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Honey This mirror isn't big enough for the both of us

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Hey guys! So I finished my story, (Well kinda) It was suppose to be 500 words long mine is 5,518 ( Yes. Five thousand, five hundred eighteen words long) words long! Woop woop! Its a killjoy story to! And I wrought it in like 3 days I'll be posting that here soon. So look for that. I'm not sure what it will be called yet. But the first chapter will be called Accaila's Pov. Any way enough about that now to the story! Hope you like it and I will be updating as much as possible now that I’m done with the Killjoy one!

Frank's Pov.
“We Might as well start packing.” Gerard said kissing my nose and running upstairs to get garbage bags.
I walked over to my dresser and grabbed all my clothes out and sat them on my bed then got a few more things and sat them down on my bed.
“Gee has been gone a while.” I said looking at the guys who were going though my stuff. Fuck! There going to find my knife! I ran over to my dresser and grabbed a lock out of it and locked it shut so they couldn't get in it.
“What was that about Frank?” Mikey asked looking at me.
“Uh Nothing” I said going upstairs.
“Gerard?” I said looking around.
“He left Hunny” My mom said coming around the corner.
“What? Why?” I asked
“He just came up here and left hunny.” she said rubbing my back.
“Oh. okay” I said running downstairs.
“He left!” I yelled at the guys
“He Left?” they said looking at me.
“What the fuck? Why?” Mikey said, Calling his older brother.
“Were are you!” I heard Mikey yell into the line. “Why?” there was a pause, “But-” Pause. “Sorry” Click.
“Is He Going to break up with me?” I asked
“I Don’t know.” Mikey said Looking at bob and ray.
“Oh so its typical Gerard?” they asked looking at Mikey.
“What Do you mean?” I asked looking around. “Cuse if he is going to break up with me just someone do it for him or I will break up with him right now.”
“Calm down Frank. Gerard just has mood swings sometimes. Its really weird.” Ray said Patting my back.
“Oh. So he isn't going to break up with me?” I asked
“No” Mikey said hugging me.
“Any way lets pack up kay?” Ray said going and getting garbage bags.
“Don't worry Frank He's not leaving you” Mikey said hugging me
“Yeah.” I said hugging him back.
Mikey and Gerard's hugs help every thing just melt away. Ray and Bob's hugs are Older brother looking out for you type. We packed every thing up and the guys took it to there cars and I distracted my mom, just then a little black Bug drives up. The license plate read “GAW 4977”. Mikey dealt with him, Thank god for Mikey! Ray, Mikey and Gee walked over to me.
“Mom.” I said being as calm as I could “ I Need to tell you that, I am Bi sexual.” I said looking her right in the eyes.
“Your what?!?!” She screamed at me. “No Wonder you father hates you! Get Out Of My House!” she screamed some more then throw a bottle at my back, and it hit my back and shattered in to pieces in my back.
“Fuck!” I yelled when we got outside
“Take you shirt off, we'll help get the glass out of your back.” Gerard said pulling my shrit carefully off my back.
“Thanks guys.” I said looking at all of them. I looked at the house to see my mom looking out the window crying, I’m pretty sure she forgot about my dad being abusive, or she never saw the scares. I looked at Gerard and kissed him right there so my mom could see. I looked back at the house, she was walking twords the front door with a bat in her hands.
“Guys Run.” I said pushing them in the cars and slamming the doors. My mom came out and tried hitting me with the bat. She eventually hit me in the back.
“Mutha fucka” i said under my breath.
“Get the fuck away from him!” Gerard yelled running at my mom.
'Gee No!” I screamed running at him to keep him from getting hit, when my mom hit me again in the back, I hit the ground with a loud Thump. Bob and Ray got her away from us and Mikey called the cops Gee ran over to me and carefully propped Me up in his lap.
“Are you okay Frankie?” he asked, smoothing my hair down.
“I’ve Been better.” i said looking at him. “I have a bad headache” i said rubbing my head. “ and My back still has glass in it.”
we heard the cops drive up.
“What have you kids done!” The first cop yelled. Bob’s eyes widened.
“Dad?” Bob asked looking at the other cop.
“Robert?” The cop said walking over to Bob
“Uh Hi.” Bob said.
“Robert, i knew you got into trouble but beating up an lady?!” the cop said.
“Dad! it’s not like that!” Bob yelled “ That Lady is Frank’s Mom and she threw a glass bottle to Frank’s back and hit him with a bat because hes Bi!”
“ I see” Said Bob's dad.“Ma’am you are under arrest, anything you say can be used against you.”
“Go die in hell Frank!” she screamed
“MA’AM!” yelled the officers.
“Um Dad..” Bob said “ Uhh Frank has glass in his back and possible fractured back.” He rambled on.
“Okay lets get him to a hospital.” Bob’s dad, Dean, Said as He Called Ambulance.
“What is Your full name son?” Dean asked me squatting down to my eye level.
“ Frank Anthony Iero” I Paused “Jr.”
“ Okay, Frank.” He started but then the ambulance came and took me away. I looked out the window to see Bob and Ray Holding Gee up and And Mikey rubbing his back.
“I could have had someone come with me right?” I asked
“ If you wanted to. Why?” the guy asked.
“Uh, Are you homophobic?”
“ No Not at all Why?”
“Because i wanted my Boyfriend to come with me.”
“Sure he can!” The guy said. ”Dave! The boy wants his Boyfriend to come with him go back!”
“Uh Thanks, Dave and?” i asked looking at the 1st paramedic.
“Gorge “ The Man, Gorge said.
“Uh yeah, Thanks.” We went back and Gee came with us.
“Can One of you drive my bug to the Hospital.” Gerard said Looking at Mikey the most.
“yeah Sure Gerard!” Mikey Said running to the bug.
“Thanks” we got to the hospital and I had to have stitches but otherwise i was fine.
“ All right Son you dont have to stay in the hospial but come back in about 2 weeks” Dr Tenkal said Patting my should and Shaking Gerard's hand.
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