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Chapter Two

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Okay:3 second chapter of my first fanfic:3

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I practically skipped home after work today, I was so happy! I ran through the door and jumped onto the couch. I rested my phone on one knee, and the money on the other. I wonder if it’s too soon to call. No. He gave me the number hours ago. I sat on the couch dwelling on whether or not to call him, when it dawned on me that he had a girlfriend. My heart practically fell out at this thought. But then why did he give me the number? I quickly dialled the number before I could convince myself otherwise. After the few seconds, the heavenly voice came through the phone.
‘Hello?’ It said softly.
‘Um... hi Gerard... it’s frank...’
‘Frankie!’ Gerard squealed. Wait… Frankie? ‘Hang on a sec, let me get away from Lindsay’ I heard muffled noises on the phone and a door slam. ‘Anyway, I gave you my number because I wanted to know if you wanted to meet up sometime?’ I smiled to myself.
‘Sure, when?’
‘Um… tomorrow?’
‘Sure’ I said, biting my lip to stop myself from screaming.
‘Um, coffee after you finish work tomorrow?’
‘It’s Saturday tomorrow! I don’t have work, dumbass’ I giggled.
‘Right, meet me there at ten am?’
‘Okay… um... bye’
‘Bye Frankie’ then the line went dead. Woah. I have a date tomorrow with Gerard! Wait, it’s not a date... he has a girlfriend... so... it’s just a friendly meeting. Jeesh. I’m turning into a fucking girl!

Gerard sauntered through the doors, bright red hair swaying in time with his hips, and up to the table of which I was sat. He had a devilish grin plastered across his face. ‘Hey Ge-‘I was cut off by him pulling me to him by my tie and his lips crashing into mine. At first it was slow and affectionate; his soft lips working in time with mine, then it became more hungry and passionate. Gerard lifted me up and carried me out of the shop, lips still moulded together. He laid me down in the back seat of his car and started to peel away our clothes. His crotch pressed to mine as he sucked on my neck. I moaned and pulled of his boxer so we were fully na- I woke up with a thud as I fell off the couch and onto the wooden floor. I groaned and rolled onto my knees, before lazily crawling into my bedroom. I can’t believe I dreamt that about him! I literally only just learned his name! I was probably more annoyed at the fact that it wasn’t real, than the fact that I actually had that kind of dream about him. I collapsed onto the bed, not even bothering to strip off my clothes, and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Nine o’clock. Perfect. I have one hour to make myself presentable to the man, who quite frankly, looks like sex on legs every day. After showering and brushing my teeth, I sat on the floor by my closet, pulling out random articles of clothing. I finally decided on my Black Flag shirt, grey skinny jeans, misfits hoody and my black vans. I ran a comb through my, now dried, hair and applied a little bit of eyeliner, before grabbing my wallet and running out the door.

I turned up ten minutes early so I bought us both coffees. My heart was racing as I waited for him, I was so nervous! What if he doesn’t like me? What if we have nothing in common? What if he doesn’t show up? What if this was all a big joke to him? What if- my train of thought was broken by the doors opening and the shop going quiet. I turned towards the door to see the red-haired beauty. He was wearing skin tight skinny jeans, a tight smashing pumpkins shirt and his leather jacket. He caught my eye, smiled, waved and started his way over. Once gain, the crowd was watching him, mouths agape. I pulled the sleeves down over my hands and looked down at the table.

‘Good morning Frankie!’ Gerard said with his charming smile. I slowly looked up and returned his smile.
‘Morning… and what’s with the nickname?’ Gerard raised his eyebrow as a smirk played across his lips as he leant forward to whisper something in my ear
‘Because it’s cute, so it suits you perfectly’ my breath hitched in my throat at his words.
‘ thanks....’ great, now I’m stuttering. He’s going to think I’m some kind of weirdo. He pulled back, a smile playing on his lips at my reaction, and sipped his coffee.
‘Wow, you remembered what I like!’ Gerard sounded generally surprised.
‘Well, its pretty hard to forget when you come in every day asking for the same thing, and its easier because you stand out from everyone… come to think of it... why do everyone stop and stare at you when you walk in?’
‘Haven’t a clue’

It turned out Gerard and I have so much in common, we like the same music and movies and we just generally get on like a house on fire. We just kind of… click. He even told me about how he’s recently gotten over his drug and alcohol addiction.

After a few solid hours of chatting, and countless coffee’s later, Gerard had to leave.
‘Can I drop you home?’
‘My house is only a few blocks away, you don’t have to.’
‘Don’t argue with me! I’m driving you home whether I have to drag you out of the car!’ I giggled and stood up.
‘Okay....’ as we walked through the shop, most people were staring at Gerard again, but some were glaring at me. Gerard led me to his car and practically pushed me into the passenger seat, to make sure I actually got in. I gave him my address and we drove all of five minutes to my house.
‘I had fun. We should do something like this again’ Gerard said as we stopped outside my apartment block.
‘Movie day at mine tomorrow?’ please say yes.
‘Sure!’ fuck yes.
‘How ‘bout you come round say... noon?’
‘Okay’ I smiled as I went to get out of the car. ‘Bye Frankie’
‘Bye... gee’ I got out and sped walked to my apartment before he could say anything about the nickname.


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