she was too caught up in the moment.
“Let’s never be apart again,” he told her, setting her down onto the crunchy, frost-bitten grass, but still holding her in his arms.
“How did you? How are you here?” Mimi sobbed. Brendon tried to speak, but no words came out as he realised he didn’t actually know. “Brendon!” she shouted, he desperately tried to answer her with something, anything, but it was as if his throat had closed. “Brendon?” she shouted again, “Brendon, Brendon, Brendon!”

“Brendon!” He felt himself being shaken violently, “BRENDON PLEASE!”
“W-what?” He murmured, slapping the hands that were shaking him back to consciousness away. His eyes fluttered open to find Ryan’s tear stained eyes staring anxiously at him. He sniffed and a cherry scent overwhelmed his senses. His eyesight adjusted to a red glow and he realised he was in his bedroom.
“You were doing it again, Brendon!” Ryan whimpered, his body shook as a few shimmering tears streamed down his milky, white face. “Brendon, please, wake up I’m so scared,” he begged. Brendon sat up, his head spun with confusion. He gazed over at his distraught boyfriend and his heart sunk,
“Oh shit, Ry- I had that dream again didn’t I?” He breathed, worry filling his tone. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!”
“It was worse this time Bren- You were crying and pulling your hair and screaming, I didn’t know what to do!”
“I’m so sorry, every time I have that dream I think it’s real, I can’t help myself.” Brendon took Ryan into his arms and held him close. Ryan sniffled and whined, his tears wetting Brendon’s bare chest. “I’m so sorry, I know it scares you.”

Ryan looked up at his boyfriend, his hazel eyes shone, reflecting the candle light. “I love you Brendon,” he breathed. Brendon kissed his forehead lightly,
“I love you too Ryan.”
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