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Mystery Person

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Who is it?

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Stefan walked towards the door and opened it. It was a very tall man who smiled and started rubbing his hands together.

"Hello may i come in?" asked the man. Dru suddenly got out of being in shock and a second later the man was on the floor. Dru had punched him in his face.
"FUCK YOU I HATE YOU FUCK OFF!" screamed Dru as Stefan and Ash pulled Dru away and shut the door.
Stefan and Ash decided not to ask Dru anything, but they was tempted to as they was so confused of who it was at the door and why he had punched his face. So they sat in silence until Dru had calmed down. Stefan looked at Ash and nodded.
"Dru who..." said Stefan as he was interupted by Dru "It was my father" Dru replied. Dru got up across the hallway and went into his room. Dru sat up on hs bed and put his face in his hands. Why was he here now?! i was so happy! He thought to himself.
"Oh my god, why the fuck would he come here now? There must be a reason though" said Stefan as he itched his lush brown curls. Ash got up and walked of somewhere. Stefan was alone. Stefan had known Dru since he was born. They was born right next to each other, Dru had a rough time because after he was born his mother died. His dad was the only one left, and when he was 6 Dru's dad ran away. Dru had no one to go to except for Stefan, he found his way to Stefan's house and Stef's mum asked what had happend. Dru explained that his Dad disappeared and Dru had been living with Stef until now they all got a flat together. Dru never wanted to see his dad after what he had done for him. Dru was all alone, he only had Stef and Ash. No family, no girlfriend, no home and no nothing. Stef and Ash was the world to him. Dru walked out of his room and sat on the sofa next to Stefan.
"Don't worry man, just forget he came, i'm here for you bro" said Stefan as he put his arm around him. "Why don't we go out tonight? Drink a bit, Party?" asked Stefan
"Maybe, if i'm in the mood"
"Cmon it will be fun, we haven't gone in ages"
Stefan got up and walked into his room, turned on his mac and checked his tweets. Got up and started getting ready, he put on his Drop Dead t-shirt and random ripped jeans.
"Dru ya ready?!" Stefan shouted.Oh shit, Ashley. Where had he wondered off to?
"Yeah, Stefan, where is Ash?" asked Dru as he walked into Stefan's room.
"I dunno i just noticed now" Stefan walked out of his room and then walked outside.
"ASHLEY?" called out Stefan. Dru came out and started looking for Ash. Where could Ashley be?
"I have an idea, lets call him" said Stefan as he got out his Blackberry. Stefan dialed Ashley's number and he picked up.
"Ash where you at?" asked Stefan
"U-Uhm just out and about"
"Ash are you sure you sound kinda weird"
"Y-Yep i'm f-fine" Ashley sounded like he was really cold or shivering or something.
"Tell me where you are or come back home, me and Dru are gonna go clubbing" said Stefan and hung up. Stefan opened the front door and walked in. Someone knocked on the door, 5 hours later. It was a police man. I wonder what he wanted. A shot of fear went through Stefan, and he started worrying. Why would a police man be at his door? And why was Ashley taking so long?
"Hello is this where Ashley Neil Horne lives?" asked the police man. Stefan nodded.
"Ashley was found on the streets, taking drugs"
"Yes, hes in prison now and will be having a court case very soon" Stefan was so shocked, he couldn't speak. Dru came out and looked at the police man.
"Ashley was found on the streets taking drugs" said the police man.
"Oh no, Stefan its okay don't be upset" said Dru. Why was Dru acting so calm? Stefan's insides just did a flip, he was so worried for Ashley.
"Well i'll be leaving" said the police officer. The police officer walked off. Stefan was not moving at all, Dru dragged Stefan into the flat. Dru placed Stefan on the couch and made some tea. "Look Stefan, i've known this for a long time now, sorry we didn't tell you sooner"
"Why d-didn't you tell me? Do you guys h-hate me or?" said Stefan as his voice stuttered.
"I'm so sorry" said Dru, Stefan got up and walked into his room...
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