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35. Eating Fecal Matter

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"He gagged again, this time almost allowing some to spill out." Suggested by: ONotz, Rocket_Dog

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A/N: To my weakly stomached readers – if you’re eating something upon your reading of this chapter, I do suggest you put off one or the other. Seriously.

You’ll have 120 Days of Sodom to thank for this chapter.

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35. Eating Fecal Matter

Gerard Way could be found chewing slightly on the stale bread they had provided him for his sandwich. He shuddered against the cold breeze that he could not even locate the source of because of the room’s lack of windows.

The door opened again. T’was three blackbirds that visited him this time, and Gerard was surprised to see that they did not bring anything in with them as they usually did.

They came to his bedside, and Gerard physically tensed. The one closest to him grabbed him by the shoulders, and pushed him down onto the mattress, as though to imply that he wanted him to lie down. Gerard did so obediently, and the one next to the latter blackbird moved forward. To Gerard’s utter horror, that blackbird then preceded to remove his pants.

Unveiled to him was this man’s very hairy bottom half. He was slim, at the very least --- but looked old and wrinkled. He came towards Gerard, who thought that this man surely sought to fuck him. Yet instead, the blackbird got onto the bed in position that was opposite his own.

The blackbird had positioned himself so that he was on top of Gerard, his face in between Gerard’s legs, and Gerard’s face between his legs --- causing Gerard to be looking directly at the space between his ass and his member. (The odor of the man’s private areas was quite disgusting, and Gerard found himself already gagging.) This position was commonly known as the 69, and Gerard still presumed today’s episode to be something of sexual content --- and he was only half right.

One of the blackbirds who was still at his bedside leaned over him, and aided in spreading the legs of the blackbird that was on top of Gerard. He then pried Gerard’s jaw open, as far as it would stretch. That same blackbird then slapped the ass of the half-naked one, as though some sort of signal to begin.

It was a few seconds before anything happened. Then, slowly, Gerard began to make out the beginning of a turd emerging from between the man’s buttocks. It was being pushed out further and further, and Gerard realized it was in fact being aimed at his gaping mouth. He tried to move away from its course immediately, but the blackbird beside him kept a firm grip on his head and jaw.

While the turd was preparing its decent into Gerard’s mouth, the blackbird atop him proceeded to suck on Gerard’s flaccid penis. Gerard’s legs twitched as he felt his soft member being moved around and covered by the man’s saliva, as he had not felt anything down there in such a long time.

Finally the first turd dropped and fell squarely into the back of Gerard’s mouth. The disgusting thing lay in his mouth, rubbing against his tongue. Gerard began to gag like crazy, but the blackbird that held him tightened his grip.

“Don’t you dare swallow it.” He growled in a menacing tone. Gerard tried to obey, although he was continuously retching from that point on.

It was not long before the blackbird atop him began to push out another turd. This one was softer and wetter, at first coming out in brown droplets before dropping into Gerard’s mouth like a glob of foul smelling mud.

Again Gerard was reminded to keep his posture, and so he did, although he felt a couple of drops slide into the back of his throat. A third turd was dropped soon, that one rather between soft and hard in material.

The twisted 69 continued until five turds had been dropped into Gerard’s mouth, which he had been forced to keep still with his tongue. It was only then that the man finally went off Gerard, and he could breathe again. However the episode was far from over.

Gerard was ordered not to swallow as they sat him up. The saliva in his own mouth had at this point moistened all the fecal matter that he held inside it. The man who had dropped his dirty deeds into Gerard’s mouth did not leave the bed, but sat in front of him.

“Chew it.” said the blackbird that had been forcing his mouth open, “Chew it into a paste, and don’t swallow.”

Gerard shuddered at the notion, but obediently tried to do so. He chewed upon the fecal matter, still having to bite into some of it. It was of a very salty taste, and quite a disgusting texture. He gagged again, this time almost allowing some to spill out.

The third blackbird that hadn’t done much of anything so far came forward and covered Gerard’s mouth to make sure this did not happen again. He also applied some pressure on Gerard’s neck, as though making sure he did not swallow any of it.

Gerard chewed the shit, trying not to think of its horrid taste or texture, until it was finally a paste of sorts – not entirely smooth in texture, but chewy none the less. He abruptly stopped chewing, although he still continued retching.

The blackbird who had his hand over Gerard’s mouth nodded, and the blackbird who had shitted into Gerard’s mouth previously came forward again. The hand on Gerard’s mouth was removed, and was replaced by the lips of the blackbird who was in front of him.

Using his tongue, the latter blackbird sucked the paste of turds from Gerard’s mouth into his own. His breathe tasted as disgusting as his shit, and a frightening moment occurred where bile rose in Gerard’s throat. Thankfully, he was able to suppress it before it all went spilling into the blackbird’s mouth, who was still sucking all the shit from the area.

The kiss was broken, and the man who had taken the shit from his mouth began to chew upon it himself. Gerard looked down and saw that he was very erect. A blackbird who served as a spectator saw that he was looking at the man’s member and grabbed Gerard’s hand, placing it on the erect penis.

“Be a good little bitch and jack him off.” said that blackbird, with a bulge in his pants that showed that he was enjoying this as well.

Gerard did so, although his hands could barely move due to his physical weakness and general repulsion. Then the erect blackbird suddenly stopped his chewing of his own shit, and grabbed Gerard by the chin.

He yanked down Gerard’s jaw, and again locked them into a kiss, returning the turd paste into his surprised mouth. Gerard squirmed and whimpered as he was forced to chew the paste again.

They continued the back and forth passing of shit for some time, until finally, they had Gerard swallow all of it. He then begged them for water. They laughed at his request, and left – promising to return soon.

Next chapter: “I'm not sure if she could ease your pain. Crushed your heart and soul, and teased your bane…”
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