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Chapter 6

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Chapter Six.

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Authors Note -
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Demolition Lovers
Chapter 6

Franks Point of View

“I don’t know what to say. I mean I’m really not at all that interesting… I’ll probably just bore -…”

“There you guys are!” Mikey cries from Gerard’s doorway, two pizza boxes in hand “So Frank, I guess you’ve met Gerard and look, you’re still alive!”

“Uh yeah, I guess I am.” I say awkwardly.

“What ya guys doing?” he asks, making his way down the stairs and to the bed, plopping down beside Gerard, discarding the boxes in the middle of the bed.

“Frank was just about to tell me about himself, weren’t you Frank?” Gerard says a sly smirk on his face.

“Really guys, I’m not an interesting person. I’m sixteen, my birthday is on Halloween. Uh, I’ve lived in New Jersey all my life, I currently live with my mum. My dad died when I was fourteen. I pretty much like all the same bands and movies as Mikey, and probably you too Gerard. I hate school. I don’t really have any friends, scratch that; I have no friends. Everyone thinks I’m gay but I’m not. And uh that’s it.” I lie, playing with my fingers, my eyes darting about Gerard’s room nervously.

“How did your dad die?” Gerard asks, looking at me through narrowed eyes.

“Car accident.” I say through a high voice. Okay, maybe I wasn’t telling them the whole story.

“Frank, what are you keeping from us?” Gerard asks. Fuck.

“Nothing.” I squeak.

“Frank, tell us. We’re you’re friends, please tell us.” Mikey pleads, worry etched across his face.

“I’m sorry guys, I just can’t.”

“Frank, if you don’t tell us what the fuck happened so help me God I will…” Gerard trails off, threatening me through narrowed eyes.

“Mydadwasanalcoholicandabusedme.” I rushed out, looking everywhere but at the two brothers.

“Sorry what?” Gerard asks whilst Mikey stuffs his face with pizza.

I sigh deeply, “My dad, he abused and made me do stuff.” I confess, my eyes locked on the bed covers, my eyebrows furrowed.

“He did what?” the two brothers cry. Mikey sends the pizza flying everywhere with his outburst, and I stare at the two brothers; their eyes wide with horror.

“He beat me and made me do stuff I didn’t want to do.” I said, tears filling my eyes. Did I really trust them with this? How did I know they weren’t going to turn around and blame me for all the shit that he done?

“What did he do?” Gerard asks as Mikey stays silent, wearing a worried and concerned expression.

“Well, he was an alcoholic. He would come home every night out his face on alcohol. He’d scream abuse at my mum and then beat her until she was unconscious. Then, when he was done with her he’d come look for me. I was still young; I think I was thirteen when it got really bad. I’d hide anywhere that I would fit; under my bed, under the sink, in the wardrobe; anywhere. If he couldn’t find me then he’d threaten me; tell me if I didn’t come out he’d kill my mum and make me watch. I got so scared after he said this that I gave up even attempting to hide. So, after he’d found me or after I gave myself up to him, he’d beat me, tell me how much of a mistake I was. Tell me how embarrassing having a fag for a son was, how I didn’t deserve to live. Shit like that. Then if he felt like it – and trust me, most nights he would feel like it – he’d make me do stuff. Horrible dirty stuff…” I trail off, staring at nothing as I relive those dreadful nights. I let out a choked sob and hide my face in my hands. “I’m so sorry. Please, don’t hurt me.” I beg, rocking myself back and forth, my head buried in my knees.

“Frank, Frankie its okay. We’re not gonna hurt you. Come here.” I hear Gerard say as he gently places his hand on my arm.

I gave a loud squeal and recoil from his touch, my head telling me it was my dad, fearing the worst I scramble backwards and fall off the bed. I curl into a ball on the cluttered floor; my eyes clenched shut; sobbing and shaking.

“Please don’t hurt me. Please dad, NO!” I beg, I could feel him all over me; his big dirty hands running down my chest, his drunken breath on my neck.

“Frankie, Frankie please,” a beautiful voice pleads, pulling me back into reality, “it’s okay, he’s not here, he’s not here. Frankie please, please come back to us. It’s Gerard and Mikey. He’s not really here Frankie, please.”

I can feel a hand on my back but it’s not his, it’s not my fathers, this one is gentle, soft and small. I melt into the touch, calming down as they rub small circles on my back.

I sigh as they wrap their arms around me and pick me up, cradling me to their chest as they murmur soft whispers in my ear. I wanted to stay in their arms forever; it just felt so safe, so right. I gave a reluctant whimper as they place me gently on the mattress, don’t leave me.

“Wait. D-don’t leave me, please.” I hear myself plead, reaching an arm out towards where I think Gerard stands.

“Shh. I won’t Frankie, I’m right here.” He whispers, climbing in beside me and wrapping his arms around me in a warm embrace. I hear the door close shut and a light switch flick as he pulls the warm cover over us. Must be Mikey.

“I-I’m so sorry Gerard.” I cry, breaking down into teary sobs.

“It’s okay Frankie; you have nothing to be sorry for. I’m right here.” He whispers.

“Wait, I-I have to call my mum; tell her where I am.” I say and start to get up, only to be pulled back down into Gerard’s chest.”

“Don’t worry Frankie, Mikey will call her.”

“Are you sure? She might get worried…”

“If she does or if she wants to speak to you, Mikey will bring the phone down. Now, just sleep.” He murmurs into my ear.

I sigh and snuggle deeper into his chest, his scent intoxicating my senses. How could someone be so beautiful? I wonder as he hums me into a deep, dreamless sleep.
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