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desolation row

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Sorry I haven’t updated in I while :/ Have any of you read my “Not your normal vampire story” story? No. Okay. If any one likes it I Might write it. It takes to much time away from this one. Any way. (hehe Way)

Frank's Pov
“Awwwwwwwww” the girls squealed . “Shut up” Bob Yelled. “Harsh” Cameron said cuddling into Mikey. “Bed noaw?” Cameron asked looking at Mikey. “Sure Babe” he said kissing her nose. Gerard and I get to sleep on the mattress next to Mikey's bed, Gabby and Ray next to us and Bob and Cat next to them. Cameron was already asleep and Mikey was almost asleep. We all waited few minutes and Mikey went under. “Prank Time” I said grinning into pure darkness. “Yeah!” Gabby, Bob, Cat and Gerard said. “Ray asleep?” I asked. “Yep” Gabby said grinning. “I'll get the Hair straightener.” Gerard said getting up and going to Mikey's Bathroom. He came back out and turned on the lights. None of them woke up. We Straightened Ray fro which took about an hour. We walked over to Mikey and Cameron. “Make Up for Mikey?” Gerard asked. “Yeah” I said. Gabby went over to her bag and got her make up case. “Whip topping and feather for Cameron?” Gabby asked. We laughed. “Yeah but we'll have to run when she wakes up.” Bob said. Cat ran downstairs and got the Feather and whip topping. We put plenty of make up on Mikey. Next to Cameron. I Put the whip topping in her hand and Cat tickled her nose. “WHAT THE ACUAL FUCK!” Cameron screamed and woke up Ray and Mikey. She began to laugh. “Mikey Go look in the mirror” She said. “And Ray you to” They got up and went in the bathroom “You Dicks!” Ray yelled. “Fuck you guys” Mikey yelled and began to wash the make up off. Cameron began to like the whip topping off her hands and face. “Dude really?” I said looking at her. “What is Going on up here!” Gerard's Mom screamed. “Sorry!” We all said. “Its 3 In the morning. Go to bed” she said. She looked at Cameron, Then Ray, and Mikey came out of the bathroom. “MOM LOOK WHAT GERARD DID!” Mikey yelled pointing at his face. “Mikey Calm down, Sweet pea. Its just a prank” she said.

Cameon's Pov
I got up and handed Mikey a few make up remover pads. “Thanks babe” He said walking in the bathroom and taking the rest of his make up off. Donna's Eyes widened “You Finally asked her out?” She said Looking at me “Yeah and I’m the happiest I’ve been in 4 years.” He said Hugging me around the waist. Aww. Wait. The happiest He's Been in 4 years? “Mikey. What Made you sad or not happy?” I asked looking at him. “ Nothing. I Mean. I'll tell you later” I said Shaking his head. He went and Lied down on his bed. I looked at Donna. “Well Who's Hungry?” She asked. “ Me! I Am!” We all yelled. “I'll Just stay Up here” Mikey Said A Cuddled into the Wall. “Go Downstairs” I whispered to them and they all Fallowed Donna Downstairs. “Hey Babe Whats Wrong?” I asked Sitting on the end of his bed. “Its.... just..” He stuttered out between sobs. “I.... Well......... Well.... Uh......... “ “Its okay Mikey” I said Making him sit up and pulling him into a hug. “ Well you know I was cheated on right?” I said looking at me. “Yes.” I said Gulping. Who the Fuck would cheat on Mikey. He a Fucking perfect Angel! “well She cheated on me with one of my best friends who tired to kill me and then he Beat me up for the past 4 years. I wouldn't tell anyone because I knew he would pound me more if I told.” He said. I took off his glasses “Mikey Hunny you should have told. We Would have helped in any way we could.” I said rubbing his back. God I sounded like a mom. “I didn’t want you or any of my friends to get hurt.” He sighed. I gave him back his glasses and Kissed him. “You're so sweet.” I said. We walked downstairs and got some pizza with the group.
~TIME LAP; October~
I woke up and looked at my phone October 1st whoa Its October already. I rubbed my eyes and got up. I got dressed and Went downstairs. “Morning Cameron” My mom Said is a sing song voice. Ugh “Morin Mom.” I said Grabbing my keys and walking out the door. I went and picked up Mikey Gerard and Frank. By Now Frank Had his Stitches out. Gerard and Frank were talking and Mikey was daydreaming. I went to Starbucks and got us all Coffee. “Thanks” Gerard and Frank said and went back to Talking “Thanks babe” Mikey said Kissing me. We went to school. This was my first day with my new Car. My parents bought me a Jeep wrangler because I had good Grades. I loved that car. Its Red with Black Tigers on the doors ( Yes it's a 2 door). The inside was Black leather. Heated Seats. Stereo built in. Tinted Windows. My parents got it Customized for me. All the kids Stormed My car when we pulled up. “We're going to be “Popular” I said laughing “Please” Gerard said. We got out. “Whoa who's car! That Car is sooo Cool. Can we have a ride?” we got swarmed with questions. I hit the Lock button on my key chain and walk in the school. “So you have a new car Huh?” Adam Said Walking over to me. “Yeah Fuck Face” I said walking past him. He Grabbed Mikey and started beating him up. “MIKEY!” I screamed and charged Adam. “Oh so after 4 years you care now?” Adam asked. I felt like crying. “You're the one who made My Mikey Sad?” I said getting angry. He laughed “Your Mikey.” he spat. “Why Would you date this Fugly Dork?” He said and Began to beat Mikey up again. “STOP!” I Cried “Beat me up. Not Him” I said. “What?” Adam asked stopping at looking at me. “Don't Beat Mikey Up anymore. Beat me up instead.” I said Gulping. He came Over and Punched me in the face. I squealed. “ Okay. Your More Fun to beat up anyway.” he spat him my face. “Just don’t hurt Mikey Anymore.” I said coughing up blood. Gerard and Frank Stood there Not knowing what to do so they Ran to the Office. Adam Kicked me a few times in the ribs and Once in the face and walked away. I pulled myself to Mikey and Cuddled up to him. He was still breathing but his eyes were closed. I coughed up more blood and every thing went black.

Ray's Pov
I got in the school and Saw Blood on the lockers and the floor and there was a bunch of kids standing around. I looked at Bob. We both ran over. “Children Back away!” I heard teachers yelling. “Mikey! Mikey?” I heard Gerard saying between sobs. We Pushed to the front to see Cameron and Mikey On the floor Covered in blood and Broken. My eyes widened. What happened? We heard sirens and then a bunch of Paramedics came in. “Move Out of the way!” they yelled. The kids ran off to class. Cameron and Mikey got taken to the hospital. We fallowed the Ambulance to the hospital. “will they be okay?!” we asked when we got there. “maybe” the doctors said. A few hours had passed and we sat in the waiting room. Cameron and Mikey Came out. Cameron had a Bandage on her nose and Mikey had a few Cuts an bruises and a minor Concussion. “What happened?”Bob asked. “Adam.” Cameron said almost crying. The doctor came over. “Okay You can go home.” he said and walked away. “I don't want to.” Cameron said crying “I just want to leave this stupid town!” she cried as we left. “I know Babe.” Mikey said. “By the way. Thank you.” “For what?” Cameron Said “Risking your self for me.” He said Sighing “But You shouldn't have” “Mikey! They were going to kill you!” she said bawling “I can't lose you Mikey!” He sighed “ I Can't Lose you either. But I don’t want you hurt.”
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