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Famous Last Words

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I see you lyin next to me with words I thought I'd never speak; awake and unafraid, asleep or dead.

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Okay, the rest of chapter 4 is entirely too long, so it's now chapter five! You FINALLY meet the other characters! Please let me know if y'all think I portrayed them well enough? Enjoy!

“So, what hotel are you staying at?” an intrigued Mikey asked.

“Umm…I think the Holiday Inn Express. Yeah that’s it!” I answered, sending Mikey into a fit of giggles.

“Are you sure that you’re not a blonde under all that red hair?” he teased.
I lifted my hair and said “Nope. It’s all red Uncle Mikes!”

“Uncle Mikes, I like that. I was going to make you call me Mr. Way but that works too! Hahaha!” he joked.

“So, where are you from?” Frank asked.

“Um Alabama…” I said, just waiting for their reaction.
Frank spit his water all over the rental car’s dash, resulting in a glare from Gee.

“No freakin’ way! So your mom is your sister and your dad’s actually your grandpa?! That’s awesome!” Frank grinned.

“NO! You’re not funny. There is NO incest whatsoever in my family thankyouverymuch. Just because we lost the Civil War and talk funny people look down on us.” I vehemently responded.

“Alright kids, chill out. Besides, you have some very important people to meet once we get home to LA.” Ray stated matter-of-factly.

At that, we all got quiet till Frank said “The fro hath spoken.”
We all busted into laughter.

“S’not funny.” Ray grumbled.

We enjoyed the remainder of the car ride listening to music until we reached the hotel. Nicole’s car was nowhere to be seen, thank goodness so I could get my things in peace. I grabbed my key card out of my back pocket and rushed for the elevator, wanting to get in and out quickly as possible. I rush up to the room, and down the hall almost tripping over my feet. I hear the guys behind me “Hey! Wait up!” but I kept going because I don’t want to see Nicole. Just because her car wasn’t in the parking lot doesn’t mean I didn’t overlook it. I opened the door and looked inside. There she was, sitting on the couch watching TV. I tiptoed quietly to the room and packed up my belongings. Not once did Nicole move. Out of curiosity, I quietly stepped over to her, and at first I thought she was dead! But then I saw her chest rise and fall and knew she was asleep. I felt bad for all this, so I left her a note:

I’ll miss you no matter what you have put me through. You probably don’t remember what even happened. You met the band, and you started going crazy so you had to leave. Get yourself some help. You’ll always have a special place in my heart as my best friend, but I can’t live there anymore. They’re slowly killing me and you know it just as well as I do. Take care of yourself.

I heard the guys talking in the hallway and hurried up and walked out.

“Got everything?” Gee asked.

“Yep...can we go now?” I said, on the verge of tears.

“Of course sugar. I already called the airport, and the next flight out is at ten.” He said softly.
Frank looked at his watch, and said “Well, if you want to leave now, we better go because it’s 9:30! You know how bad the traffic is.”

We ran for the car, and me being my clumsy self, fell twice resulting in scraped up knees and hands. Frank pulled me to my feet both times. Luckily none of my clothes fell out of my suitcase like you see in the movies. We got in the car and sped to the airport when Gerard’s phone rang.

“Hello? Yeah we’re going straight to the airport. Meet us there with our bags, please. You’ll take care of the tour bus right? Alright, thanks Brian. See you later.” And he hung up.

There are so many questions I want to ask, but I’m too afraid too. I’m afraid I’ll wake up and this will all be a dream…We made it to the airport in the nick of time and met Brian to get their luggage. They have more luggage than me! I thought. My suitcase was small enough to use as carry on, but the guys had to go through the hassle since they had about three suitcases each. Finally we boarded the plane, and ten minutes later, it took off. I slept the 6 hour trip, and apparently we stopped in Denver to get fuel but I don’t even remember that. I remember Ray gently shaking me and saying “C’mon it’s time to go. Are you ready to meet your new mom?”

My stomach started knotting up. What if she doesn’t like me? What if I’m not what she expected? I must have looked worried because Gerard gave me a reassuring smile and said “Don’t worry; Lyn-z is going to love you!”

“And I can’t wait for you to meet my daughter, Tierney! You two will get along great. I think she’s your age. How old are you anyway?” Mikey inquired.

With a laugh I said “I’m sixteen!”

“Yep! She’s your age.” He grinned.

“My niece Angela is 14, but I’m sure you’ll love her!” Frank smiled.

“My little sister is 15, and her name is Triana Narcissa Toro or TNT for short! She’s pretty awesome.” Ray laughed.

“Well, your aunt Hayley Meredith is pretty excited to meet you. She’s our little sister.” Mikey said looking up from his phone. “She’s ready to meet her niece!”

“Bandit is ready to meet her big sissy, too. Lyn-z said she babbled about it until she went to bed!” Gerard chuckled.

“Well my daughter is pretty darn amazing. Her name is Kirrah, and she’s 17. You two are going to hit it off I know.” Bob said.

“Well I can’t wait to meet them either!” I grinned, happy that I’d have such a huge family.

“You’re going to have to wait till tomorrow to meet them since it’s 4:30 in the morning!” Bob laughed.

We made it to the baggage claim and the guys got their bags, so we headed out to the parking lot where we had to take two taxis because of all the luggage. After a while, we got to a huge house on the outskirts of LA. As soon as the car door slammed. Lyn-z came running out of the house and she and Gerard shared a passionate embrace. “OI! Get a room you two!” Frank said after Mikey made a retching sound.
Lyn-z shot him a bird. When they broke apart, she turned to me and said “You must be my new daughter, Annelise!” and hugged me.

I tried to speak, but she was choking me! “Can’t………breathe……….loosen” I managed to choke out.

“Ooops! I’m sorry!” she laughed “Gee dear, get her suitcase please and take it up to her room. I’m taking her up there now. It’s the room next to B’s.”

We walked into the grand house and I was in awe. The walls were an off white, and the floors were hardwood. There was even a grand staircase right in the foyer! Lyn-z giggled at my amazement and said “C’mon, follow me!” and raced up the stairs two at a time. “This is your room, and you can decorate it however you like. For now, you need to rest!”

Finally realizing how tired I was, I laid down on the huge canopy bed and immediately fell asleep. “Night love.” Lyn-z kissed my forehead, and then Gerard did too. Or at least I think it was him.

The next morning, I awoke to people talking downstairs. I got up and walked over to the bathroom attached to my room. I looked in the mirror with a groan I saw my eyeliner and mascara smudged all over my face. I just decided to get a shower so I grabbed some clothes and hopped in. I couldn’t believe I was in Gerard Way’s house, taking a shower in his bathroom. Well I guess it was my bathroom…After my shower, I threw on my clothes and started getting ready. I blow dried and straightened my hair, but didn’t bother with makeup. Just as I sprayed my hairspray in my hair, I heard the pitter patter of little feet and Bandit burst into my room.

“SISSY! You’re finally awake! I came in here twice I did but you were a sleepy head and wasn’t awaked yet!” she grinned at me.

“I am a sleepy head aren’t I B?” I laughed.

“Yep! What’s your real name sissy?” she asked.

“Annelise.” I answered.

“An-an-anuh-leesy?” she struggled with my name.

“You can call me sissy or Leesie. I know Annelise is hard to pronounce B.” I laughed.

“Well come downstairs! Everyone wants to meet you sissy!” she giggled.

She took my hand and practically dragged me downstairs. I was greeted by two girls; one had spectacular blue and black hair, with blue-grey eyes that really stood out with black eyeliner and mascara. She was wearing an MSI shirt with skinnies and a pair of Toms. She was about 6 inches shorter than me, very small waist, but very curvy as well. Her smile almost blinded me! Her ear cartilage was pierced; she had a tragus on her left ear and an industrial on the right. I can see a bit of a tattoo on her right ankle, but I can't see what it is. I made a mental note to ask her what it was. “Hi! My name is Tierney Way, Mikey’s daughter. And you must be Annelise! I’m so happy to meet you! Finally someone my age around here!” that got a response from the other girl, who bore a very striking resemblance to Frank. “Hello? What am I? Chopped liver?” she asked, taken aback. She had brown hair with purple streaks in it, very pale, and was wearing a Linkin Park tee with skinnies and a pair of converse.

“You’re 14, two years younger than me Ang.” She snorted.

“So? We’re still friends!” her voice started to rise, but a girl I’m guessing to be Triana came and broke them up.

“Girls! It’s okay, we’re all friends here. I’m Triana Narcissa Toro by the way or TNT. Whichever you prefer!” she gave me a warm smile. Her hair looked exactly like Frank’s from the Revenge Era! She has snake bites, septum, and bridge of her nose, eyebrow, tongue, bellybutton and cartilage pierced. I could barely make out the ribbon like material from her corset piercing, and her left arm has a full tattoo on it, an epic spiderweb that starts under her right eye at her bridge piercing and circles down to the bottom of her nose, when she smiled I could see one that said foREVer on her lip, a blue flower with blood on it on her right heel, flames on her right wrist, there's also one at the top of her left arm that is a skull with flames on it, and she even has the Halloween tat Frank's got!...she's got some guts man! And a high tolerance of pain..She had on a white button up, black vest over that, and a red tie thrown loosely around her neck.

Just then, I was tackled and hugged out of nowhere by a girl with short black hair and red fringe. “I’m so happy I finally got to meet you! I’m Hayley!” she smiled. She was my height, with piercing blue eyes, ruby red lipstick, brown & gold eye shadow. Her left ear was slightly longer than her right…I wonder if it’s stretched? Her nose and lip are pierced as well. There’s a music note tattooed on her left wrist, and a heart tattoo on her right foot. I’ve GOT to ask where she got those done at!

Then, another girl walked up. She must be Bob’s daughter…She had on black skinnies and a MCR shirt on; her hair was crimson red, making her blue eyes stand out. Her nose and lip were pierced as well, and she was acting as if she had had twelve cups of coffee this morning! “So where are you from? Do you like it here? How’d you meet the guys?” Before I had time to answer any of her questions, there was a knock on the door.
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