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What’s the worst that I could say? Things are better if I stay; so long and good night, so long and good night!

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*You finally found out who's at the door! You'll find out how they found out next chapter :)

The party got deathly silent, until someone laughed awkwardly (awkward turtle hehe) and Lyn-z answered the door. In the doorway stood two police officers…one was a short fat guy with dark hair and a pencil mustache, and the other a tall dark haired man who had no facial hair, but a worn out looking face, like he had been a cop for many years.

“Is a Mr. Gerard Way here?” the fat one asked.

“Yes, what’s wrong officers?” Gerard asked in return,

“We have come to the understanding that you have kidnapped a young girl by the name of Annelise Vanderbilt. You and the rest of My Chemical Romance need to come downtown for questioning.” He said gruffly.

“NO! They didn’t kidnap me, I WANTED to leave! Look at me! Don’t you see the bruises covering me from head to toe? Those are from my real parents!” I screamed.
They looked slightly taken aback at my outburst, and then said “Well young lady it seems as though you are the one that needs to come downtown. Come with us please. Alone, preferably.” He noted, seeing all the people in the room.

“I don’t think so. We are her family now, and you won’t keep me from being with my daughter.” Gerard growled.

“That’s right!” Lyn-z backed him up, “She’s our daughter now, and you won’t take her somewhere without us.”

“Fine. You two alone can follow us to the police station. The rest of you stay here.” The other police officer finally spoke up.

“Mikes, can you and Alicia watch Bandit for us please?” Lyn-z asked.

“Of course we can!” They answered in unison.

I wound up having to ride with the police officers, which was the most silent car ride I have ever had. Finally after what seemed like forever, we arrived at the police station. I got out and waited for Lyn-z and Gerard and we followed the officers into the building, down a blindingly white hallway, and into an insanely dark room. It took my eyes a moment to adjust to the difference in the lighting, and I noticed it was simply furnished with only a metal table and four chairs.

“So tell us about the alleged beatings your parents gave you, Miss Vanderbilt.” The skinnier man said.

“They’re not alleged. They really happened. I would get beat mercilessly for a stupid reason. All of these I got because I accidentally put onions in the spaghetti when I knew my mom didn’t like them. She was drunk, and decided I needed to be taught a lesson. I’ve been beaten when my room wasn’t spotless, when I came home with a B instead of an A, when I asked for gas money, and when I asked for lunch money. There are other numerous times that I’ve been beaten, and I can’t remember them all. But I remember how it felt seeing the teachers look at me and not care, just shake their heads and not notice. They never believed me because my parents told them I was self-harming and doing this to get attention. They never noticed how the hand marks were noticeably bigger than my own or that I bite my nails and couldn’t have scratched my arms and legs. I’ll admit, sometimes they would do nice things for me like randomly take me to get new clothes or get me the concert tickets where I met MCR and they saw me, just two days after the last beating I had gotten. But all these beatings are alleged right? So I just did them myself, right? Let me show you the scars.” I was almost in tears, but I wasn’t going to let these asses see me cry.

I lifted up my shirt, and showed them scars from having knives thrown at me and them grazing my sides, the scar from having my head slammed against a counter over and over, and the scars from where my “mother” scratched me numerously.

I made the mistake of looking over at Lyn-z and Gerard to see them crying, and I lost it. I ran out of the room, down the hall, and out of the building. I kept running and didn’t stop until I came to a park. I found a nice little place to hide from the world a while, and sat down and cried. I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore and my face was raw from wiping the tears away with my shirt sleeve.

Gerard POV
I listened to Annelise’s story and felt hot tears slide down my face. How could they do such things to such an innocent child? She didn’t deserve any of that. I saw her trying not to lose control, and then we made eye contact. She looked at me, then Lyn-z and ran out of the room. We stood up simultaneously to run after her, but man was she fast! By the time we got outside she was long gone. I turned and looked at the officers and said “Great job assholes. Now you can help us find our daughter. If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t have run out. You had to push her, didn’t you? Why are you still standing here? GET OUT THERE AND FIND HER!” I roared.

“Y-y-y-yes sir right away sir!” pencil stache stammered.

“This may be the wrong time to ask, but can I have your autograph for my daughter?” the taller one asked.

“You’re damn straight it is. But since it’s for your daughter and not her douche father, I’ll do it.” I whipped out a pen and signed his stupid little notebook.

I called Mikey and told him what happened, and told him we were going to find her.

“Not without us! We’re her family too bro. We’ll meet you at the police station.” And he hung up so I couldn’t tell him no.

Twenty minutes later, Mikey, Ray, Frank, Bob, Tierney, Angela, Hayley, Triana, and Kirrah pulled up.

“Alright, Lyn-z, Mikey, Tierney, Hayley and I will go look in the park. Angela, Frank, Ray, Triana, Bob, and Kirrah go look on the beach. Meet back at my place at 4.” I ordered.

We split up, and we went to the park. She wasn’t in the slide, the patch of woods, the bathrooms, or anywhere! I couldn’t believe this. We yelled her name thousands of times, and there was never an answer.

Frank’s POV
We combed the beach looking for her. We called her name over and over, but to no avail. She wasn’t in the Surf Shack, the bike rental place, the pier, or even at the Starbucks across the street.

“Hey Uncle Frank Triana, Kirrah, and I are going to go look for her on our own. Is that okay?” Angela asked me.

“Yeah, just keep your phone on loud okay?” I answered tiredly. I watched as the girls tore off in the opposite direction. Maybe they’d find her. Teenage girls have that tendency to find each other no matter what. I’ll never understand it.

Angela’s POV
“Okay, I’ve got a plan. I think I know where she is. I texted Tierney and Hayley and told them to meet us at the park. It’s not that far of a walk from here, and I bet I know where she is. Where’s the one place you go to think when you’re at the park?” I asked.

“The huge tree that has a hollow trunk!” Kirrah exclaimed

“Exactly where I was thinking.” I smiled.

We continued walking to the park, and met Tierney and Hayley at the bathrooms.

“Okay, so we think that she’s at the hollow tree. What do y’all think?” Triana asked.

“That sounds right. Let’s go!” Hayley shouted.

We set off for the hollow tree, hoping to God that’s where she was.

Annelise’s POV
I awoke with a start when I heard footsteps crunching up leaves and sticks. I glanced around in fear and grabbed the biggest stick I could grab, ready for anything or anyone. The footsteps got closer and closer, and I got ready to swing. Then I caught a glance of bright red fringe and recognized Hayley. I looked a little closer and saw Triana, Angela, Kirrah, and Tierney! I dropped my stick and ran towards them, and was engulfed in a huge hug.

“What were you thinking?!” Tierney exclaimed, “We were worried sick!”

“I just wanted to get away. I didn’t mean to cause all this trouble.” I said, putting my head down.

“It’s okay, as long as you’re safe.” Kirrah said.

Hayley called Gerard and he called Frank and soon everyone was at the park. I took one look at Lyn-z’s tear stricken face and felt a pang of regret.

“I’m sorry Lyn-z. I-I couldn’t take seeing you and Gee so upset over me. I understand if you want to send me back home.” I hung my head in shame.

“No, baby doll. We’re not sending you home to those horrible people. You belong with us! Now let’s get you home and cleaned up. Tomorrow, I’m going to take you shopping!” she said happily.

Gee didn’t say anything; he just hugged me and tried to put unspoken words in the hug. I got the message loud and clear.

Mikey gave me a condescending pat on my shoulder and said “Kiddo, you can talk to us about anything. Don’t run away again, please.”

“How did you manage to not hear us yelling for you? You must have the hearing of a ninety year old!” Frank chuckled.

I punched him in the shoulder and managed to make him laugh harder.

Ray just told me that I should run a marathon since I ran that far, making me laugh.

“Running away is not the answer.” Bob said, “It never solves anything!”

We headed home to enjoy the rest of the day together. Which in this house hold apparently means having a game day, which was perfectly fine by me since I love video games. We played Rock band for a while, until everyone got tired of Frank rubbing in his perfect scores so we played Black Ops, Gears of War, Dead Island, and a lot of other games until we crashed.
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