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What do you say we leave to California?[4/4]

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I DON'T USUALLY DO POV SWITCHING LIKE THIS BUT I HAD TO ITS SO LONG. btw sorry it took so long. I've cracked my pelvis and had to have attention put on that. OKAY SORRY.

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To my last post;
HOLY SHIT SPELLING ERRORS. I'm sorry dear lord that is embarrassing.
and thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday, it means a lot to me (:

Amelia POV
I walked into the living room to see my little brother sleeping on the small sofa with my boyfriends little brother practically on top of him. They looked so cute. Mikey's head was buried into Franks chest, and Franks chin rested on Mikey's head. I had to take a picture of this and show Gerard. I pulled the cover back slightly so you could see Franks arms wrapped around Mikeys fragile waist and Mikeys hand on Franks. Mikey was even wearing Franks clothes. What, did they screw last night? Once I sent the picture I covered them back up and went to sit down. My phone buzzed about 10 seconds later.

The text read "Are they dating now or something?"
I wondered. "I don't know, but they're pretty damn close. Frank doesn't get that close to anyone either." she tapped out the text in under a minute and snapped her phone closed. Again, looking at her brother cuddling with another guy. Much more affectionate with him, than with he had been with any girl.
"Yeah, Mikey doesn't get that close to people either.." Gerard texted back.
"Are you gonna come over today, babe?"
"Sure, I'll come over now. Don't wake them up, I've gotta see this myself."
"I won't, don't worry. But you might want to hurry before they wake up themselves."

About 20 minutes later, there was a slight knock on the door. The boys were still asleep.
When I opened the door Gerard smiled and kissed me.
"So, where are they?" He raised an eyebrow and smirked down at me.
"Right in there." I pointed into the direction of the sofa. Gerard walked over, and his eyes bulged out of his head.
"Uh, Mikey has a little issue." he started chuckling.
"Wait, what?" I looked at Gerard.
"Oh nothing!" He winked.
"Tell me asshole!" I hit his arm.
"Ouch." He rubbed the place I had hit him.
"Now, seriously, what did you say?" A little annoyance pinged in my voice.
"Mikey is excited." Gerard laughed more.
"Oh my god." I couldn't help keep a straight face at that.
"I'm.. going to wake them up. I can't stand to look at their "Mushy sleep together, but totally not gay, but really am" any longer." With that Gerard went over and took a big sofa pillow and started hitting them.

Neither of them moved out of their position, but they just mumbled.
I walked over to where I could see their faces. Mikey awoke first and he look surprised to see us there - not so much surprised at the position that he was in. Frank was next to wake up.
They looked at each other for a minute and released each other from their gripes and sat up.
Mikey looked down and noticed his issue and tried covering it
"Um.. I'm going to go and change into my clothes now." He didn't wait for anyone to say anything, he just bolted upstairs. Gerard and I started laughing.

"What are you assholes laughing at?" Frank stretched.
"Oh nothing. Mikey just - he laughed - had a problem." Gerard was speaking through laughter.
Franks eyes opened wide "You mean he..?"
"Yep, that's what I mean." Gerard smirked at him.
"Oh, whoa." Frank closed his eyes and pressed the heel of his fist against them. "I need coffee, anyone want coffee?" He was in a rush to get out of the room. He was really embarrassed. He didn't wait for us to say anything before walking to the kitchen and clinking the silverware together.

Frank POV
They had seen us.. laying together. I don't know why it made me so embarrassed, but it did. I went to sit down at the table with my coffee when Mikey walked in.
"Uh hey.." I looked up an him,then back to my coffee.
"Hey." He sat down in the chair beside me, his hands tucked into his pockets
"Do you, um, know how we got like that?" I looked over at him.
"No, I was wondering if you did." He sighed and took his hands out and balled them up on his knees.
"Maybe when we were sleeping we just.. did it by mistake?" I shrugged, I didn't know.
"Yeah. I'm going to get so much hell about this from Gerard."
"Don't worry, I'll get it from Amelia, too."
We didn't have the chance to resume the conversation before Gerard walked in.
"Mikey, we gotta go. I have work and you're not staying another night here." Gerard leaned against the wall.
"Uh, okay." he stood up. "Bye Frank. See you.. later." He debated on what word to use.
"Bye Mikey." I half smiled at him before he walked out with Gerard.

What had happened last night had made me confused.
I knew I liked guys.. but did I like Mikey? 15 year old Mikey?
If I did, how would I tell Amelia? Or Mikey himself?
I was just confused, that's all. I don't like Mikey.
Just confused.. that's all.

Mikey POV
I stood by the door watching Gerard practically feel Milly up.
When he finally pulled his face off of hers I could have jumped with joy.
Milly turned to me and smiled, "Bye Mikey. See you -"
"Tomorrow." Gerard cut in.
"See you tomorrow." She smiled.
"Uh, see you, tomorrow, I guess." I didn't bother to smile back.
I opened the door and walked to Gerards car. The car door was locked.
"Fuck." I mumbled under my breathe.
Almost on que, Gerard walked over and unlocked the car door for me. I slide in, automatically buckling up. A few seconds later Gerard slid in, too. He closed the car door and looked at me. Didn't say anything. He just.. looked.
After about a minute I couldn't handle it anymore.
"Why are you looking at me?" I said, barely audible.
"What happened last night?" he questioned, looking me up and down.
"I don't want to talk about this, not here.." I looked back to the house. Kind of wishing I was inside on the warm sofa with Frank again.
"You'll tell me at home then, yeah?" His voice sounded rough.
"Okay." He turned the keys in the ignition and started to drive

Skipping to when they get home.
Gerard took his keys out and unlocked the door.
When he walked in he threw his jacket to the floor and walked to the living room.
I walked into the living room and sat beside him.
"So, talk." He turned the tv on, but muted it. Then put his feet on the coffee table.
"Gee, I think I like Frank." I pulled my knees to my chest and buried my face in them not wanting to look up at the face Gerard might be giving me. "I didn't purposely get like that with him, but I woke up in the middle of the night and I didn't move. I didn't wake him up. I just stayed like that!" It came out in a muffled rush.
"Mikey." Gerards voice sounded sympathetic.
"I know he's not gay, Gee. I know. Even if he was I'm not good enough." I felt like I was gonna cry.
"Mikey, you don't even know him.." He sounded confused.
"Last night we talked. For hours. I told him everything, Gee."
"Everything? Even about the.."
"No, I didn't mention that." I sighed. Of course I hadn't mentioned that..
"What did he tell you?" Gerard continued with his questioning.
"He told me about everything.. His brother, his parents, everything.." I trailed off thinking about the night before.
"Just.. don't get hurt." Gerard was patting my arm now, making me look at him from my newly tear stained eyes.
"I won't.. I just.. I won't." I stood up. "I'm going to my room." before he could say anything I left the room and started up the steps.

I walked into my room and turned my radio on.
First Date by Blink-182 started playing.
Are you serious?
I couldn't be bothered to turn it off. I went over to my bed a plopped down.
I just stared at the ceiling, thinking about the night before. Thinking about the... incident.
It had only been four months since it happened. It seemved farther than that. It really did.
After awhile I started dozing off. I was practically asleep until I got a text.
It was Frank. I didn't bother even looking at the message. I just put it under my pillow and went to sleep.

Gerard POV
I hadn't seen Mikey act how he did with Frank, with anyone else. Not even me.
He really did like Frank.
I had to text Amelia and tell her.
I sent "Mikey just confessed to liking Frank."
"Yeah, he seemed upset about it."
"I have.. no clue."
"I haven't been able to talk to Frank. He's been locked in his room with the music playing loudly."
"What are we gonna do with these two?"
"Not a clue. Hey, bring Mikey over tomorrow, okay?"
"Sure, but why?"
"I want them together as much as possible."
"eh, good point."
"See you tomorrow then, yeah?"
"Yeah. Love you Mill xo."
"Love you too, Gee xx"

With that I went up to Mikey's room. Music was softly coming through.
I knocked on the door. No answer.
I opened the door to see my little brother wrapped up in his covers, asleep, with his glasses still sitting on his face.
I sat down on the other side of the bed and started nudging at him.
"Mikey get up."
"Mmm why?" He said through sleep.
"You need to shower."
"Why? we're not doing anything tomorrow."
"Yeah we are." I poked at his side. "we're going to see Miller and Frank."
"Oh." His voice lacked the enthusiasm I was positive he'd have.
"Now, get up and shower.
"Alright." he sighed, pushing the covers off, walking over to his dresser to get a pair of pajamas.
I laid back on his bed as he walked out and turned the shower on.
Under his pillow I felt something hard. I reached under and grabbed the object.
Ah, it was his phone. I guess I hit a button, because it lit up revealing a text from Frank.
I didn't open the text, because I respect Mikey's permission. But I really wanted to know what it said.
there wasn't really a lot to do in Mikeys room. So, I went back to the living room to watch tv.
After about 20 minutes I heard the water turn off, and the blow dryer turn on.
After that Mikey came down, sporting Star Wars pj pants and curly hair.
"Nice hair." I teased.
"I need to straighten it. But that's not why I'm down here. Can you wake me up about an hour before we leave tomorrow? I need sometime to get ready.." He started to blush.
"Yeah, sure." I smiled.
"Thanks, Gee." He turned to walk back up stairs.

Mikey POV
I looked at the clock. It was now one in the afternoon. I felt like I should do something today, but what? I don't have many friends. Well.. any friends.
I decided I could spend the rest of the day on my computer playing games. Why not?

skipping forward to 9, because nothing interesting happens.
I walked towards my door, opened it, and walked out to the stairs where I could see the faint light of the tv shinning against the window.
"GOING TO BED, GERARD. REMEMBER TO WAKE ME UP EARLY!" I shouted down to my brother.
"OKAY, NIGHT MIKES." he shouted back.
I walked back in my room and laid down, resting my head against the headboard.
Frank was probably still awake, right?
I decided to text him.
"Hey." I sent. I felt a smiley might give away my secret. I waited 10 minutes. I turned my lights out and my tv off and laid down to sleep, and he finally texted back.
"Hey.." this was awkward, maybe I shouldn't have texted him.
"Whats up?"
"Laying down. You?"
"Same. Tired. I just got back from walking around. That's why I didn't text back." oh.
"Why were you walking?XD"
"I needed some time to think."
"Oh, I see."
"Well, I know this is short, but I think I'm gonna sleep. night."
"Night. :)"

He had sent a smiley face back. In the short time that I'd known Frank he wasn't the type to do that.
I laid down, expecting sleep to come fast. But to my dismay it didn't.

The next morning

"Mikes, get up. You've got an hour to get ready." Gerard was sitting on my bed, shaking my shoulder. He had been a whole lot more nice since I told him about Frank.
"I'm up. I'm up. Thanks Gee." I yawned. I rubbed my eyes and grabbed my glasses.
"You better do something with that hair of yours." Gerard laughed and put his hand forward to mess it up even more.
"Shut up. Get out, I need to get dressed." I raised an eyebrow at Gerard, still sitting on my bed like a little kid.
"Shut your eyebrows up. I'm leaving." he laughed and walked out without closing the door behind him

I walked over to my dresser and turned my straightener on. While waiting for it to turn on I started picking through my clothes. Caring just a little bit more than I had before. I picked out my "Joy Division" shirt, and a pair of too tight pair of grayish-black skinny jeans. When my straightener beated I went over to start. About 15 minutes later my hair laid flat on my head.
Once I had ate breakfast it was time to go.

skipping to Franks house
I followed Gerard to the door. He knocked slightly before being greeted by Franks mom.
"Why hello Gerard, Mikey. Come on in." She smiled at us and made a hand wave gesturing us in.
"Hi ma'am." I smiled as I walked in.
I looked around and I saw Frank perched on the couch with the remote in hand. I guess everyone else was in the kitchen. He turned to look in my direction and smiled.
"Hey Mikey."
"Hey Frank. What're you watching?" I looked from him to the tv.
"Nothing really. Wanna come sit down?" He gestured towards the empty seat beside him.
"Sure." I walked flipped my body over the sofa, barely missing Franks head.
"Shit, sorry." I said as I scooted away.
"It's fine." he laughed. "we've all done it."
"It's so cold outside." I noted, out of know where. Brushing the snow off my jacket.
"I know."
We watched tv for about 5 minutes before Frank turned to me.
"Wanna go make snowmen?" he smiled at me like a little kid.
"Sure." I smiled. I couldn't deny him that, especially with the cute little.. grin he had going on.
He stood up and walked to get his jacket and we went outside.

I bent down to get a ball of snow to bunch it up in my bare hands. I threw it at Frank.
"Asshole!" he shouted, "I'll get you for that." he said, bending down to pack some snow.
"Good luck!" I started to run behind the house. But fell. Frank started laughing really loud at my expense.
He threw a snow ball at the back of my head.

We threw snowballs at each other for hours.
"This is getting boring!" Frank complained. "Lets make a snowman!" he smiled.
"Alright." I followed him towards the front yard. My nose bright red from the cold, along with my hands.
We made the snow man, and it was all lopsided.

I laid down in the snow and started moving my arms and legs to make a snow angel. Then I realised that that had to be the biggest mistake ever. Because I didnt't have any spair clothing.
"Ooh snow angel!" Frank shouted, plopping down beside me to make his own.
We both stood up, shivering from the snow that now covered our bodies.
"I've always liked warm weather better." I laughed. Frank seemed to think about that for a minute.
"Wanna make a deal, Mikey?" He widened his eyes to huge proportions.
"What kind of deal?" I raised an eyebrow.
"When you turn 18, we'll go to California. You won't have to deal with the snow there." He smiled, then continued, "What do you say we leave to California?" he smiled.
"I say.. deal." I smiled back.
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