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Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven.

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Authors Note -
Look who's updated; ME! Since I got such lovely reviews and I didn't want to disappoint such lovely people, I mustered up this wreck of a chapter. - sigh - I really don't even know what happens in this chapter. You get to find out a little bit more about Gerard.. Erm, I swear I will get my shit together and actually make this story worth reading! I dare you to read, review and rate. There, you must do it! you have been dared therefore it is a must. Oh, and tell your friends if you wish. Share the Frerard looooove. Anyway, on with it!

Demolition Lovers
Chapter 7

Franks Point of View
I stir awake; a heap in the middle of the bed, entangled with the bed covers. A small amount of light leaking through the small window confirms that it is morning and I should probably be getting up for school.

Despite my mind screaming at me to get up, I snuggle deeper into the warmth of the covers that smell so purely of Gerard and I can’t suppress the smile that takes over my face. A surge of happiness runs throughout my being when I think of him, he’s just so beautifully perfect. It doesn’t take long before I realise that Gerard himself however, is no longer in the bed, nor the room and my happiness is replaced with disappointment and worry.

I groan and kick the covers off the bed and sit up, rubbing my eyes with the heel of my hands. I gave a frustrated sigh as I got out of the bed and made my way to the set of stairs without much difficulty considering the room was such a mess. I trudged up the stairs and made my way to the living where I found Mikey lounging on the sofa flicking through the music channels.

“Hey,” I mumble to get his attention, “Shouldn’t we be getting ready for school?”

“Uh, no” he says, sitting up and turning towards me, “Gerard thought it would we should stay off today, you know cause of last night and all plus it’s like twelve in the afternoon.” He chuckles as I plop down next to him on the sofa.

“Oh, I don’t usually sleep this late… Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I was gonna but Gerard wouldn’t let me.”

“Oh, okay… Where is he?” I ask casually.

“I dunno, he left about half an hour ago.” He says with a worried look at the clock.

“Is everything okay Mikey? I know we just met yesterday and all but you can tell me if something’s bothering you…”

“It’s nothing, I’m fine.” He says through a high voice, showing me he isn’t being entirely truthful.

“You don’t expect me to believe you do you? Mikey, what’s wrong?”

He sighs deeply, “Nothing’s wrong with me, I’m just worried about… Well, I’m worried about Gerard.” He admits, looking at me with sad, worried eyes.

“What is it Mikey? Is he in trouble? What’s happened?” I ask the fear slowly rising within me.

“He’s not in trouble, I’m probably just being overprotective and over reacting but it’s just…He got bullied last year at school. He was never beat up or anything physical like that, they would just make fun of him; break him down with words. He gets hurt so easily and all I could do was watch him fall apart. He wouldn’t let me in, he wouldn’t let me help. It was getting so bad, he wasn’t the Gerard I knew and loved. He started to believe all the shitty stuff they said. He slowly started to lose the small amount of confidence he had, he wouldn’t leave his room or talk to anyone unless it was absolutely necessary. He was a completely different Gerard; I thought I was going to lose him at times. They had gotten to him so much that he started to depend on alcohol and I’m sure he was harming himself but I dunno it was hard to tell since never saw much of him. A few months ago my mum and I decided we should move to get a fresh start. So, we told Gerard he had to get clean of alcohol before we could get the fresh start he needed and he did but I’m worried Frankie… He’s still depressed; well I thought he was anyway.”

“I’m so sorry Mikey, that’s horrible,” I shiver as I think of how he must be feeling, “but what do you mean you thought he was still depressed?” I ask frowning.

“He’s really happy around you Frank, he changes… Becomes that happy Gerard I know and love. I don’t know I’m just scared; he gets hurt so easily Frank and I don’t think you will but just please don’t hurt him. I think he likes you Frankie, a lot.”

“Is he gay?”

“Yeah,” he says sighing and rubbing a hand down his face, “I know you say you’re not gay Frankie but I can see there’s something between you both; something you can’t deny. Just promise me that if anything does come of it you won’t hurt him?”

I stare at him, lost for words.

“I-I promise,” I stutter “but I’m not gay Mikey…”

“Whatever you say bro.” he says, clapping me on the shoulder and standing up. “I’m away to have a shower. Gerard should be home soon.” he calls as he walks off up stairs.

I’m left sitting on the couch with nothing but my own confused web of thoughts. Did Gerard really like me as much as Mikey made out he did? Deep down a part of me was wishing this was true but I doubted it very much. After what he had learned about me last night I doubt he’ll even want to see my face. I slumped against the back of the sofa; I never fail to make myself miserable.

I continued to sit there in my own self pity my mind racing over what Mikey had said. Did I really make Gerard happy or was Mikey just reading things wrong? I couldn’t ignore the way my heart tightened and the way thousands of butterflies started to flutter like mad in my stomach as I thought about making Gerard happy. I wanted him to be happy, he deserved to be happy; he was such a beautiful person and I will personally end the next person who even dares to bring him down.

I thought back to when I first saw Gerard’s face, the first time I saw his eyes. They were so broken, so haunted and so mysterious; a reflection of how he felt.

I then decided that I was going to make him happy; one hundred percent happy. I don’t exactly know how I was going to do it but I was going to at least try. I was going to make him happy, even if I had to die trying.
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