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I Missed This

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Sorry I haven't updated in ages I've been busy and also reading The Dove Keeper like every day If you haven't read it READ IT! it is wonderful!

I had been sitting in the bathroom for god knows how long when I heard the bus door open and slam shut. I freaked the fuck out but calmed down when I realised the guys must've come back (finally)!

"Hello!" I practically screamed when I jumped out of the bathroom. I was feeling better now for whatever reason but that didn't last. It wasn't Mikey standing by our table. Nor Ray. It was Frank, and my smile practically dropped into hell to be burnt to a crisp. The way he stood made me shiver with fear; he knew he was short so he would stand in a way that made him look ten times bigger and ten times more intimidating. He began to walk towards me every step making fear rise inside me.

I scrunched up my eyes when I felt a hand on my shoulder thinking it was going to connect with my face. I heard a small giggle that I always loved to hear escaping from Frank's lips.

"Do you know how adorable you look when you do that?" I opened one eye to see that Frank was smiling at me.

It was a real smile! None of this maniacal crap that looked like he wanted to tear me apart. It was a real smile and it was for me.

"Just like a cute little hamster" He pinched my cheeks and made a cute little face at me. Why was he being so nice? What happened to the Frank that only just yesterday was beating me, knocking me out, and then leaving me? He pulled me into a warm embrace but I was still sceptical so it was the most awkward hug of the century verging on the awkward level of Mikey's knees.

"What's up baby?" he asked me when he pulled away, noticing how uncomfortable I was. He was looking me in the eyes, his own sparkling where the dim light danced upon them. They were perfectly hazel, a much nicer shade than my own, and showed the pathway into his thoughts. I knew this was genuine, he didn't have anything planned for me. If he did there would be a small glint in his eye that made him look like a small 12 year old boy who knew a secret that he should never have found out. He meant this. My Frankie was coming back to me.

"Nothing." I smiled as I gave him a small kiss on his beautiful pale lips. They were so soft and I'd almost forgotten how thy felt against mine; it had been so long since we had had a real kiss like this. It was over too soon and I wanted more but I couldn't bring myself to steal another.

He just stood there for a few moments staring at me, looking me up and down and finally his eyes stopped at my now ebony hair.

"What did you do?" His eyes were transfixed on the strands of slightly damp midnight hair dancing between his fingers. He curled one stran roun his index finger, then let it fall in a lopsided ringlet across my face.

"I dyed it." I was worried about what he would think. I never knew with Frank now; he could turn on me just like that all because I just dyed my hair a different colour, well back to the way it was before. But all was well.

"I can see that silly!" He flashed me a cute smile with his little tongue poking out the corner of his mouth. "But why did you dye it back to black? Why not go wild and dye it...BLUE!" He was jumping around like an excited little 5 year old who has just recieved a new toy.

"I was sick of red and wanted to dye it back and I will NEVER dye it blue Frank!" I was lying. I couldn't tell him why I dyed it back. It would probably make him proud that he was doing this to me. He would bask in the sun of glory, I wasn't going to let him have that just yet, especially now that I seemed to have my old Frankie back. I wanted this moment right now to last forever, just so he was this nice.

"Well okay, If you don't want to be that adventurous it's your loss" He placed his hand in my hair again, tangling the strands between his tattooed fingers and sliding them down to the nape of my neck. "I like it this colour; it's simple and contrasts with your milky skin" He began to slide his other hand against my cheek, his fingers rough from the abbrasive guitar strings they knew oh too well. He stared into my eyes for too long. His eyes were strong and bright whereas mine were weak and dull. His stare was burning into my soul and I couldn't take much more of this.

Luckily I didn't have to as I felt his lips connect with mine for another kiss and it was heaven. Just to have his lips on mine was the most wonderful thing right now but when his parted inviting me in I couldn't say no. I began exploring his mouth making note of every bump and crevice. I had taken this forgranted all those other times I had kissed him but I was determined to make a memory out of this making it last as long as possible. Our tongues were fighting for dominance; locking together in swirls of saliva only to want freedom again and disconnect.

His face pulled away from mine but his voice sounded just as clear as it would have if he was muttering right next to my ear. "I missed this"

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