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I'm Lucille

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Luce meets Gerard for the first time.

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The bell rang, signaling the end of class. Jessie and Mikey still hadn't spoken a word since the beginning of class. Instead of staying around to be pounded with questions, I left the Spanish room in a hurry, bag swung on my shoulder, to get to lunch.

The lunch room was already filled up with students, each at their own little table with their own little groups. The girls looked up from their trays and sneered at me; lifting their manicured nails to point in my direction. God, can't they just grow up? I went through the lunch line, getting bottle water and a tray of pasta, which I eat more than anything, I have it for dinner most nights probably because it was the only thing I could cook without burning the house down.

With a quick scan of the lunchroom, I saw an empty table towards the back of the room. No one asked me to sit with them at lunch; they probably figured I was a freak.

I sat down at my table, enjoying the semi-silence that it brought. I picked up my fork and took a big mouthful of pasta. While I ate I looked around the lunchroom examining people again.

I saw Jessie and Mikey sitting at a table with three other people, they seemed to be talking quietly between themselves, their lips barely moving. They were all looking in my direction, which made me nervous.

I took this time to look at the other three people at the table, since I already had Mikey and Jessie.
One of the boys looked smaller and more compact. He had dark, short hair that highlighted his green eyes. His skin was fair and seemed flawless. The boy next to him had a crazy afro on the top of his head. He seemed laid back and chill.
The other boy had charcoal black hair. He was pale but an olive skin tone shined through, highlighting his cheek bones. His jaw was locked tightly, his hazel eyes staring into space.
He caught my attention the most. He set himself the furthest away from everyone else. His eyes lacked the sparkle the other boys possessed. He looked sad and lonely.
I sighed and brought my focus back onto my pasta, which sat there untouched. I ate a bit more, my thoughts running all though my mind at an impossible rate. Millions of questions, that would never be answered, sprang into my mind.

I couldn’t keep myself from wondering why I had to be different from everyone else. I wanted that sense of connection. I wanted my own family and friends that I could grow up with. But I didn’t have that, I could only dream of that.

For some reason that upset me, but my sadness quickly turned into rage. I pushed my chair back forcefully and stormed out of the lunch room.

It was a lot easier to think outside, the rain falling softly from the gray sky, gently hitting my face. I closed my eyes and sighed, the calmness of the rain overcoming me.

After a couple of minutes, I was able to think clearly again. The bell rang, breaking my small moment of peace. I groaned and grabbed my bag before rushing to my next class, which was History.

The classroom was already half filled when I came in, no one noticed me though. I was basically practically a ghost. I went to the back of the room, taking a seat in an open desk.

"Okay quiet down class!” The teacher said as she hurried inside. "We're going to be working with partners today, which I will be picking for you!"

I mentally groaned; a social project with other people. Not my kind of thing. The teacher explained how you'd have to ask them a bunch of trivia questions and such, it sounded pretty stupid to me but in her mind, it was a brilliant idea I'm sure.

She started to pair us off, picking randomly sometimes and taking offers the other times. I wasn't paying attention; the ceiling had more to offer to me than this woman. This could explain why I didn’t even notice she had paired me off until someone’s hand was being waved in my face. I broke out of my gaze to see the black haired, lonely boy I had seen at lunch with Mikey and Jessie.
"You space out a lot don't you?" he asked, smiling slightly. I ignored that question and rolled my eyes. I grabbed my history book out of my bag as the boy took the open seat next to me.
"Ladies first?" he asked, pointing towards the book.
"Alright, when did World War II officially end?" I asked, picking the first topic I saw out of the book.
"December 31, 1946," he answered, his voice laced with confidence. He was right; I hadn’t expected him to be wrong though. I asked a couple more questions before he wanted a turn to ask, my guess was to make me look stupid.

"How long was the Titanic?" he asked, his musical voice clearly visible. I rolled my eyes, of course he picks the thing I knew everything about.

"882 feet and 8 inches," I answered. He seemed shocked that I knew it, but he shook it off. He kept asking me all these questions, none about the Titanic since I guess he knew I knew a lot of it. What can I say? The movie rocked.

"My name's Gerard," the raven haired boy, Gerard, said probably realizing we had some time to spare before the bell rang.

"I'm sure you already know my name," I replied, doodling on a piece of paper.

"How would I know that?" he asked curiosity in his voice.

"Because Mikey and Jessie told you," I answered, not looking at him.

"Lucille, right?" he asked, his voice held shock.

"Yes, but you can call me Luce." I told him.

The bell rang, ending the awkward conversation. I hurried out of the room before I could be bombed with any other questions by Gerard.
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