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Desolation Row

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Cinderella she seems so easy; “Well it takes one to know one” she smiles as she puts her hands in her back pockets somebody save us all!

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I love my sleep just as much as the next person, so when my phone vibrated at 7 o clock the next morning, I was a little peeved.
How’d you like your little run-in with the cops? ~ Nicole~
I was so angry I couldn’t even see straight! I had an inkling feeling that she somehow had something to do with yesterday’s fiasco.
Your little diabolical plan didn’t work. Hate to break it to ya sweetie. Leave me alone and have a nice life. MCRmy :D
Satisfied when she didn’t text back, I rolled over to go back to sleep when the tantalizing smell of coffee came drifting up the stairs. I waged an internal war with myself. Sleep or coffee? That was the question. Should I leave my warm comfortable bed for a warm cup of amazing coffee? In the end, coffee won. I got up and slowly walked down stairs to find Gee and Lyn-z already up fixing coffee and deep in conversation. Not wanting to disturb their probably only alone time they’ll have all day, I quietly turned around headed back upstairs. I smiled to myself as I went up the stairs. They’re such a cute couple and I’m so lucky that they’ve taken me in. I need to repay them somehow…I could draw them something! I’m not the best artist, but I’m not horrible either. I dug my sketchpad and pencils out of my bag, and set to work, only stopping to put my hair in a messy bun so I could concentrate without my hair in my way.

Lyn-z’s POV
When we found Annelise yesterday, my heart flooded with relief. I wanted her to feel welcome here and that she could come to us about anything, but she seems kind of distant. It’s like she’s afraid to love, really. I got up and headed to the kitchen where Gerard already was, making coffee of course.
“Morning beautiful.” He said as he pecked my cheek. After four years of marriage he still manages to make my heart flutter and my stomach have butterflies.
“Gee, I’m worried about Annelise. Why would she run out like that? I want her to feel comfortable and welcome and like she belongs. I want her to know how much we love her already.” I fretted.
“Lyn-z it’s okay. From what we heard yesterday, it could take a while for her to love anybody. Wouldn’t it take you a while if your parents had chucked knives at you? She didn’t even tell us about that. She doesn’t want to worry us; just give her time and she’ll come ‘round. Besides, Bandit loves her unconditionally already and I think she knows that. Besides, you two can bond today when you go shopping!” He soothed me, rubbing my back. He gave me another kiss and a hug.
“You’re right, you’re right. I wouldn’t be the most trusting person either. Well I’m going to go check on her, I’ll be right back.” I smiled.
I walked up the stairs first stopping in Bandit’s room to see her sleeping peacefully, her little mouth in an O shape. I smiled and walked on to Annelise’s room. I peeked in her door and saw her cross legged on the floor, pencils and paper strewn everywhere. She appeared to be drawing something important because her face was deep in concentration. A few loose strands of hair fell from her face and she didn’t even notice. I didn’t want to bother her so I just went back downstairs and told Gerard about what I had seen. He beamed with pride and said “I guess we have another artist in the house now!” I thought his jaw bones were going to break since he was grinning so hard.
Annelise’s POV
All I could focus on was the squeak of the eraser and the scratching sound of pencil on paper. I hope they like it! Finally, two hours later, my creation was finished. I had Lyn-z and Gerard’s faces in a heart with the lyrics from Summertime written all over the paper except in the heart. I just hope they like it. I looked down at my hands and saw grey all over them from the drawing. I just laughed it off and went downstairs to show them. Bandit had woken up by then and they were keeping her entertained with Sesame Street. I found them in the kitchen like earlier.
“I made something for y’all.” I drawled, making them laugh.
“Okay, what is it?” They asked.
“Just a little something; it’s my way of saying thanks.” I said shyly, “I don’t think it’s very good but I tried my best.”
I handed it to them and waited for their reactions. A smile slowly crept across their faces.
“I love it! You have really got some talent there Annie-bug.” Lyn-z said.
“We’re so proud of you! I love the Summertime idea!” Gee smiled.
“I’m glad you love it.” I blushed.
“Well, if you’re still up for shopping go get yourself ready unless you want to go in your pajamas!” Lyn-z laughed.
I looked down and squeaked. I had forgotten I was still in my PJ’s! I ran upstairs and got ready. I broke a new record for myself! I was ready in fifteen minutes, hair straight and makeup completely done. I then realized I was still in my PJ’s. I’m so retarded sometimes. I quickly threw on an Iron Maiden vintage tee, some shorts, and my ragged black converse. I grabbed my wallet and ran back downstairs to find Lyn-z already waiting for me.
“All set? Let’s go!” she sang.
We hopped into her car and left for the mall. When we got there, she asked “Alrighty we’re here, so where do you want to go?”
“Does this mall have a Spencer’s? Or Hot Topic?” I asked.
“Unfortunately there’s not a Spencer’s but there is a Hot Topic!” she replied.
“Hot Topic it is!” I laughed.
She giggled at me and I looked at her. “What? You accent is cute!”
“Well I am from the South!” I laughed
“What part?” she inquired.
“Alabama..” I admitted.
“Nothing wrong with that. Never be ashamed of where you come from doll. It makes you the person you are today.” She advised.
“Thanks, Lyn-z.” I smiled.
“If you want, you can call me mom. Lyn-z makes it sound like, way too formal.” She smiled warmly.
“Okay, mom.” I said, feeling the familiar word warm my heart.
We finally reached Hot Topic, and I rushed inside. We were in there for almost an hour! I tried to pay, but Lyn-z wouldn’t let me. When we finally came out, I had six new band tees, four new graphic tees, seven pairs of skinnies, and a glittery pair of black converse! My day had been made. We walked by and I saw a piercing shop. I looked at Lyn-z and she looked at me.
“Mom, please?” I begged.
“I don’t care, but you’re going to tell Gee, not me!” she said.
I practically dragged her into the store.
“Welcome to Screamers, what can I help you with today?” said a cute guy at the desk.
“How much is a lip piercing and an industrial?” I asked tentatively.
“It’s $95 even.” He said smiling.
I looked at Lyn-z with puppy dog eyes and she gave in. I happily plopped in the chair and the guy came over to the chair, gauge in hand.
“Okay, where do you want it?” he asked.
“My bottom lip, left side.” I replied.
He took a marker and put a dot where he would put it through and asked if that was where I wanted it.
“Can you hold my hand L- Mom?” I asked.
“Of course.” She laughed.
I gripped her hand for dear life as he positioned it, and pushed through. It seemed to last a lifetime but it was really only a few seconds. I sighed in relief and then remembered that I had another one to get. I braced myself but I never felt anything.
“All done!” he chirped.
“Are you serious? That was fast!” I laughed. Then Mom smirked and giggled.
“That’s what she said!” she burst out laughing.
We went to the counter, and I wouldn’t let her pay this time. I quickly pulled out my hundred dollars that was supposed to be for the concert and paid.
Before I left, the guy, whose name was Nick, came up to me and said “Here’s a booklet on how to keep it clean,” then he shyly said “I may have pierced your lip, but your smile pierced my heart. Now, give me a call if you have questions about piercing care.” He punched his number in my phone and we walked out.
“Get it get it!” Mom laughed.
“I may not get anything but groundation when we get home!” I laughed.
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