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Teenagers Pt 1

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Teenagers scare the living shit outta me; they could care less as long as someone will bleed. So darken your clothes and strike a violent pose maybe they’ll leave you alone but not me…

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This is only part 1 sorry its all I can post for now. :/
I walked slowly up the steps, just waiting to see his reaction once I stepped in the door. Mom went ahead of me, and I tried to sneak around and go up the stairs.
“Not so fast little girl! You wanted it, now you have to deal with your dad.” Mom giggled.
I groaned inwardly and trudged towards his studio. I was in some deep shit, no doubt about it. I could hear the scratching of a pen and crumpling of paper, then an “Ugh no. That doesn’t sound right!” oh boy. I walked in slowly and he turned around and smiled.
“Hey there sugar! What’d ya get?” he asked excitedly.
“Erm…well you see I got some new clothes, and then as we were leaving, Ikindasortabeggedmomandgotmylipandearpierced. And that’s about it! I’ll be in my room!” I yelled over my shoulder and almost took off running.
“Stop right there! YOU DID WHAT?! LYN-Z GET IN HERE!” he yelled, “Did you really let her get her LIP pierced?” he shuddered.
“Well yeah, she really wanted one y’know. It’s just a piercing!” Lyn-z countered, giving him a withering glare.
He quelled underneath her glare. “Well fine. When it gets infected I don’t want to hear any crying, whining, or whimpering. I’m going to laugh and laugh and laugh.” He sighed.
“Thank you daddy!” I squealed, wrapping my arms around his waist.
He looked taken aback, but he relaxed and hugged me back and kissed the top of my head. “You’re welcome sweetie,” Was all he said.
Time lapse: One month later
Annelise had settled into her new environment rather quickly and was loving every minute of it. They were everything she ever wanted and more. She had become especially close to the other girls, but she missed Ari and Sam.
“Daddy, can I text Ari and Sam and see if they can spend the last week of summer vacation with me? Pweeaase?!” I begged.
“It’s fine by me, have you asked your mother?” he replied
“Of course! She doesn’t care!” I squealed.
I hurriedly texted Ari and Sam to hammer out the details, and they would be here in two days!
Hayley POV:
“Okay Tier, you know that Mikey, Alicia, Gerard, Lyn-z, Frank, Jamia, Ray, and Christa are going out of town for Lyn-z’s art gallery opening in Las Vegas in a week. We need to throw the party of a century! Especially since mom will be watching Bandit for us instead of us since we’re teenagers. What do you think?” I asked.
“That sounds like a plan, girl! I can hardly wait for this!” Tierney almost yelled.
“Shhh! You’ll let Mikey know!” I hissed.
“No I won’t. This is too great to pass up! Who should we invite?” she asked.
“How about all of us girls, some guys from school, and that’s it. It doesn’t need to get too out of hand…” I ventured off.
“That sounds great to me. I definitely don’t want a huge mess to clean up so we get caught like you see in the movies. Now whose house should we have it at?” she asked with a sly grin.
“Annelise’s!” we shouted in unison.
“What was that girls?” Alicia asked,
“We’re going to Annelise’s! Be back later!” I yelled as we ran out the door. We only live ten minutes away by walking so before long, we were approaching the black gates of their house. We buzzed in the intercom and Reggie let us in without even asking. He knows the routine!
We ran up the stairs to Annelise’s room and told her the plan.
“Hell yes I’m in!” She all but yelled.
“SSSHHH!” we said in unison.
“Is it okay that my 2 friends Ari and Sam come too?” She asked hesitantly.
“Of course! The more the merrier!” Tier said.
Now all we could do was sit back and wait for our parents to leave in a couple days.
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