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Vampires will never Hurt you

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Franks pov
We headed home and Got all my stuff unpacked in the Spare Bedroom, Witch was In the basement, with a door Connecting mine and Gee's Room.
“Gerard Arthur Way! Michael James Way! Get Up/Down Here!” Gerard's mom Yelled.
“Coming Mom!!!!” Gerard yelled Grabbing My hand And Running up the stairs.
“Yeah?”Gerard and Mikey Said in Unison
“Why Are you Home So late?” She demanded, then looked at Gerard and my hands. “Gerard Arthur Way do you have something to tell me?”
Gulp “Uh Me and Frankie Finally got together!” He smiled.
“I'm So Happy For you dear!” She kissed His forehead and Hugged me
“Omph” I said
“Did I Hurt you dear?”
“A little But that’s because I have stitches in my back” she gave me a Confused look “My Mom threw a bottle at my back and hit me with a back and the glass got embedded in my back” I explained.
“Oh My! You look Hungry” She exclaimed. “Yeah Kind of” I mummerd. Ray and Bob can Tumbling down the Stairs “We're Hungry!!!” “ Okay Boys Go in the living room and I'll Make Pizza. 3 or 4?” She asked “5” They All yelled. “Okay Boys” She said I was Still in the Kitchen. “Your Vegan right, dear? “ she looked at me “Uh Yeah. How'd You...” I looked Confused “It's Easy to tell Dear, I' Know many Vegans. Why are you Vegan, If you don’t mind my asking.” She asked Putting Veggie Pizza In the Oven. “ I'm lactose intolerant and I Cant Stand what they do to animals.” I explained to her. “Well I’m glad to see someone so young Trying something different.” She said Walking over to the Table and Picking up a newspaper “ you can tell the guys that they can hang out in their rooms” She said look at me over her newspaper “okay” I said walking to the living room. “Gee Come on we can go hang out on our rooms, your mom said so.” I said walking into the living room and grabbing Gee's hand and going downstairs. Mikey, Bob, and Ray went upstairs to Mikey's room. When We got downstairs I walked over to Gerard's Bed and Sat down. He went to the door and locked it “You think so, huh?” I said laughing. “It's Possible” He Said Grinning. He sat down next to me and Shrugged, “Whatcha wanna do?” He asked but barley got the stench out before I was lying on top of him kissing him. We Came up for air and he Laughed “What?” I asked. “Nothing” He said Kissing me again.

Mikey's Pov
“Come on Bob You can do better then that!” Ray Yelled at the top of his lungs
“BOYS FOODS READY!!!!!!!” I Heard mom yell from downstairs. Ray and Bob Ran down at the speed of light and I Jogged down behind them, When We got downstairs Gerard and Frank were Just coming up from the basement. What took them so long? Gerard licked his lips and Laughed and Frank just played with his Lip ring. Something happened. “Take your pick. Leave enough veggie for Frank and be quite. I'm going to bed” mom said walking upstairs to her room. “What happened between you too?” I looked at Gerard and Frank. “None of your Business” Gerard said Getting a few slices of Pepperoni Pizza and Siting at the table. Frank walked over to the table with Like 5 pieces of Veggie Pizza and sat in Gerard’s Lap.

Frank's Pov
“I'm tired Gee-Bear” I said Looking a Gee and Yawning “Me Too Frankie-Boo” He said Kissing my Nose. I got up and Put my dish in the sink and Walked To the basement door. “Frank come Check out my room quick”Mikey Said Running to the Attic Stairs. I fallowed him up and Looked around “Nice” I said looking at the X-Box “Thanks!” He Said Jumping on his bed “Alright Frankie Lets Go to bed you look Exusted.” Gee Said Picking me up and walking down to the Basement. “Night Gee-bear” I said Snuggling into him. “Night Frankie-boo” he said Wrapping his arms around me.

Gerard's Pov.
I Woke up and looked at my phone Tuesday September 19th 6:37 am. 1 New Text message from Mikes. I Opened the text message and read it: Hey Gerard When you get this message me back. Did you and Frank..... Ya Know what I’m getting at. Really Mikey?! I texted him back: Hey Mikes. It's none of your business what Frank and I do so stay out of it, Okay? If Frank wants to tells you stuff it's fine by me but I don't wanna tell things if Frank isn’t okay with it. So Please Stay out of it. Thanks. I Got up and Got in the shower. Man I didn't want to go to school today, But at least I’ll have my Frankie-Boo with me. I heard Frank From my room “Gee?” “Hey Frankie” I said walking in from the bathroom with a towel wrapped loosely around my hips.

Frank's Pov
“We have school today don't we?” I asked a little groggy yet. “Yeah” Gee Said Sitting next to me. “man” I said getting up and walking over to my duffel bag and Grabbed a Misfits tee and Some Lime green Skinnys. I got dressed and went to the Bathroom and Put my Red Eyeliner on. Gerard came in “ You should Put red on the sides of your hair and Black In the center” he said Playing with my Black Shaggy hair. “Yeah I should do something different with it” I said looking at Gerard, Who was still in his Towel. “I'm going to get dressed before you drool” he said Walking to his Dresser. And Grabbing an Iron Madden Shirt and Grey ripped Skinnys. He came in Fully Dressed and Put his Black eyeliner on “ you really should wear red” I said Waving my red eyeliner at him. “ I'm good, I like my black” he said Smudging his eyeliner. I laughed “Your such a diva” I said Pushing him Playfully. He shook his hips and laughed.
“Boys Get up!” I heard Gerard’s Mom Yell from the Kitchen Gerard ran upstairs Dragging me Behind him. We Were the only two up other then Gerard’s Mom. “You boys are up early” she said handing us Coffee. Mikey Ray And Bob Came down talking about a movie they watched last night “ Boys enough” Gerard's Mom, Donna, said Pointing at the table witch was set with Coffee Mugs, Plates and, Food. We ate in complete Silence. “ you okay boys?” Donna asked “Yeah. Hey Mikes Did you get my text?” Gerard said Scarfing down some eggs. “Uh yeah Sorry.” “its cool man Just Talk to Frank” Gerard said getting up and putting his stuff away and slipping on a hoodie and his bag. “Comin' Frankie?” “Uh Yeah” I said Getting up and walking out the door with Gee. “Wait up!” Mikey yelled running after us with Ray and Bob running after him. We both stopped and let them catch up to us. “So Mikey Gonna ask Cameron Out Today?” Gerard asked. “Yeah!” Mikey Said Running ahead of us. Gerard wrapped his hand around mine as we got to the school, we heard a few things from “Eww Emo Gay Fags” To “Awww How cute! Love is love!” I just smiled I had my Gee-bear and that’s all that matters
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