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Demolition Lovers

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Gerard's Pov:

I can't believe how much frank's dad Abused him. My poor little Frankie.
“ You Okay Gee?” Frank asked me.
“Uhm, Yeah.” I said still tangled in thoughts.
“ Wanna do Something?” Mikey asked us.
“ Sure!” Ray said excitedly.
“ Uhhh. I can't.” Bob said holding up his phone.
“My mom is pissed at me for not being home for supper.” He said Glumly.
“Aww man!” Ray said running over to Bob and hugging him. Ray is a huger.
“Tell you mom to fuck off, we're busy.” I said. I Kind of hate Bob's mom.
“Yeah well sometimes I wish it was that easy. Remember my mom is a bitch.” Bob said. I knew Bob well enough, He is Stalling.
“It can't be that bad” Frank said Still tracing scares on his body.
“ Your right Frank!” Bob said calling his mom.
“Hey Mom.” Bob said When his mom answered. “Yeah I'm busy so fuck off I might be home later.” Click
“Way to go Bob!!!” Ray said.
“Yeah Good job Bob, Tell her to Go fuck off more often.” Mikey Said “ We Don't hang out much anymore”
“So What do you guys want to do?” Frank asked getting a tee-shirt back on.
Stay Shirtless Frankie!!! was all that was going though my head
“Sick Gerard! Your little brother is in the room!” Mikey Said, then I realized I said that out loud.
“Fuck!” I said. I'm such a fucking idiot! Frank Began to giggle. How the fuck dose he have such a cute giggle?
“ Lets watch a movie!!” Frank suggested.
“What'cha got for movies? I like Horror movies” Mikey said.
“ Uhh Let me go check up stairs to see if we have any” Frank said running upstairs.
“Uhm Guys aren’t we suppose to help him pack?” I said looking at the guys.
“Oh Yeah!! I Forgot!” Ray Said Chasing Frank upstairs
Buzz buzz It was Mikey's Phone. I picked it up before he could. Peteie.
“ooo lala Mikey!” I said Cooing at him.
“What???” My younger brother said.
“Peteie” I Said giving him his phone back.
“Oh Yeah” Mikey said a bit dazed.
“ Is there something your hiding mikes?” I asked, I didn't care if he was dating a dude, I just wanted to know if he was.
“No” he said Before I could finish
“M'kay Mikey. You know you can telling me anything right?” I said feeling kinda bad.
“I know. I'll talk to you later” he said looking at Bob
“ I can leave if you want me to” Bob said going upstairs.
“ Bob's gone now. You wanna talk?” I said looking a my brother who was smiling at his phone.
“Well, You have to swear that you won't tell any one!” Mikey said.
“I Swear on my life” I said. “ Now talk Mikey!”
“ Fine. Yes”
Yes What?” I asked
“Yes Pete and I are dating.”He whispered “ But you can't tell you swore!”
“ I won't tell anyone Mikey” I said Smiling. “ I'm Happy for you bro!” I said running upstairs to get the guys.
“Don't tell Gerard!!” I heard Mikey say as he ran up behind me.
“I won't! So chill out Mikes.” I said finding Ray in the kitchen and Frank in the living room, crying.
“Whats wrong with my little Frankie?” I whispered to Ray
“He thinks your going to break up with him.” He whispered back
“Were did Bob go?” I heard Mikey ask as I ran in the living room
“Frankie!” I yelled
He looked at me and cried more. He was talking under his breath and all I made out was
“I Knew it. I told you my secrets and you hate me now, I get it, leave me alone.”
“ I don't hate you Frankie.” I said rubbing his back.
“Then why did you want to talk to Mikey alone?” He asked looking like a beat puppy.
“ Because he was hiding something from me and I wanted to find out but he wouldn’t talk till we were alone.” I said trying not to cry.
“Oh.” He said Sniffling. “So your not going to break up with me?”
“Nope.” I said smileing. “Not ever Frankie-Boo” I said hugging him
[*So I wont be updating much because i have to wright a one-shot for my school.:'( Buh Beyz now I LUVZ YOU!
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