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Drowning Lessons

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Frank's Pov.
We walked out of the hospital and I Sighed
“Whats Wrong Babe?”
“I Wish my mom would have understood more, been more Understanding, Gee.”
“Oh.” He Gave Me a bug hug and I whimpered. “I'm sorry! I'm really Sorry Frankie!”
“Its okay, Trust me” I Said Kissing His Cheek.
“You goof” He said Laughing

Mikey's Pov
“Look at Gerard and Frank, There happy together.”
“Yeah This is the hapist I’ve seen Gerard in along time.” Ray Mumbled.
“I'm Glad He's Happy” I said Grinning as they Walked to the car.
“we arnt all going to fit.” Frank said and He walked over to the car.
“We'll lets see, Mikey can Drive, Ray Can Ride Up Front, and Bob can Be Behind Mikey, and I can Be behind Ray with you on my lap” Gerard said looking at Frank.
“As long as I don’t hit my back.” He started
“ I GET TO DRIVE AGAIN!!!!!!!!” I Screamed, Cutting Frank off.
“Yes Mikey.”
“Who gave him coffee?” Gerard asked

Frank's Pov
“I Sure didn't” Ray said
“I Bought some!” Mikey said, hyper
“Anyway Lets go Home” I said
“Yeah” Gerard said Walking to the other side of the car, I fallowed him, He climbed in and Helped me get in. “I Cant Wait to get these out of my back!” I said laughing “Ouch”
“I'm sorry frank but your mom is a Bitch!” Mikey said Putting the car into Reverse and Leaving.
“I know” I said Sighing. “ I'm Moving in with you right Gee-bear?” I asked looking at Gee with my best puppy dog face.
“Of course Frankie-boo” He said Kissing me lightly on the lips. I Leaned in and Kissed him Passionately.
He Ran His Tongue over my Lip Ring and began to play with it. I mound slightly and parted my lips and He explored every in of my mouth, Me doing the same. “ Come On Guys!” We heard Mikey Yell, We Continued to make out. We Both came Up for air. Gee Laughed. “What?” I asked looking around.
“One your a good kisser and-” He tailed off, looking down, I looked down, Shit! “Its your fault!” I said Punching Gee lightly. “Possibly” he shrugged. “Whats going on!” Ray Yelled. “Please don't say anything nasty!” Mikes yelled from the driver seat. “Oh nothing just Frankie has a -” I Kissed Him “Gee Shut up you’ve got one too!” I yelled. “Looks like it.” he laughed. “You Guys are Nasty!” Mikey Yelled. “Yeah. Can We Drive past my old house?” I asked. “Sure, But why?” Mikey said Turning on to my road. “Just Wanna see of the cops are there and if they arnt id like to get the rest of my things.” I said Looking out the window. “Okay, We'll help” Gerard said. “Bob?” I said looking over. “WHAT!” He Said Jumping and putting his arms out. “Oh you were sleeping” I said “You missed a bunch dude.” “Yeah you did” Gerard said Grinning. “we Could do it over” I said Looking mischievously at Gee. “Okay” He said leaning torwds me “No!!!” Mikey Screamed. We Laughed. We got to my old house, No one was there so we went in. I Sniffled “You okay babe?” Gerard Asked looking at me. “Ill Be fine” I Said. We Went downstairs and Got all of my things, But my Knife and Bed and that kind of stuff, we'd get that later. “Frankie Why is there a look on you bedside table?” Gerard asked sitting my my old bed, the rest of the guys were upstairs. 'Well.... Uh........ I......... I Used to........ Glup........ Well Gee-bear...... I use to Cut.” I studderd out, He Probably wont want me anymore. “ Oh Frankie-Boo!” He said “I Use to Cut to, Well Up till the day I met you.” He Smiled, I Smiled Back. “Really? Because I quite went I met you.” He laughed and stood up and kissed me on the forehead. “I'm Glad your in my life Frankie-boo.” I Giggled “You Have the Cutest Fucking Giggle” Gee Said. “I Do? And I’m glad Your in my life to Gee-Bear” I said “Yes” he said walking upstairs.

Mikey's Pov
Buzz Buzz : Peteie : Hey Mikey. I'm So Sorry. It Just Wasn’t working out for me. I Kinda Fell in Love with Patrick. I'm sorry, it's hard not to fall in love with someone who your touring with, Right? Plus I remember yo had A Crush on Cameron, Ask Her out if Our Brake up doesn’t hurt you to much. I Hope We Can Still Be Best Buds! =^) ~ Pete Wentz
Hey Pete! It's Cool, I Understand It wasn't work well for me either. I Hope u and And Patrick are happy together I kinda figured you’d fall for him sooner or later. =P I Might ask Her out She has been talking to me a lot Lately. I'll ask her tomorrow. Best buddies forever!!!!!!! =^] ~ Mikey Way

I Flipped my phone shut, as I heard Gerard and Frank coming Upstairs.
“Hey Gerard! Guess What!”
“What Mikey?”
“I'm going to ask Cameron From My Home room Out tomorrow!”
“what about Wentz?”
“He Broke Up With me”
“That Sucks.” Frank said
“Lets Head Home” Gerard said looking around at the Guys.
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