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Our Lady of Sorrows

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frank mets the rest of the crew. and Bob True feeling come out

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Frank's Pov
Gerard and I walked Hand in Hand Till we got to his locker. “I Guess I'll see you later” I said Kissing Him. “Well well well” We heard a voice from behind us, we both turned around to see the school bully Punching his fist into his hand. “Fuck off, Adam” Gerard said Grabbing my hand. “ Gonna fight me Way?” Adam Said Pushing Gee into the lockers. “Hey! Knock it off!” I yelled sounding like a wimp. “I've never seen you around here. Maybe because your To short to be seen anywhere.” Adam said Pushing me to the ground. I hit my back I Whined and Gee Got up and ran over to me “are you okay Frankie-Boo?” He said Propping me up In his lap. “Not really” I said Weakly. Adam Just stood there and laughed “Frankie-boo?” He said laughing harder. Gerard got up and Punched Adam In The nose. Adam hit the ground blood coming from his nose. Gerard Kicked him a few times in the ribs then walked over to me and helped me up. “What the Fuck Way??” Adam Said Clutching his side. “Well Maybe you should Fuck off.” Gerard said. “Did anything happen to your stitches?” Gerard asked me “I-I-I Don't think so.” I said Gulping. “You okay Frank?” Gerard asked me. “Yeah, I’ve just never seen you so.. Violent.” I said. “well He hurt you He deserved it.” Gerard said Kissing my Nose. “Your Dead Way!” Adam said limping down the hall. “I’m not Scared of him.” Gerard said Walking outside. When we got outside We saw Ray, Mikey and, Bob and a few Girls I've never seen before sitting around the big oak tree. We went over to them, “ Hey Guys!” Ray said Standing up. “Hey” Gerard said. “Mikey did you, Ya know?” Gerard asked him. Mikey turned a bright shade of red, “No Not yet I Will in a minute” He said. “Okay” “You must be Frank!” the girl with Brownish Blondish hair, Blue-Green eyes, Glasses, and a Misfits hoodie, that was covered in white dog fur, and Red Plaid Skinny jeans and Boots, said. She was about 5'1, shorter then me. “Uh Yeah.” I said looking at her, it was weird having to look down to someone. “I'm Cameron!” She said Shaking my hand and Running over to Mikey and Stealing his Coffee “Come on Cameron!” Mikey yelled as he ran after her. The other girl got up and came over to me. “Hi!” She said “ I'm Gabrielle, but you should Call me Gabby The rest of the group dose.” “Uh okay” I said looking at Gerard. Gabby Had Bright Pink Hair, that was like a flat Afro, Brown eyes, She had a Zebra print Tee-shirt with Hot Pink Skinnys and Black Flats. She walked Over and Sat in Ray's Lap and started putting things that were either Cameron's Or Mikey's in his Fro. He laughed and Kissed her Cheek. “Cameron! Give me back My coffee!” Mikey yelled Still running after Cameron. “Fine” She said Giving him his Coffee back. “Your Cute when your Pissed” She said Skipping back over to us. “Really?” Mikey Asked Sitting down “Yeah” She said “Hey! Wheres My phone!” She Yelled Glaring at Gabby and Ray. “I Don't know” Gabby Said Cracking up. Cameron Ran Full Speed at Gabby and Football Tackled her. “Ouch! Cameron Get off me! Owww! Cameron!” Gabby Yelled Pushing with all her might to get Cameron Off Of her. “Not Till I Get my Phone Back!” Cameron Yelled. “Fine!” Gabby Yelled “Ray Shake Your Fro!” Gabby yelled. Ray Just Shurged, “Okay” He said Shaking his Fro and Things went flying everywhere, From Cameron's Phone To Mikey's Favorite pen, To Doritos, to Pencils. “You Took My Pen!' Mikey yelled grabbing his pen and putting back in his bag. “Thank you!” Cameron said Running at getting her phone. A Few Hours had passed and no one came looking for us till about Noon, Lunch Time, The Nurse came out, “Cameron Murray!!! Are You Out Here!” She Screamed and walked over to us and Grabbed Cameron's hand and Dragged her inside. “What Was that about?” I asked. “Cameron will tell you When she gets back.” Mikey Said Looking around “Okay” I said laying in Gerard's Lap. A few minutes later Cameron Came back Drinking some milk and Eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. “Sorry about that” she said sitting back down. “its cool” Mikey said Smiling at her. “We Should Do Facts about our selves!” Cameron Shouted. “Okay” We all said Shrugging. “I'll Go First” Cameron said. “1. I'm Type One Diabetic. 2. I'm Hyper 3. I Fucking Love Coffee 4. I Don't get along with my Parents 5. I Used to cut, I stopped when I met these awesome mother fuckers 6 I Play Bass 7. I have a Husky/Wolf 8 I want to be in a band 9 I Like dead things, Expecilly when you can poke them with a stick! And 10. IlikeMikey” She Said The last So Fast no one could understand her. “What was number 10?” Mikey asked. “Uh well I said that I Uh I Like Mikey” She said Hiding her face with her Hood. “Ohh La la!” Gabby Sang. “Shut Up!” Cameron Screamed “It's okay” Mikey said Rubbing her back “Truth be told, I Like you too” “No Mikey! I mean like More then friends!” She Screamed into her Knees “I know That’s what I mean to.” Mikey said. “Really?” she said looking up “Really” Mikey said Kissing her Forehead. “Will you be My Girlfriend?” Mikey Asked her “Awwwwww” Gabby said Cuddling into Ray. “Yes” Cameron Said walking over and Sitting in Mikey's lap. Mikey Wrapped his arms around her. 'Who's Next?” Cameron asked looking at Gabby. “fine!” Gabby said “1. I Love Coffee 2. I don't play an instrument even though Ray Has Tried teaching me Guitar I still don't get it 3. I have a Dachshund named Penny 4. I like Pink and Black 5. I'm not good at coming up with stuff about my self 6 I' had a bad relationship with my parents growing up, and I still do and uh is it cool if I mention The Thing Gerard?” she said looking at Gee. “i don't care” he said shrugging. “Okay 7 Me and Gerard, Uh Dated, but hey we're still best friends! And 8 I Fucking Love Ray Toro!” She said kissing Ray on the Cheek. “Me next?” Ray asked. 'Sure!' Cameron said 'Okay 1 I come from a Puerto Rican House hold 2 I play Guitar 3 I have a dog named Boy 4 I Like Putting stuff like Chips in my fro and then shaking my head 5 I Want to be in a band 6 I have 2 brothers. And 7 I'm In Love with my Gabby” he said Grinning like crazy. We Went on and Mikey Finished and it was about 2 in the afternoon “What To Do?” I asked, Just then The principle and Adam came out “Frank Iero! Gerard Way!” she screamed “Yeah?” Gerard Barely Looking at her “What Did you Do To Adam?” She Asked. “He Deserved it!” Gerard Yelled. “How?” She Yelled back “He Pushed Me into the Lockers and Pushed Frank To The Ground!” Gerard yelled standing up and Walking at them, they both moved back slightly. “DID HE HURT YOU PHISICLY?” she yelled in Gerard's face “YES HE DID! HE HURT FRANKIE!” “HOW?!” “FRANK HAS STITCHES IN HIS BACK AND WHEN ADAM PUSHED HIM HIT IT THEM!” “ADAM AND GERARD! YOU HAVE DETENTION!! TODAY AFTER SCHOOL!” she looked at the rest of us: Cameron and Mikey Cuddling drinking out of the same cup, Gabby and Ray eating chips, Gabby put chips in Ray's fro, and Bob Sound asleep. “AND THE REST OF YOU! DETENTION ASWHEIL!” she yelled pointing as us “Why?” Cameron said in her I’m-going-to-argue-because-I-like-to-argue voice. “DON'T GET A TONE WITH ME CHILD!” the principal yelled. “I just asked why” Cameron said in the same tone “BECAUSE YOU SKIPPED CLASSES TODAY!” “ Prove it” The principal just stood there in awe. A teenager out smarted her. “Fine Gerard, Adam if fighting happens again it will be detention.” She said walking away, leaving Gerard and Adam 10 Feet away from each other. “Fuck you Way!” Adam said. He walked over to Cameron “Thanks for getting me out of detention.” he said With a grin “Adam! You've never liked me and you never will! So give up the “Your Cute and I like you” Act.” Cameron yelled “But Cameron” Adam said with puppy dog eyes “You know you like me. You just say you like Him” He said pointing at Mikey “To cover up your Liking for me” he finished walking over to Cameron and taking her chin in his hands and placing a kiss on her lips. She pushed him off and Mikey came over a Pushed him to the ground. Mikey looked hurt. “Mikey you know-” Cameron started “Don't wast your breath, Murray” Mikey said walking away. Cameron Started bawling and walked over to Bob, her and Bob had been friends the longest and Bob knew how to comfort her, Cameron lied down next to Bob and Put her head on he chest “Bob?” She said Slowly shaking him till he woke up. “Yeah, Cameron?” he said stroking her hair. “Mikey d-doesn’t, He Doesn’t, he won't believe me.” she said putting her head into his chest. “Lets go talk to him, 'Kay bud?” he said standing up and helping Cameron up and Putting he arm around and using his other hand to ruffle up her hair. “Have they dated before?” I whispered to Gerard. “Kind of” he said “What do you mean?” “I mean they had feelings for each other and held hands a lot and hung out a lot but nothing was fully “Official” He said. “Oh” I said sitting back down and looking at Gabby and Ray. Gabby Had Fallen asleep in Ray's arms and he was almost asleep. So gee and I lied next to them and fell asleep as well.

Cameron's Pov
“It'll be okay” Bob said Rubbing my back “No Bob it won''t!” I said looking at him “Bob I Love Mikey but deep deep down I still have that little crush on you and I know Deep Deep down you still like me to” “Cameron Your my best friend, you always will be, but seeing you with Mikey just, Hurts I guess, You get what I’m trying to say right??” he said Taking my face in one of his cool pale hands. “I Get what your saying, Bob, but remember your girlfriend, Ryan?” I said looking at him “Yeah” he said looking at his Suddenly interesting shoes. “Bob It hurt me So much to see you being with her, Kissing her nose, telling her that you love her, hugging her, Kissing her, walking hand in hand with her, Letting her sit in your lap, all of that it hurt me, my heart shadderd in to about a billion little pieces every time I saw you with her” I said Putting his face in my hand, Making him look at me. “But when you two broke up it was like I could feel how much pain you were in, how you felt, and I don't know how or why but I did and Bob I still like you, maybe even love you but I Love Mikey More, But Bob You will always be The person I go to with my problems” I said Kissing him on the cheek. He smiled “maybe were like twins” he laughed and we kept on looking for Mikey. “Mikey” I said when I saw him sitting on the edge of the woods, bawling. “Mikey!” I yelled running over to him and sitting next to him. I looked at Bob and Saw all the hurt on his face. “Bob are you okay?” I asked looking at him 'I'll be fine” He said and walked away. I wanted to yell: Bob Don't leave stay here with me! Bob! But I didn’t. Truth be told I'm still in love with Bob more then I’ll admit. Every time Bob looked at me with his beautiful baby blues eyes and his Blonde hair that was always in his face, Bob was beautiful, But I felt more for Mikey, With his Brown Hair that hung slightly in his face, his Hazel eyes and Glasses and his Nerdy-ness. “Mikey You know I love you and-” I gulped I couldn't think, with Bob on my mind and Adam Kissing me I was still trying to process it all. I shook my head I Don't Love Bob! I yelled at my self, in my head. Adam is A Fucking douche bag piece of shit the fucking plays every girl in our Whole Fucking school. There we go, I know the I don’t love Bob is a lie but it help clear up my mind. “Mikey whats Wrong?” I asked “He kissed you and said that you didn’t love me you used me to cover your like for him.” “Mikey! You know that’s a lie!” I screamed “What if it isn't?” I felt like crying “Fine Mikey Screw it you don't love me! If you did you would Believe me!” “Cameron I love you more then anything! It's just I saw him kiss you and-” he trailed off “But you wouldn't believe me. What makes you think that I’ll believe that you'll believe me.” I said looking at him, Fuck he was perfect! I moved a piece of hair out of his face. “Cameron just, I don’t know, I believe you that you don’t love him. Its just Hard on me because I-I've been Cheated on before.” he said crying some more. “Mikey you know I’d never cheat on you.” I said hugging him “I know” he said hugging me and kissing my nose.

The 2 girls are based of me and my aunt. I'm the one that likes mikey and shes the one dating ray.
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